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Crazy lilly cover-up

So my girl Stacy had her foot tattooed about five years ago by an ex employee that will remain nameless. It was crap. As you can clearly see, there are these large swirling masses of black shit going around her ankle, as well as small washed out flowers that are barely visible anymore. She was concerned, since the small washed out flowers made her look like she had some kind of skin disease.
She wanted a lilly to cover up what we could, and I complied. I fixed up some of the black ugliness of the swirls that I could, and we are saving the rest for another session.
Took us a good 3 hours.

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Jul 12, 2010, 7:58:10 AM
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Really nice save there! I bet she's really happy :)

What does washed out mean and how does that happen? :?
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a color wash is like grey shading with color, the only problem with what he had done was that it was TOO much of a wash so that after the tattoo peels, the color is so light you cant quite tell what it was suppoesd to be. if he had added just a bit of solid color weather it had been in the center or a little on the edges it would have made it pop a bit more and make them look like flowers rather than a skin disease lol.
She had origionally wanted a lilly, and he had done those silly little washed out things instead, so I gave her what she had really wanted.
:) Thank you for the compliment lol. We still had a lot of work to do!
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Thanks for the info! It's always good to know there are excellent tattooists out there that care about the customer and their tattoo, giving them all the very best they can :)
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Looks good. Do you have a "before" pic?
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we're working on getting the before pic. She has one, i just need to wait for her to get it to me. :)
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