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Jesus Squid


In the spirit of the Christmas season. If Jesus isn't your thing (he's not for me), happy Winter Days Off for No Reason! :D

Done in Inkscape!
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How cute! A Jesus squid! Jesus is definitely a thing for me. Haha, this doesn't offend me, i find this real cute.
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Good, glad you like it! My intent wasn't to offend, but to make people smile... I'm glad it worked. :D
mooshminky's avatar
Yeah, it's so cute! And cheeky. I think God will be tickled by this one.

I really like your other works as well. It looks like vintage, victorian bestiary art...what are your inspirations?
MegLyman's avatar
*pictures a squid tickling deities* :giggle:

Thank you - "victorian bestiary" makes me want to paint all sorts of old-fashioned looking art. ;D As for inspriations, ideas often just jump out of my head. They're usually cute and improbable. I love that combination because it often makes people smile.

Thanks for asking!
mooshminky's avatar
Hehe, whimsy and surrealism always make me smile :)
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MegLyman's avatar
Merry Squidmas to you, too!

Ooooh, I'm going to join your club. :D
Saxophlutist's avatar
Oh! Thanks! I'm sure you'll love it!
OllieTeo's avatar
I honestly keep seeing it as a toucan. :o
MegLyman's avatar
Someone else mentioned that too, except they saw a crow, and I said, oh yeah, toucan! :lol: I totally missed that until it was pointed out. I love how art can do that.

I really want to make it into a toucan now. ;)
Feimi's avatar
I would totally put one of those on my truck. XD
MegLyman's avatar
Sweet. I'll seriously let y'all know when I get something made up.
DrMcNinja's avatar
And a happy Winter Days Off for No Reason to you too!

Bloody amazing...
MegLyman's avatar
Aww, that's the sweetest thing anyone has said to me all holiday season! :D
thebluekraken's avatar
now if this were a window cling for my car lol
MegLyman's avatar
I'll look into that!!
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DeZia's avatar
need one of these >:
MegLyman's avatar
Oelbachtaucher's avatar
wahahah looks great!
I like it :]
f-stops's avatar
ROFL I want one of thoseeeeeeeeee. Only because I'm weird i think...
MegLyman's avatar
It's not weird to want awesomeness! ;)
Wolfyu's avatar
I want one of those for my car now. :[

The Darwin fish make me laugh a lot, though. One of those will have to suffice, no matter how awesome this is. x3
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