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And the first reader question is one posed by :iconoddstuffs:! Thanks for the question, m'lady!

Still cleaning up the script! This is the hardest part, but once it's done, things will start happening quickly.

We'll go into why Brent drinks up this kind of treatment so eagerly later. Hint: he didn't have much of a nurturing family growing up.

Meg out.

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DanzillaDrew's avatar
Interesting method, but it gets results.
Funklebird's avatar
I See
CokkiesSquee's avatar
they are the best ship to ever happen I swear
PascalOfPiers's avatar

Thistle is the nicest ninja cosplayer.
AaronofShadowpack's avatar
Precious cinnamon bun!
AquaTheCartoonLover's avatar
She must be protected!
ThatMysticalBiscuit's avatar
Awww... That is too cute :3
JoyJuhee's avatar
she's like a mother... and he misses his mother... daaaaw
TheHermitInTheAtic's avatar
TheHermitInTheAtic's avatar
I'm waiting for Lyra's good/sensitive side. It will happen. Just you wait...
Shadow-Arcanist's avatar
he's melting like butter around her AND I CAN'T HANDLE IT
AkahiHineko's avatar
This is actually adorable, omg.
spasquini's avatar
You're so brilliant! I like this Q&A in comic version.
MegSyv's avatar
Haha! Thank you! They're way more fun to do, too!
guardianxofxmoon's avatar
lol, that's so cute. XD I started reading this comic a month or so ago and I have to say I love it thus far. XD I can't wait to read more of it. :3
MegSyv's avatar
Yaaaaaayyyy! I'm so glad! :D 
LPHogan's avatar
She'll be good mother some day... until then she got Brent :p
MegSyv's avatar
He's more than enough practice!
Foxchibi's avatar
lolololololol Dairos liked that about her too c':
MegSyv's avatar
Aaawwwww I had no idea! :heart:
CinnaMonroe's avatar
Bret is dumb/pigheaded but this is too precious. I'm dying over his expression in the 2nd to last panel of him. That bottom tooth!
BlazeraptorGirl's avatar
I love it when characters with hateable problems love someone so they try so hard to get better even if they're failing, because they have to be/feel worthy of being loved back! :3
It tears "one-dimensionalism" to shreds and I just relate so well to the struggle!
Also tough guy puppy faces for the win! I love this! :happybounce: 
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