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Bodysuit 23 #550

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Nothing more awkward than misreading a party invite.

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so kevin stuck in madison skin. not bad its his wish to wear her so why dont live in her id forever.:)

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I'm calling it now, it IS a costume party

Everybody is somebody else wearing a bodysuit

Channelsurfer42's avatar

You were close! Nice guess!

Channelsurfer42's avatar

You were close! Nice guess!

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TBH when I saw the sly smile on that one panel before reading I almost thought this was going to turn out like that one Goosbumps book and it was going to take over lol what with it being Halloween

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A smug quickly turned into "wtf am i suppose to do"
Aquila-the-Scribe's avatar

Awkward. :XD:

Can't wait to see how this unfolds. LOL

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Wow... I'm surprised his brother showed up to the party

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oh kevin in what did you get in again

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She isn’t the only one in costume, what about the dude in the corner dressed as the masked comedian with the bag on his head

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Well, he took his own skinsuit off, so I guess that's as far as it goes :D

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calling it now; this isn't canon and EVERYONES in a skinsuit

Megazone23pt2's avatar

I already wrote on the cover page this isn't canon.

wolffang719's avatar

I never claimed I was a good reader

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Nya, let me guess. All the guests at the party are wearing bodysuits and are posing as other people. Right? ;3

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Do I see two Owens at the party? O__o

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It's his brother, he has appeared before
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Do I spy with my little eye a man wearing a bag on his head?

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(S)he's in two costumes... OH DEAR.

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