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Lumsdale again a bit further downstream.
Sorry these titles are getting difficult to pronounce...
Caught a bit of a rainbow at the bottom of this shot! :)

Click here [link] for the satellite location file.

Three long exposure shots HDR. ND8 and Polariser.

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This image could accompany some adventure stories near the waterfall!!

Really well done!
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This is very beautiful! ^_^
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I never will can express the beauty of this photo with words! :+fav:
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Thankyou so much! :D
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Superb movement of the water
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Cool shot - I like the subtle rainbow at the bottom.

Is this the new filter?
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Thanks mate... yes I was pleased about the rainbow.. didn't notice at the time... Yep I used my new ND 8 and my CPL
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Is that the Cokin p series ND8 gradual filter?

I ordered one of those yesterday - I'd seen curious corn uses it alot and gets some great results.
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Nope... not sure what make it is it was only £11 off e-bay... it isn't graduated just solid ND8... It does seem to have made the water quite blue in some of the shots so am just wondering whether I should have spent more money and gone for a cokin or hoya.... whats the p series bit?
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For shorter focal lengths 20-24 or 28mm as well as for wide angle zooms (24-50mm / 28-85mm / 35-135mm) the Cokin P System is strongly recommended. - according to Conkin.

I've just looked at the ND2 - which looks interesting.
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Is it a slot in or screw on filter you've ordered?
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Well... I thought it was a screw on, but having read up a little more - it is seems to be a slot in.
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Cool... slot in systems are good because you can add lots of filters without interfering with the lens. :D
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The water looks really nice coming down those steps. :nod:
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Thanks mate... I liked the bit of rainbow at the bottom even though you can only just see it. :)
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Great photograph. What does "Neoproterozoic" mean?
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It's an era like the jurassic era but later... stick it in google it will explain better than I can. Thanks! :D
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