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By MegSyv
(His full name was Puffball Fluffbutt.)

DotL updated today with a new Reader Question, but here's the one from last week! 

Did any of you have dogs like Puffball Fluffbutt?
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I had a miniature schnauzer named Pepper who lived to be like 15, 16. She ran away to the neighbors to eat the outdoor cat food then sat there until my Dad went to get her (usually late, the potty trip before bed). Got into the garbage so often we had to get a snap lid tote. Ate my entire easter basket one year, foiled chocolates and all, ate crayons and Mom had to assist with that one before she colored the floor. Bit anyone who tried picking her up, had flaky skin and no teeth but still tore into the big dogs like she owned the place. But I loved her to pieces, she fit in your hand when Mom brought her home and hogged the bed forever. Meanest little rat dog ever, but she was my stinky mean rat dog.
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Puff sounds adorable 
I grew up with a boston terrier that I named Princess Gertrude III as a joke. she pretty much looked like that, but without the tail and with pointy ears. good ol' Gertie. she was a runt and born a bit too soon, but she never let that slow her down. she would go on Tasmanian Devil-style rampages through the house, just running full bore for no reason. I would have to get out of her way or she would knock my feet right out from under me, she went so fast. once she ran headlong into a wall, got back up, turned around, and kept going. this level of tenacity extended to pretty much every aspect of her life. she would play until she collapsed in a panting heap if we let her. one of my brothers counted once, he got her to jump for her toy more than 100 times. she ultimately lived a month shy of 3 years past her breed's life expectancy, probably out of pure determination. she was mostly blind, half deaf, and completely toothless at that point. it was her time to go, but god I miss her.
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I've got a boston terrier, ugliest thing I've ever seen.
The stupid snortlett got sprayed by a skunk about a year ago and still smells like it thanks to him repeatedly rolling around in the same spot where he got sprayed.
AND I've got these berries in the back yard (FINALLY found the stupid tree and chopped that sucker down) he always ate them (could tell by the ring of purple-red around his mouth) and crapped and puked everywhere. And he snores himself awake and startles himself with his farts or random snorts being too loud while he's awake.
He's the bomb, would snuggle for days and won't stop playing fetch until he drops.
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D'aaawwww. I want a Puff for Christmas. Also, I like Brent even more now.
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He remindes me of my brother, back when we were young. He was so passionate, it was very, very easy to make him mad.
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Wat, I thought thistle was abandoned by her parents?
Don't always have to be abandoned to know you're unwanted
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I am so late in response. But I think I own a Puff.
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Awww that's adorable. Of course he love his little dingbutt dog. <3
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I know how Bent feels. I have had a lot of dogs in my life, and all of them had some sort of problem, but I still loved them. In fact, my current dog Johnny (seen here…) is completely deaf, but I love him so much.
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I have had three dogs in my life, all adorable critters, none quite like puff. I freakin' love your comic by the way. Fantastic. Orrig is probably my favorite.
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I love this one shut up Puff was the best best part
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I got a question what was it like when they where children especially Orrig what was it like for him ?
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O ho ho ho ho ho! The progression of the comic will answer that question!
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my dogs are fluffy balls of cuteness
but when they roll in random animal scat, they stink and we have to give them a bath.
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Never had a dog, but I had a cat named Sagwa (named for a kids show I adored at the time) She was a feisty little creature who liked only two people in the whole world- my dad and me. She tolerated my mom and little sister, but she absolutely hated my brother. Which was a shame because he LOVED that cat XD I can't recall how many times she scratched him up because we didn't get her declawed.
While I sympathise with your bleeding sibling, I admit I fully support the unwillingness to declaw a cat. Without it being somehow medically necessary, declawing is horrific.

Also, reminds me a little of my current cat. She adores our family, but no one else. She tries to hide long before she goes for blood, though.
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We had two pigs. One was the sweetest, cuddliest thing this side of anywhere, and her sister was the complete opposite.
The sweet one would come up to you every time you entered the enclosure, and she'd stroke against your leg like a big kitten, while the other one would 'ram' you, or she'd chew on your boot, or stand in your way.

When you fed them, the sweet one would happily trot up to you, and wag her ...tail?, while the other would try to steal her food, always coming in from the left side (for some reason). The sweetie eventually got tired of this, and positioned herself one day, so her left side had juuuust not enough space for her sister to squeeze through to the food. 
Let's just say, she gave a face to the term "squeal like a stung pig" that day. My ears rang for hours XP

They were both sweet in their own way though ^^

..... And no, I'm not talking about mini-pigs. I'm talking full-size.
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My great uncle hat a cat named Mao (or something like that)
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Aww Puff sounds precious. I sort of have a dog like that now but only because his tiny smelly dog breath could kill a man the size of Orrig with one wiff and has all the nerosis and petulance of a bratty six year old.  He's my Fuzzy Butthead ^w^
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