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we've worked on the house for a full year now, and in the next couple weeks, the paperwork will be all down. we'll own our house.

it's been a bit rough--the house has neither heat nor AC, so we've been roughing it since we moved in last november. we also haven't had internet, and have had to beg from friends (which, haha, seems to be the fastest way to deduce who actually likes you, and who is only nice in public because they think they have to be. ouch). however, the radiator system will be fully functional by this coming winter, we have a renter to help with the bills, and now that things are calming down, we'll be able to afford internet again.

my office/studio/room-thing will be finished by the end of this month. i'll actually have an office. i won't be huddled on the side of our bed, listening to my husband sleep while i work in silence.

i can't tell you how excited i am.


i've updated my website:
and of course, chapter 2 of godsend starts sept. 6:…

and maybe i'll manage to make a few more updates this year.

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