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So I updated SmackJeeves but not deviantArt, my bad! I'm a ding dong.

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Hahaaaa! That was brilliant! Thank you, Lyra! :meow: I originally asked because until very recently I had hair that (I kid you not) was almost as long as hers, and I had lots of trouble trying to get it to do anything other than lay flat against my skull. It ended up being such a hassle and gave me such awful headaches almost daily that I ended up cutting it all off. I think I donated over two feet of hair to Locks of Love. Ah well. Thanks for the info anyway!
TheHermitInTheAtic's avatar
I just don't cut my hair! Ever! I can't really see anymore, but my beard works like a tiny brush that I can wash in the bathtub! IT'S GENIUS!
FeretStudios's avatar
I know whyyyyyyyyy!!! 8D
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Your expressions here crack me up! XD And having them contrast in these with the more serious faces of your characters make it even funnier.

I like that first one, where you kind of jump out with the HUGE, toothy smile from behind Lyra. I read and see that happening with a big, exaggerated, looney toons action, breaking up Lyra's peace and quiet to start hosting a game show or something. I want there to be cheesy game show music in that "panel!" XD

I like the expressions in the "...isn't Elwen a girl?" sequence, both of them. Yours is great because your face is scrunched up and your arms are held out and shoulders raised in this super nervous, super terrified look as you're afraid of how Lyra's going to react. There's a look of hilarious terror in the eyes and nervous frown. It's fun to see Lyra thrown for a loop and react with cartoony eyes. My favorite is that last of those three panels, where she half scrunches one eye and raises her eyebrow, super unsure of how to respond -- that expression is priceless. XD

Then she slams the card back to you, knocking the wind out of you and storms off. That action/motion feels really convincing -- I like how for Lyra, it's an effortless motion, swinging her arm back into your chest. For you, it's really knocking you over, leaving you winded. That scene works really well, I think, in selling that.

Anyway. These q&a things have been a lot of fun, but this one had a lot of fun expressions and stood out to me. : )
Foxchibi's avatar
I enjoy Lyra's personality so much x'3
MegSyv's avatar
Oh my gosh, she's so much fun to write for. SO MUCH FUN. XD
Otterbane's avatar
Heheheheheh, Lyra is such a ball-buster :'D

Unless this gives any spoilers away, is this due to like elven society? Do they treat their women like trash, or like inept little housewives or something?
MegSyv's avatar
Without giving away any spoilers: Yes.
Otterbane's avatar
Aw yiss, I hope there's a few pages of incredibly awkward family interactions in the future :p
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Well, gee, Lyra, now that you bring it up I do wonder what your bra size is.  ;)
MegSyv's avatar

*sounds of breaking glass and splintering wood, distant screams*
Oddstuffs's avatar
lol  :XD:
She is the one who brought it up.  :D
Fox-Frost's avatar
Lyra, your hair is as long as you are, and fluffier than anything on the planet has any natural right to be. People tend to question things like that.

And, once again, Cheeko, your expressions are gold. XD
MegSyv's avatar
Yeah, the idea of someone being both on the road and possessing perfect hair is not a common combination. 
Fox-Frost's avatar

AngelWarriorQueen's avatar
Could have been worse. Someone could have asked if her last name was "Heartstrings" :P
MegSyv's avatar
Libberachi's avatar
Well, she DID ask who the pervert was. She never specifically said she wouldn't answer. XD
MegSyv's avatar
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Not as sharp as I would have been if I didn't feel like crap when I wrote that, lol. Having recently had nasal surgery kinda made it hard to think. XD But thank you! :3
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