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I don't know about you guys, but I'm kind of getting tired of Reader Questions. No offense, I just want to get back to the story. HRRRG.

So, obviously there was no update last week. I got distracted with a couple other things: redesigning the website (it looks sweet), figuring out how to restructure the Patreon page (link at top of page and at the right), traveling to Philadelphia for an interview, and maybe playing Mass Effect COUGH COUGH.

Anyway. I'm kicking it into high gear this week. I want to get stuff out the doors and to SlyEagle and Nytrinhia to flat and color. I'm tired of waiting. Let's get this show on the road!

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PriestessRaven's avatar
Can I just throw a thank you out there for how you drew the needles? You didn't do the highly ineffective hold-them-like-Granny pencil grab where they would all fall off. Maybe he should take up the olive wood needles, they cost too much to replace to stab anyone with them. Plus replacing your hand dyed skeins of silk and merino because of fluids? Pains my wallet.
MissAspie's avatar
Orrig, officially team dad. My parents implemented a rule early on that *almost* touching counted in that situation.
Undeadwargodthingy's avatar
That is so silly 
TheHermitInTheAtic's avatar
I like to just keep knitting and knitting and kniiiitting! I'm just sort of turning entire balls of yarn into scarves long enough to substitute for clothing. Then I turn into a Christmas mummy! Only I'm not dead!
giveGodtheglory's avatar
*cackling till it HURTS*  Neighbours are gonna think I've finally gone around the bend.  *cackles more*
LateroseJumbles's avatar
An orc who knits, I love it!
hillerj's avatar
Just reading these now and god they're hilarious. 
lolzwaitwhat's avatar
Welp, they don't need to worry about buying too much winter gear, Orrig probably makes all the hats, sweaters, scarfs, gloves, mittens and socks they need! 
alerxhees's avatar
omg the lilo and stitch reference
So in orc society, do they respect you based on how you punch them?
TheHermitInTheAtic's avatar
No, first it's knitting, then gaurdening, then saprano, then punching in the face.
Well, that makes sense.
bobbyjojo's avatar
Orc knitting is BEST knitting
FeretStudios's avatar
I can't wait for more of these guys together! So excited! :3
Oddstuffs's avatar
Aww, Orrig!  He's got a way of seeing into people, I think.  He's awesome!
Quilted-illusions's avatar
I just want to give Orrig a big hug man. He puts up with so much crap.
Fox-Frost's avatar
I have friends who knit. I understand the temptation, Orrig. :I
Foxchibi's avatar
hai Orrig, iluwhydoesMegdohorriblethingstoyou?@?@?@?@?!
Dadrick's avatar
Lol, too funny!
CinnaMonroe's avatar
Hahah just what was Bret trying to do that he punched Orrig instead? Bwahaha Poor Orrig though, knitting is good! Save when you have annoying, bickering children around.
Wazaga's avatar
"Lilo and Stitch 2" reference. I saw what you did there!!!!!!!!

MegSyv's avatar
Actually, it was more of a reference to growing up with three brothers than anything else. 
(I hate Disney sequels shhhhh)
Wazaga's avatar
Lilio and Stitch was a rare good one, actually.
Aspendragon's avatar
*snort* that last comment by Orrig...haha
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