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STRANDED RP | Starter Posts by MegawackoRileyx STRANDED RP | Starter Posts by MegawackoRileyx
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A Note: once you've posted here you can branch off to other threads [as long as they arent private] or continue to stay on this one.


01. At least two sentences per post.
02. Role-playing can be done in comments.
03. One on One rping [specifically between two characters] should be done on a seperate-related submission and marked as private.
04. Swearing allowed.
05. If you want a re-cap, please message Riley.
06. Third person [he said/she said] only please.
06. Have fun!



You were on a boat going somewhere [doesnt matter now, does it?] when it crashed, and you've ended up here on this island. Who else is alive? Who's dead? How long will you be here? The island itself is beautiful and plentiful with coconut trees, banana trees, and multiple bushes filled with berries. The island also teems with wildlife, like small wild turkeys, monkeys, and small mammals like that. The sea surrounding the island also is chock full of fish.

You glance around, and sigh. This will be home for however long you have.
MegawackoRileyx Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
/"Hello! Is anyone here?!"/

A voice. Kali's entire body froze as she heard someone calling. A survivor! An island native? Whatever! There was someone else here! Hobbling slightly towards the source of the voice, Kali grinned. "I'm here! Over here! By the shore," Kali yelled, her naturally hoarse voice cracking as she put more force into it. She looked behind her than to her left, where the wood-sy area of the island was. Was anyone else around? "Hello!" She yelled again, hoping someone would be able to hear her.
Kikiani-Kirschtein Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
A woman and her horse stood on a rather large, heavy piece of driftwood. Chihiro was seventeen. Full Japanese, who moved to a farm when she was ten with her older brother Drust to get away from city life. But when he died, Chihiro had decided to take a cruise. But she brought her horse, Romeo, everywhere with her. The black stallion let out a neigh, as land came into sight. Chihiro smiled widely and jumped off, pushing the raft onto land. Romeo jumped off, as Chihiro sat on the bank, looking around. The crash was terrifying. Wait. Perhaps survivors were here. She climbed onto Romeo. “Hello! Is anyone here?!“
MegawackoRileyx Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
Kali woke up. choking on water and dazed. Her head hurt and her body was sore as well. The first thing she realized was that there was sand in her hair, and in her mouth. Sitting up on the warm beach, she spat out the ground dirt from her mouth, wiping it from her face and away from her hazel-yellow eyes. Her blonde dread locked hair fell in straight locks around her, bending only when caught between her neck and shoulders. Pushing back said hair, she looked around, panic beginning to set into her stomach. She was on an island. The wreckage of the boat floated along the sea-top, while the ship sat on a rock, broken beyond repair. Where were there? Where had they been going? Getting up, she brushed the sand off her bum and legs, beginning to walk gingerly - her left ankle felt hurt. She paced a short length of the beach, unsure of if anyone survived the crash.
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