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Chapter 3 Reader Questions #2!

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Orrig looks so cute when he-
Oh. Wait. I already said that a few years ago...
Huh. But...but I just found this comic...
I'm ooollld.
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To be fair, with him and Thistle together, they likely equal the amount of clothes required.
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TheHermitInTheAtic's avatar
Orrig looks so cute when he smiles. Please don't tell him I said that. I prefer my attic un-smashed. And my arms un-fractured.
MGlitch's avatar
A shirtless Orrig is a happy one. So no shirts for Orrig!
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Great work....keep it up
CraftySlats's avatar
I think he would be a good D&D character
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Good news:…

You can see stat sheets for all the characters in the Cast section on the website.
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i have to say this made me smile
CinnaMonroe's avatar
I swear I was totally thinking about this. Like how normal it is for Orcs to walk around topless, if it's most (cultural deal +seasonal unless it's winter) or it's just like what some guys do though idk how much human males or males of any specie can get away walking to establishments shirtless (If they tried I imagine they forgot to pack a shirt so a companion would have to lend theirs. Like all a smaller female companion has on her is a sweater but it's too small so he just ties it around his neck like a mini cap/preppy tennis players and they just turn it around like a bub to hide the chest lol)

BIGGEST question is if Orrig's eyes are always open but he keeps his brow low out of concentration/a semi-scowl or he's just squinting for the same reasons (otherwise the poor guy needs glasses... which I totally would love to see him wearing to read heavy text) since his eyes seem to POP OPEN when things get serious (or his brow ridges just raise).... Seriously until I saw his eyes I thought we were going anime/Brock from Pokemon logic. "Eyes" never open so is it a SQUINT or legit talks/walks with their eyes closed (I've seen both ways, they never open them unless angry then it becomes an open slit or they're just drawn that way)
Smirtouille's avatar
He's my fav character so far. I just love how unexpectedly thoughtful and patient he is.
FeretStudios's avatar
Heeeheeehehee I chuckled. ^^
I'm guessing Brent and Lyra need to earn more good behavior points before they get to go to the big kid restaurant with Orrig and Thistle.
Doodlebotbop's avatar
Heehee, my headcanon is that Orrig would take Thistle to a nice restaurant because of past experiences with the other two leading to large damages bills XD
AngelWarriorQueen's avatar
Somedays Orrig is more of a Troll than an Orc isn't he?
Otterbane's avatar
Oh my god, that last panel <3

It reminds me of that episode of Spongebob where he's like "You like krabby patties, don't you Squidward" :'D
Wazaga's avatar
no shirt, no shoes, no.... why yes, we do have a table for two. right this way, sir.
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I must retitle this image IMMEDITATELY on the website.
"No shirt, no shoes, no problem!"
Wazaga's avatar
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