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PATREON: Wilfreda Sketch Pack by megawackymax PATREON: Wilfreda Sketch Pack by megawackymax
Here's a little treat for my Patreons: a compilation of 11 sketches for Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch, which include character designs and story arcs, some of which have not yet been seen.

You can see one sketch in the preview image. Remember the time when Victor drenched Wilfreda with a bucket of water? It originated with that sketch. What else is coming? You better roll the dice, my friend!

Check it out:…
Fairy-Slayer Featured By Owner May 7, 2016

Thanks for releasing so much witchy little goodness. The first concept sketch is so funny because it looks like one Wilfreda is smiling back as the other sticks her tongue out. She's also adorable without her pigtails and it's neat to see what you were thinking of; in the end you made the best choice because the style she has reminds me of broom brushes. The training-wheels picture is quite adorable.


The Cellars & Critters costumes are terrific, plus the kids look great emoting their roles; nice to see them playing so nice (even with Victor arguing) the game. Pumpkin carving is fun enough but Wilfreda is all over it and super cute with her enthusiasm. Heh, it's good to know that she'll dress more casually for a hot day instead of burning up. (Witches and burning is a bad combination.) Awesome work on the cauldron picture, especially the intensity added by the upshot angle along with Wilfreda's hard determination and tight grip.


Mom is quite the sweet one too even in her earlier days, and what a great mask. Early Ned looks a lot like Numbuh 4. =p Great job on the pre-splash sketch too. I love Victor's face and especially his pose as he hauls off to soak her. As for "many plots" I can only imagine what kind of fun you have in store for us.


megawackymax Featured By Owner May 7, 2016
Oh, yes, the first version of Ned looked  alot like Numbuh 4, which was why I was not convinced by the design.

The cauldron sketch is not that good. I always thought the angle was wrong. But hey, it was just a doodle.

And yes, I can safely say there's still a lot more to be seen about Wilfreda and her friends.
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