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(His full name was Puffball Fluffbutt.)

DotL updated today with a new Reader Question, but here's the one from last week! 

Did any of you have dogs like Puffball Fluffbutt?
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I had a miniature schnauzer named Pepper who lived to be like 15, 16. She ran away to the neighbors to eat the outdoor cat food then sat there until my Dad went to get her (usually late, the potty trip before bed). Got into the garbage so often we had to get a snap lid tote. Ate my entire easter basket one year, foiled chocolates and all, ate crayons and Mom had to assist with that one before she colored the floor. Bit anyone who tried picking her up, had flaky skin and no teeth but still tore into the big dogs like she owned the place. But I loved her to pieces, she fit in your hand when Mom brought her home and hogged the bed forever. Meanest little rat dog ever, but she was my stinky mean rat dog.