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Chapter 3 Reader Questions #1!

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MechanicOverlord's avatar
D'awww, that epilogue's nice.
OblivionChained's avatar
Ok how many Beers did Lyra owe him?
Crashed-on-the-moon's avatar
This is beautiful, a sign of true friendship
TheHermitInTheAtic's avatar
...that was surprisingly nice of Lyra. Wait to comfort a freind in your own, odd little way.
FeretStudios's avatar
He's going to be drunk by the end of this, isnt he?
darkangelkiss's avatar…

Made a little fanart that pictures just exactly that!
FeretStudios's avatar
Ahahaha perfect!
AnnoyingRobin's avatar
That's what I was thinking.
lolzwaitwhat's avatar
that might make it a little better maybe? free beer
olivia2468's avatar
guardianxofxmoon's avatar
Daw, poor guy, and for once she's being nice to him. o.O
So nice to learn more about these characters.
DreamingExperience's avatar
Ah, so THAT'S where Brent developed his drinking problem. XD
Damn. It must be bad is Lyra is being nice about it.
lyranja's avatar
so, how much beer did he end up with?
BlueProwl's avatar
Oh and lovely short comic! I love seeing Lyra's caring side. Her and Brent do seem to fight like siblings. Good see they also stand by each other like siblings.
BlueProwl's avatar
Ok.... so I thought his parents had very loving relationship. Is it the rest of the family who doesn't like him?
MegSyv's avatar
Yes - we'll get into the details of it much more later, but they definitely didn't approve of his mom's life choices.
BlueProwl's avatar
Ah. That explains it.
Foxchibi's avatar
XDDDDDDDD omfg Lyra youre the best, always.
JaiyaPapaya's avatar
Aw, that's awful! But funny.
CinnaMonroe's avatar
Omogsh I love Lyra doing the "SHH CUT IT". She and Brent drive each other up the wall but it's nice seeing that they will be nice when the other really does need it. Poor Brent! Maybe Thistle will write you a nice letter to replace that one! 8)
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