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I took this in the summer and have been meaning to put it up since I noticed the black bit in the middle. At first I thought it was a bit of dust or something on the lens but when I zoomed in it was definitely something in the sky.
Is it a UFO or just a plane? For fun you can download and make your own mind up. :alien:
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3888x2592px 2.69 MB
Shutter Speed
1/125 second
Focal Length
17 mm
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Date Taken
Sep 7, 2007, 7:03:42 PM
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Maybe it was a black helicopter spying on you. -3-
It's a helicopter.
It's a bird. Don't let yourself fool by the size. Objects in the sky could be much closer than the background. In reality we could see the difference it because we see in 3D. But on a flat 2D photography, back and front could merge. That's what happens here.
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Must have been a very big bird! :alien:
Must not be. As I tried to explain before, Photos are just 2D. Under certain circumstances frontside and background could merge. And that's exactely what happens here imho. The flying object is maybe much closer to the photographer as it appears.

Let's make an experiment! Cover the landscape on the image with your hand or a sheet of paper and try to guess how close or big this flying object is. Difficult, isn't it? The explication for it is simple: Because there's no reference to put the object in a scale. Now remove the cover. Suddenly the objects seem to be large. Why? Because our brain takes the hills below the thing as a reference. We think it must be far away as the hills and this makes it huge. Bigger than any bird, so skip it says the brain. But the bird is not flying over the hills belows him, it's much closer. Maybe just about 100 yards away. But it's a kind of an optical illusion which is only possible at photos. In reality we see in 3D. So our eyes will note that the object is close to us.

You may say now: "But a bird so close must be noted by the photographer!". Watch this video (and don't read the comments before!) to get the answer!…
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It looks too big to be a bird, unless of course you live in South America, where Condors can be found. Most planes aren't black, so it's either a UFO or a helicopter. It's hard to tell :alien:
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It's very mysterious. This is a mystery for Mr. Holmes ;P
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Looks like a helicopter of some sort- looks like the bit of the propellor sticking out at the left
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You could be right! :alien:
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Cute alien icon! :D Alien
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Looks kind of like a bird to me. (side view, facing right?)
Or a flying tank.
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Hmm something that far away and that size would have to be a very big it must be a tank ;) :alien:
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looks a bit like a helicopter to me. dont know why tho
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If aliens do exist, they are laughing at how humans scramble about like mad whenever they show themselves, trying to prove they are real. I'm sure God is doing a face-palm.
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it would be interesting to know when dd/mm/yyyy where (polar coordinates) this photo was taken. It really doesn't look like any aircraft we know of.
Pretty cool shot! I hope it is not fake.
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Taken from half way up Oker Hill in South Darley, Derbyshire looking towards Bonsall. The date is on the photo. Not fake didn't notice it until I got home and looked at the photos. :alien:
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amazing!!! I'd love to have an experience like night I saw something that at first thought was a satellite, but when I realize it moved erratic beside the stars it was to me a true UFO because I just don't know what that was.......wanted to see if it really was a spaceship from other planet or dimension though......still waiting and looking up to the skies.
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That's it if you don't know what it is then it's a UFO :alien: Yes me too! :D
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