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ballpoint penning tutorial

well I made this I hope its some help to people out the and as Ive said i'd really like to see any work that comes out from this tutorial just leave me a link in the comments section :)

happy drawing
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thank you , it gave me some clue :)
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where did you get a yellow pen from?? I keep looking but no stores ever have them
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pretty sweet ty for sharing
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You have no freaking idea how thankful i am for this. Seriously. Thank you very very much for this
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haha i just bought the tesco ones, they are cheap and fine! :D
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Thank-you so much for this! I so want to start drawing and learning techniques and this really helps!
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Awesome awesome stuff! The tutorial was handy and the end result really cool. ^^
Good tutorial I will have to purchase some pens and try this.
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Really great tutorial, I will try this :D
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i really love your work,and hey I'm a tattoo apprentice too! :D *hi 5* I've never used or even thought of using ballpoints before,i thought you painted your stuff xD (silly me :3 ) I was just wondering,what would happen if you did a piece in ballpoints,then sort of,blended it with water and a paintbrush,kind of like a watercolour?
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interesting i need to try your technique one day, but which type of paper are you using?!
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This is amazing!Thanx
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thank yo, it helps me during class! :meow:
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Stopped in after a couple of years and what have we here ---

Thank you for this tutorial
I believe I am about ready to get into color. I love ballpoint pens yet didn't know if I could use as a venue.

Now I know -- brilliant
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Thanks, this is really useful. =D Your ballpoint pen art is so bright and colourful.
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i have a question :) what kind of paper did you use in this tutorial?
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Great tutorial, I gave it a try. [link]
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great tutorial ^^
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Wonderful tutorial, I really like the style that you use!
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wonderful tutorial! I love using ballpens, but haven't been ...good enough.
I'm sure the will help! =)
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