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Pterosaufear(Nega Ben Astrodactyl) by MegaWario
Mature content
Pterosaufear(Nega Ben Astrodactyl) :iconmegawario:MegaWario 0 0
Nyancy Chan of Earth 4579(Nega Nyancy Chan) by MegaWario Nyancy Chan of Earth 4579(Nega Nyancy Chan) :iconmegawario:MegaWario 2 0 Turtlornado(Nega Ben Terraspin) by MegaWario Turtlornado(Nega Ben Terraspin) :iconmegawario:MegaWario 3 0 Brucatily (Nega Ben Rath) by MegaWario Brucatily (Nega Ben Rath) :iconmegawario:MegaWario 1 0 Charmcaster of Earth-4579(Nega Charmcaster) by MegaWario Charmcaster of Earth-4579(Nega Charmcaster) :iconmegawario:MegaWario 3 0 Nega Julie by MegaWario
Mature content
Nega Julie :iconmegawario:MegaWario 0 0
Apechnophobia (Nega Ben Spidermonkey) by MegaWario Apechnophobia (Nega Ben Spidermonkey) :iconmegawario:MegaWario 0 0 Richter Scale (Nega Ben Armadrillo) by MegaWario Richter Scale (Nega Ben Armadrillo) :iconmegawario:MegaWario 3 0 Reactor(Nega Ben Atomix)  by MegaWario Reactor(Nega Ben Atomix) :iconmegawario:MegaWario 1 0 Bloodbath(Nega Ben Whampire)  by MegaWario Bloodbath(Nega Ben Whampire) :iconmegawario:MegaWario 2 0 Bad Ben Xlr8 by MegaWario Bad Ben Xlr8 :iconmegawario:MegaWario 4 0 Inferoal (Nega Ben Heatblast) by MegaWario Inferoal (Nega Ben Heatblast) :iconmegawario:MegaWario 4 3 Bad Ben Heatblast by MegaWario Bad Ben Heatblast :iconmegawario:MegaWario 2 0 Bad Gwen/Random edit by MegaWario Bad Gwen/Random edit :iconmegawario:MegaWario 1 0 Gargantusaur (Bad Ben Humungousaur) by MegaWario Gargantusaur (Bad Ben Humungousaur) :iconmegawario:MegaWario 2 0 Bad Ben Wildmutt by MegaWario Bad Ben Wildmutt :iconmegawario:MegaWario 2 0


Delphine and Dylan Mind Swap Commission (Part 2) by Dali-Puff Delphine and Dylan Mind Swap Commission (Part 2) :icondali-puff:Dali-Puff 85 1 C'mere, You Little Thief... .:ROUGE:. by AmbitionDFined C'mere, You Little Thief... .:ROUGE:. :iconambitiondfined:AmbitionDFined 70 2 Love Bimbot by BimboPhi
Mature content
Love Bimbot :iconbimbophi:BimboPhi 202 9
Non-mlp Patreon Box Request Tier Reward - Caulifia by BimboAnnon
Mature content
Non-mlp Patreon Box Request Tier Reward - Caulifia :iconbimboannon:BimboAnnon 297 6
CMSN - Kek! by lewdydoo CMSN - Kek! :iconlewdydoo:lewdydoo 205 4 Commisson - Hoff by BimboPhi
Mature content
Commisson - Hoff :iconbimbophi:BimboPhi 278 4
Game, Set, Match by JackTheMaverick Game, Set, Match :iconjackthemaverick:JackTheMaverick 36 2 Adventurer Daisy by TeckGeck Adventurer Daisy :iconteckgeck:TeckGeck 56 6 Daisy's ready for Summer by oscar050 Daisy's ready for Summer :iconoscar050:oscar050 68 6 Fun on the Yacht by oscar050 Fun on the Yacht :iconoscar050:oscar050 90 39 Princesses in Kimono by oscar050 Princesses in Kimono :iconoscar050:oscar050 66 6 Daisy and her Dodge Viper SRT10 by oscar050 Daisy and her Dodge Viper SRT10 :iconoscar050:oscar050 24 23 Inkling Girl Sheet by BrendanCorris Inkling Girl Sheet :iconbrendancorris:BrendanCorris 1,157 99 Rottytops by BrendanCorris Rottytops :iconbrendancorris:BrendanCorris 810 66 Barbara Sheet by BrendanCorris Barbara Sheet :iconbrendancorris:BrendanCorris 298 46 Rouge the Bat by BrendanCorris Rouge the Bat :iconbrendancorris:BrendanCorris 614 60



Pterosaufear(Nega Ben Astrodactyl)
New alien, made this one pretty quickly, but it was fun to complete, hope you like
Nyancy Chan of Earth 4579(Nega Nyancy Chan)
Made this edit as a sort of a challenge to myself, could I do an edit and still make it look good without using the type of base I normally use, instead using a more dynamic pose, also I couldn't find an offical "base" image for Nyancy like I could for Charmcaster, so I ended up using a still from the episode "Tummy Trouble", so yeah, don't have a backstory for her yet but I might add one when I think one up, hope you enjoy this one
Turtlornado(Nega Ben Terraspin)
Nega Ben enjoys using this alien whenever he wants to clear his head, the natural calmness of Geochelone Aerio helps Nega Ben gets his thoughts together, he also uses to the alien to battle Charmcaster, noticing that seeing this alien seems to piss her to for reasons unknown to Ben
Brucatily (Nega Ben Rath)
This one was rather tricky but I loved working on it, 
Charmcaster of Earth-4579(Nega Charmcaster)
Like her prime earth counterpart, this Charmcaster looked for a way to free her home realm, Ledgerdomain, from the rule of Adwaita,she battled Nega Ben for the Omnitrix, hoping she could use it to defeat Adwaita,the main difference from her prime counterpart is that she didn't meet her uncle Hex until she began trying to get the Omnitrix, instead she spent most of her time training with her father, Spellbinder, and a small band of freedom fighters in Ledgerdomain until they were found by Adwaita. In a desperate attempt to save his daughter, Spellbinder used the rest of his power to open a temporary portal to Earth, sending  Charmcaster through it before closing the portal and being killed by Adwaita soon afterwards. After being spent to Earth< Charmcaster spent years looking for a way to get more powerful and kill Adwaita, soon, she started seeing news reports of super powered aliens and began seeking them out, hoping to either steal their power or even recruit them to help her battle Adwaita, and when she found about Ben and the Omnitrix, she tried to make him give up the Omnitrix and allow her to have it,hoping to combine her innate magical abilities with the various alien powers the Omnitrix would allow her to access, Ben simply wrote her off as crazy,not believing her story about magic and fire headed, turtle, dictators and when she tried to take the Omnitrix by force, he fought her off. Ever since this first encounter, Charmcaster and Nega Ben have been fighting for the Omnitrix, eventually, Charmcaster met another magic user seeking the Omnitrix, her long lost uncle Hex, who wished to take the Omnitrix for himself, using it to conquer the earth, Hex tricked Charmcaster into believing he wanted to defeat Adwaita and save Ledgerdomain. The two worked together to battle Nega Ben and steal the Omnitrix,while they haven't defeated the current wielder of the Omnitrix or stolen the device, they stayed determined, Charmcaster in particular will stop at nothing to steal the Omnitrix and head to Ledgerdomain once more, defeating Adwaita and freeing her home, avenging her father


No journal entries yet.


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