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[100x100 Games]
Pixel art fictional miniature games...

So while I was working on my Summer School project I got bored and do this!

Used 4 colors (if transparency counts, then 5) to make this pixel art.

It covers a genre of games:
[Shoot-em Up]
"Squawk! Squadron"
Those idiotic enemy forces called you a dumb pilot! Now go on and make them pay. Blast those evil bastards to smithereens!

[Side-scroller Adventure]
"Arma, Go!"
Arma the armadillo decided to go on for an adventure in search for the secret treasures! Get through all 1,000 levels!

[VS Fighting]
Enter the fight championship to see who gets to the top! Best if you play with another player!

"Puzzle Thingy"
Connect 3 identical symbols to clear it from the pile! What do you mean it's like that 'other' puzzle game?! Atleast this one rotates!

[Top-down Racing]
"Speed of light"
You're in a hurry to finish, you knew drinking 2 liters of lemonade was a bad idea, but you still did it! Someone also rigged your car to explode if you didn't reach the finish line in time. Also, leaving the car will make you disqualify and permanently remove you from the following events (did I mention it'll trigger the bomb, too?) Now it's not about opponents, it's not about winning, it's about you and the road. Head-on!

"Goofball Golf"
A Golf Game.

"Inu the Hero"
Inu got sent out by the king to the evil kingdom to defeat the evil lord. Inu will be rewarded handsomely for his bravery if he manages to win the battle. If he got killed, the king will kill him! ...oh wait.

[Beat-em Up]
"Blazing Whiskers!!"
Fuzzy the Rabbit is fed up with all the people who does... bad things and... stuff. So he goes one-winged angel and obliterates all of them!

[Classic Arcade Platformer]
Collect coins and exit! Make sure you don't get killed by those Chompzors! (Actually, it's 'Chompzours'. Just a typical retro typo.)

Each of the tiled games are size 100x100.

MS Paint 7, Hour and a half.
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Would have even been more awesomely nostalgic if it had been in pea green monochrome. :-D

Aw those pre-16 color graphics brings back such memories ... :)

space war, lemmings, the snake game ....
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Remember me my first computer ( with something like 4 colors too hehe but not the sames ).
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Do they have the Nintendo DS over in The Phillipines? What about WarioWare D.I.Y.? It's a software that lets you create your own 5-second microgames, comics and records!
megawolf77's avatar
I play WarioWare a lot, but never got my hands on the "Made in ore" version.

I'll try to have my paws on that. X3
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Go go for it! Can't wait.
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Heheheh, I love this! <3 Makes me wish they were real games at times... ;3
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woah an hour and a half O.o
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THAT'S IT! I need a console that support those!
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Hehe Very Cool!^^
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they need to make another aero-fighters game :C. something like assault but with better game play.
TheLupineOne's avatar
LOL, it's Golfing Renamon!
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Bottom middle game reminds me of Urban Champion. :D

That game seems incredibly stupid now (compared to other 8-bit era games), but I played the hell out of that as a kid...
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OMG every one of these look legit!! very nice work
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