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Potion Shop NPC by Meginya
Hello and Welcome to the Potion Shop!
My name is Vex and my tail here is called Frankie ...
We're here to tell you all about MYOs and Potions, so listen up!

Wait, you don't know what a Gremlin Dragon is?
Read this!
Gremlin Dragons - What Are They?
What Are They?

Gremlin Dragons are stubbed creatures.
They are always Bi-Pedal, giving them an Anthro appearance.
The average height for a Gremlin Dragon is around 3-4 feet tall.
Though they can certainly be smaller or larger, as well.
They are flightless.
Though some may carry a mutated gene, giving them small feathered or bat-like wings ...
They never develop large enough to allow flight.
They have fur, not scales.
Though the skin underneath is very tough.
They have paws, some may have sharper and more pronounced claws than others.
Their snouts are scrunched.
Some even carry a split tongue gene!
Horns are common, but can vary in shape and numbers.
Ranging from Unicorn Horns, to Ram Style, and even the very rare Antlers.
Triple horns, stubbed horns, etc.
Having no horns at all is also rather common.
All Gremlin Dragons sport a fluffy lion-like mane.
The length of the mane can vary but will always wrap a

x x x x x

MYO Ticket - 7$ USD
That's right, we sell MYO tickets right here in the shop!
MYO stands for Make Your Own.
Essentially by purchasing this ticket you are buying the right to design and make a Gremlin Dragon of your very own.
There's some limitations however so keep listening ...

MYO Ticket Limits
Using a basic MYO Ticket you will be allowed to create a GD with ...
Any amount of common traits.
A limit of 2 uncommon traits
And a limit of 1 rare trait.

These charts below should help you out!
Gremlin Dragons - Different Ears by Meginya Gremlin Dragons - Different Tails by Meginya Gremlin Dragons - Different Horns by Meginya

Other Traits Not Shown

Split Tongue - Uncommon
Over/Under Bite - Uncommon
Heterochromia (Different Eye Colors) - Uncommon
Cyclops - Rare
Third Eye - Rare
Small feathered or bat-like wings (Flightless) - Super Rare

(There are no limits to fur colors or fur patterns!)

Super Rare and Limited traits are not included in a MYO Ticket, but are sold as potions!
You'll learn more about those later.

x x x x x 

Getting A MYO Approved?

I highly recommend discussing with me before-hand what traits you will be using for your MYO.
That way I can let you know if you're crossing any limitations ...
And you wont be forced to change things AFTER you've already finished the art.

I also suggest sending me WIPS along the way for further approval if you are concerned or question any of your choices.

x x x x x 

Is There A Base?

I do provide a base to those who ask as a courtesy.
There is no extra charge to use the base. 

Sample Bases by Meginya

x x x x x 

Potion Shop

Want special or limited traits?
Or maybe you just want a few more uncommon or rare add-ons?
Then you want to grab yourself a potion!

Uncommon Potion - 1$
Lets you add 1 extra uncommon trait!

Rare Potion - 1.50$
Lets you add 1 extra rare trait!

Winged Potion - 2$
Lets you add on wings to your Gremlin Dragon!
You can choose to have feathered or bat-like wings.
You can not have mismatched wings.
These should be small, not allowing your GD to fly.

Head Wings Potion - 2$
Let's you add a pair of head wings to your GD!
You can choose to have feathered or bat-like wings.
You can not have mismatched wings.
You can have both Head Wings and Horns.

Multiply Potion - 2$
Lets you add extra ears or tails to your GD!
You can not have mismatched tails or ears.
This potion grants you an extra set of either tails or ears, not both.
(Limited to 3 tails or 4 total ears.)

Tail Mouth Potion - 2.50$
Lets you add 1 tail mouth to your GD!
Tail mouths are living friends, and need to be treated kindly.
They can have horns, but they have to match the horns your GD has!

x x x x x 

MYO Slots

Currently slots are not limited, but you may only purchase 1 ticket at a time.
You must complete the creation of your GD before buying another ticket!

Below I will keep track of who has a ticket...
As well as what potion add-ons they might have purchased!




You can see completed MYOs ...

x x x x x 

Payment is accepted through PayPal.
USD only.

Use This Link To Send Payment!

Please do not send payment until I have approved your purchase.

Give the official group a follow if you are interested in this species!

We are still heavily under-construction, but MYOs are open for purchase!
Upon purchasing an MYO Ticket, you will also receive a group invite.

Upon completion of your MYO, you can submit it to the proper group folder for approval!

- - -

Gremlin Dragons Are A Closed Species
© 2018 - 2022 Meginya
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