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Those Two Girls by megawackymax Those Two Girls by megawackymax
Hype Girl: Aren't you excited that we might become new characters??

Somber Girl: Yes... I can't contain my unmeasurable glee.

Oh, hey, look at them. Have you noticed a few new kids in the past Planetarium Arc? Well, here you have two of them. There is a good chance you'll see them around, just not officially introduced to the main cast. That is because I don't really have names for them.

That's a lie, actually. My first idea was to call them "Agatha" (Somber Girl) and "Christie" (Hype Girl). Get it? "Agatha and Christie". Then I thought it was a stupid pun.

I love the name "Agatha", though, so Somber Girl is most likely to be called that. As for Hype Girl... dunno.

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Fairy-Slayer Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017
It's nice to see that you're developing a few of the background characters (even "secondary characters"?) who can help with exposition or situations when necessary while also getting a little development of their own. It's good world-building. Thanks for the sneak peek.
megawackymax Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017
No worries; I'm just expaning the roster a little bit.
Zerozero204 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017
I wonder what you've got planned for the new characters? Would they be constantly paired together "because someone in The Office thinks it funny."? Or because there's a murder mystery and they were the ones caught watching Detective Conan on the AV room strapped-to-a-wheeled-table tv?
megawackymax Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017
Right now they are just two girls from a different class at school. Wilfreda and the rest are from Class A, while Agatha and the Hype Girl are from Class B.

As for these two new girls, they're most likely to appear together. They're friends, despite and because of their polar opposite personalities.
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January 9, 2017
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