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The BioMan Condition by megawackymax The BioMan Condition by megawackymax

Here you have Naoki and Hana, main characters from my BioMundo novel, my first published book. They're BioPeople, meaning their bodies become trees as they grow older.

But Naoki has a special condition that accelerates such process, having transformed his body much faster than he would like. And so, his body experiences an undesired growth that he must take care of. His hair has turned into grass, roots grow from his feet, and parts of his skin harden as small patches of bark start to appear.

Hana dutifuly helps him get rid of all that by clipping Naoki's roots, shaving his grass, and rub the small patches of bark away. This helps Naoki, but in the end is just a small relief against a bigger, grim truth: Naoki's BioTree is meant to outgrow his human essence, meaning he knows he will live a shorter life.

I like this scene in particular because there's a gloomy realization in their faces, never needing to say a single word. They know they are fighting a lose battle, but they keep pushing, if only to gain a little extra time for the poor guy.

Here's a curious side note: after I finished writing the book I began to show symptoms of psoriasis, which is a skin condition in which, basically, the body generates additional skin, turning parts of it into patches of rough scabs. This resulted me in having to go through a process of similar effect to Naoki, having to groom my woulds daily with a dosage of oils and oinments.

I don't know if this is a case of my texts imitating reality, or reality imitating my texts. One way or another, it's a pretty annoying thing.

BorisFedorov Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Now that must terrible having a skin condition that forces your biotree to come out younger than the usual age.
NeoSlashott Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
As you have skin conditions, mine has a different case of eczema only on my feet (after my cases of asthma) that itches sometimes that had to endure.

It feels like a sad story on BioMundo...  knowing that Bioman's life has its shotcomings.
megawackymax Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015
Actually, the world described in BioMundo is rather pleasent. Naoki's condition, however, is not.

Sorry to hear of your own skin condition. Take care with that, okay?
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