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2.i - Reader Questions: INTRO

By MegSyv

Not much of a Reader Question - AND two days late, but there you go. The first Reader Question will be up on Monday. Fun times will be had!

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cullyferg2010's avatar
I think you pretty much answered some of the questions coming your way.
TheHermitInTheAtic's avatar
Your look in stage four, five, and six... THATS what hides under "Thistle's" hood! AH-HA
FeretStudios's avatar
YAYYYY!!!!!! Also, I see a sneak peak right there in the middle! Heehee, you tease. 
Foxchibi's avatar
The scary thing is I've seen that PENCILS face irl and you've captured it quite perfectly. XD;;;;
MegSyv's avatar
Oh gosh really? OH NOOOO I'M HIDEOUS

Naw, just kidding. I gotta tell it like it is. XD
Otterbane's avatar
[jitters excitedly]

Also you have got to be the only artist ever who thinks inking is the best part of the artistic process :p

But oh my gosh, so excited.
MegSyv's avatar
Only because my brain is on 90% of the day, and I get to turn it off for inks! I'm sure that if this was my full time job, I wouldn't be such a whiner about it!
ElwenAldalinde's avatar
Really cool to see your process! I'm excited for these new Reader Q&As :D
MegSyv's avatar
Yeah, me too! :D
modesty's avatar
I never pegged you for one that would find the penciling process the most annoying. I'm the opposite, I hate hate hate inking. 
The progress bar is an interesting concept. 
MegSyv's avatar
I don't mind the Pencils, but Inking is such a welcome break I can't help but love it. I can watch movies and listen to the Dish and do all these other delicious things that would distract me at any other point in the process. Maybe if I could do comics full time I would feel differently! XD
Belial-Volta's avatar
Love seeing the progress even in a little bit! :D I knew it was hard to crank out the high quality kinda webcomic you do but I didn't know exactly what it entailed! X3
MegSyv's avatar
It's definitely time consuming, but I'm glad you think the quality is respectable! :'D
I'm still trying to streamline the process further, but it's hard when you get home in the afternoon and you just want to sit and veg on the couch. To be fair, I freaking love telling stories, so it's a little easier than it would be with any other kind of project, but the fact remains that there are still plenty of other distractions.
Makishu's avatar
I've always wanted to know our process. Interesting knowledge, thank you :D
MegSyv's avatar
Thanks for the interest! :heart:
Spirogs's avatar
So page templates? What all do those include, out of curiosity?
MegSyv's avatar
Page Templates!
All I do is sketch out the page according to the cleaned up thumbnails in my sketchbook, and then measure out and compose the panels digitally. What I end up with is a blank page, but with all the panels already ruled out and perfectly aligned, that I just print on Tabloid-sized paper at 10% opacity and then draw on top of. When I scan them back in, I drop them back in the template so that they're already primed for inking.

Basically, it's an easy way for me to skip the time consuming process of measuring each page and panel out with a ruler, and comes with the peace of mind knowing that there will be no additional formatting or editing to get the page from a traditional stage to a digital one.

Does... does that make sense?
Almarane's avatar
Ooooh, that's clever ! I think I'll use this in my futur works =)
Spirogs's avatar
That does! Thanks for giving me some extra insight.
MegSyv's avatar
Sweet! Thanks for asking!
CinnaMonroe's avatar
Thanks for the breakdown! It's awesome seeing other people's process!
MegSyv's avatar
Thanks! I'm still working on streamlining mine, but I think I've got a good handle on it at this point!
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