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Tiger ACEO

By MegLyman
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Tiger + Shiny gel pens + ACEO = FUN
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rocamiadesign Digital Artist
Hi! I just featured this in my first journal of 2009. Please stop by, when you have time, to look at the other Canine and Feline Art displayed there. Happy New Year!
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SauriaMami Photographer
a fun piece! [link]
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MegLymanProfessional Traditional Artist
Awesome, thanks for the feature! :heart:
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grugsterHobbyist Photographer
I feature this wonderful work in my journal. [link]
Hope that is okay with you. If you don't want it there please inform me and I will remove it immediately. Bye Sunny
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MegLymanProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks for the feature!
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Tiger + Shiny gel pens + ACEO = Super cute =D
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Firestorm-the-PoetHobbyist Writer
He's so cute! :aww: Wow, you did that with gel pens? Nice, the details are great. :D
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MegLymanProfessional Traditional Artist
Yes. I can't resist the shiny. :D

And thanks!
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Firestorm-the-PoetHobbyist Writer
Ooooo! Shiny! ....I'm sorry what were you saying....

You're welcome :D
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frandoHobbyist Photographer
truely art mathmatical genieus
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*chuckles* Yer not old until you've passed forty and you wonder where yer feet went... :P Yer tiger is CUTE! Fun face on him, too... Gel pens are fun, sometimes, if you have good-quality ones. I keep getting ones that won't draw worth beans on dark paper, even though the package SEZ they're for dark paper. Grr... Steadler seems to make good ones, though.

Uhm, educate this ignorant old lizard? I see the term ACEO all over the place- whut izzit? *tries not to look too stu[id*
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MegLymanProfessional Traditional Artist
Heh, hi there! ACEO stands for "art card editions and originals" or something like that, and is just a fancy term for baseball-card-sized art. Originally they were for trading, like baseball cards, but now more just a size of art, I think.
Albus-draconis's avatar
Ah, thanks for defining it! I'm pretty out of the loop as far as stuff like that is concerned. Been drawing in isolation for too long. :p

Doing miniatures is pretty fun, actually- a lot of my original art was less than 5" X 6". I recently found a bunch of adorable mini-canvases with pin-backs that I'm going to be painting...
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Callista1981Professional General Artist
Charming! :aww:
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I love this! Gel pens are awesome!
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hurray shiny gel pens!
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FullMoonLullabyHobbyist Traditional Artist
So cute! Love the style!
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Aww...he's a happy, fuzzy tiger. X3 Did you draw this with just gel pens? No pencil sketch first?
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MegLymanProfessional Traditional Artist
Er..... I honestly can't remember. It was 2 months ago. Sometimes I sketch, then ink... but sometimes I just doodle with pens.

Man I must be getting old or something.
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leotheyardiechickProfessional Traditional Artist
I love his expression. He seems so jolly. :D
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hya-sagittaProfessional General Artist
I really like it, so cute, so... Big smile hahaha

lovely job *-*
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That tiger's so happy and cute!
Nice job!
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