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on deviantart:
:icongolddragonfly: has started a contest to show support for the iranian protesters. all the entries will be compiled into a youtube video (recalling that web 2.0 IS both their voice and ears right now), and the best couple will receive deviantart subscriptions. you don't have to do some amazing work of art--just make an image that tells the protesters you hear them and you care.

on twitter:
----do not retweet the names or accounts of iranians.----
incorrect. bad meme is bad. read here for a proper education:…

change your timezone to Tehran's. and if you've got some spare time on your hands--watch #iranelection and block the accounts that are blatantly spamming or spreading disinfo. enough people block them, and they go away. until they make a new account, anyway.

on the wider web (if you're tech savvy):
set up proxies. the iranian government has hackers and tech people of their own, so new proxies are ALWAYS needed. additional details here.

it's not much, but every little bit helps.

catch up with events and information here.
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