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What Are They?

Gremlin Dragons are stubbed creatures.
They are always Bi-Pedal, giving them an Anthro appearance.
The average height for a Gremlin Dragon is around 3-4 feet tall.
Though they can certainly be smaller or larger, as well.

They are flightless.
Though some may carry a mutated gene, giving them small feathered or bat-like wings ...
They never develop large enough to allow flight.

They have fur, not scales.
Though the skin underneath is very tough.
They have paws, some may have sharper and more pronounced claws than others.
Their snouts are scrunched.
Some even carry a split tongue gene!

Horns are common, but can vary in shape and numbers.
Ranging from Unicorn Horns, to Ram Style, and even the very rare Antlers.
Triple horns, stubbed horns, etc.
Having no horns at all is also rather common.

All Gremlin Dragons sport a fluffy lion-like mane.
The length of the mane can vary but will always wrap around into the Neck Fluff.
Some choose to style theirs with ponytails or accessories.
(The mane + hair are always connected!)

Coat Patterns and Fur Colors are pretty much unlimited!

Ears and Tails have an unpredictable range of shapes and sizes.
It is very very rare, but it's possible for multiple tails and sets of ears to develop.

Other traits that have been known to develop are ...
Spikes, Underbites and Overbites, Heterochromia.
And some mutated genes are ...
Cyclops, Third Eye, Extra Ears + Tails.

GDs can have varying ties to magic.
Some might be expert pyromancers or healers, others may be able to levitate small objects ...
And some may not be able to perform any magic at all.

GDs with the wing mutation tend to have a better grasp of magic.
It is rumored that this is because the wings bind them tighter to the ancient dragons of their past.
(However, GDs without wings have also be known to have great magical control!)

- - - - -

What do Gremlin Dragons eat?
GD's have an advanced stomach and can digest almost anything without consequence.
Though the most popular of meals is fish!
They all have individual tastes, much like humans.

Do they always wear clothes?
They don't have to, they're certainly fluffy enough to stay warm.
But most do prefer some form of clothing, like a cowl or a cape?
A dress or a baggy shirt.
GDs even have their own personal tastes in fashion!

Are they very human like in behavior?
They are intelligent and advanced.
They have their own villages and kingdoms, with a functioning trade market and schooling system.
The land is currently peaceful, though you may notice the Mountain Dwelling GDs and the Tropical Village GDs do bicker a lot ...
That is because each village has it's own culture and customs, which means they have different work ethics and ways of seeing the world.

What do you mean by stubbed?
Despite age, GD's will always remain small.
A good comparison is the race "Lalafells" from Final Fantasy.
Check Them Out!

- - - - -

More Information!

Just some more basic info to help you get an understanding of the species.

Gremlin Dragons hatch from eggs!
When born they are Pure White in coloration.
(This white coat is incredibly soft.)
All besides Eye Color, which will be permanent.

At around 2-3 weeks their White Coat will begin to shed and their true colors and patterns will reveal from underneath.
At 7-8 weeks mutations such as horns and wings will begin to develop.
(Extra Ears + Tails, Cyclops and Third Eye, as well as Split Tongue will be noticeable from birth.)
Heterochromia is the only exception to Birth Eyes, this mutation may not show for several months.

Gremlin Dragons are considered Fully Grown at 3-5 Year of age.
This means they will not develop any further mutations or grow any larger.
(Though this could be altered with the right potions.)
However, they will not be considered "Adults" until around 7-8 years.

Gremlin Dragons have ties to "Ancient Dragons" and can live for 100's of years.

Gremlin Dragons are born genderless.
As they mature, they will decide for themselves which role they wish to take.
Similar to some species of fish!

Some GDs never decide on a role, and will remain genderless.

What About Mating?

GDs do not mate in the "typical" manner.
Eggs are created through a bonding of love.

Every clan and village has an "Elder" who the GDs must go to in order to receive an egg.
Eggs start off as a mere rock, and through the elders magic, and the love shared between the mates, the rock is transformed into an egg.
(Sometimes many eggs!)

The elder will choose a GD to train in the ancient ways as they come close to the end of their life cycle.
Once the elder passes, the trainee will step up to the plate.
And the cycle continues on.
This apprentice will have to be able to control a vast amount of magic, typically a GD with the wing mutation is chosen to become the next elder.

Because of the way eggs are produced, gender plays no role in the mating cycle.

 x x x x x

Traits And Rarity

GDs have a variety of different features!
Check out the charts below to see some of them.

Gremlin Dragons - Different Ears by Meginya Gremlin Dragons - Different Tails by Meginya Gremlin Dragons - Different Horns by Meginya

Just a brief summary to further explain what a Gremlin Dragon actually is!
Gremlin Dragons are a closed species.

Gremlin Dragons are now owned by :icontailgatescutebooty:
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