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I'd like to subtitle this one: "All Of Brent's Problems In A Nutshell."

Okay, so, my very tentative date for the launch of Chapter 3 is September 8, two weeks from now. I'm not sure how well that will go. I want at least 5-7 pages of buffer, and so far I've only been able to get the pencils for one page done. (Why oh why did I think that so many shots of a detailed city was a good idea?!)

I'm also redesigning the Patreon page and this website and adding a Cast and Links page, so that's eating up my time as well. There's just a lot I want to do that distracting me from actually MAKING the comic! So hopefully a tentative deadline will help me with that.

Anyway, Happy Monday, everyone! Here's to a good week!

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Mighta stepped over the line with that "and kill Orrig" bit, Brent.
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Brent: It’s means to ..uhhhhh... hug?
Thistle: Ok then! I guess I’ll boff everyone too!
Lyra: *dies laughing *
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wait...what does boff mean? 
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I'm so baffled just because of the specific comic this question is on. What is in here that leads you to...? How...? 
I its me again I know its been along time but I just wanted to say that am so sorry I never wanted to offend you. I guess my mind just wonders am so so very sorry. 
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No no, I was baffled and amazed because you were right with absolutely nothing included here to allude to that fact. Incredible.
sorry for the REALLY late reply, and LOL I guess I just go a vibe but I think there are clues that you put there without knowing it lol. You made me feel special lol. 
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dalla padella alla brace........... poor poor Brent.............. XDXDXD
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Brent's face in that last panel slays me.  That trifecta of Thistle's naive curiosity, Lyra cackling in Victory and Origg just going "..."

Looking at it, it's a well set expression too.  Shoulders slumping as well.  Poor guy. xD
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His in the last panel. Poor Brent
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i bet his answer to his boss would be: the options were boff, marry and kill, tell me what would you prefer from me?
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Yeah Brent, what does "boff" mean? Huh? Care to explain to the class?

*pft* Haha!
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Lyra wins. Again.
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Oh Lyra, you're getting Brent into so much trouble!  :evillaugh:
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Brent, Brent, Brent...

You forgot "marry," Brent. You can't kill two and not marry any one of them. That's not how this game is played. XD
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Answer me honestly, do you think Brent is one who cares about rules?

(He'd probably choose to marry Orrig, anyway.)
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I think that depends on whether or not the rules benefit him.

(Poor Orrig.)
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There isn't enough time in the day...
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