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Weird Sisters by MegawackoRileyx Weird Sisters :iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 1 0 Horse Adoptable 1: Unnamed by MegawackoRileyx Horse Adoptable 1: Unnamed :iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 2 0 nothing to l o s e , by MegawackoRileyx nothing to l o s e , :iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 3 2 Minimalist Horse by MegawackoRileyx Minimalist Horse :iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 0 0 Kit Greyback || Hanna Beth Merjos by MegawackoRileyx Kit Greyback || Hanna Beth Merjos :iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 1 0 Beau Weasley || Ben Barnes by MegawackoRileyx Beau Weasley || Ben Barnes :iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 0 0 Prancer by MegawackoRileyx Prancer :iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 0 0 Devilspawn by MegawackoRileyx Devilspawn :iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 0 3 Introducing Winter Withers! | MLP OC by MegawackoRileyx Introducing Winter Withers! | MLP OC :iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 0 0
SPN Rewrite | Author's Note
Hey guys!
I hope everyone likes my stuff; I love writing it. Uhm. I'll try to keep each episode to 12 parts - so expect longer chapters in the future.
I know the last 6 parts have been about Sam and Dean, but I promise the next few parts will include Rowan :] You'll see!
Thanks to all my readers <3
:iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 0 0
Pilot 1.4 | SPN Rewrite
Sam and Dean walk out of his apartment - Sam has changed from his pajamas into a pair of jeans and a loose top; shrugging a jacket on in the cool California night air. "I mean, come on." Sam was saying, glancing around the quiet dorm neighbourhood. "You can't just break in, in the middle of the night and expect me to hit the road with you." Dean rolled his shoulders at his brother's words, expecting this sort of refusal from him. "You aren't listening to me, Sammy." Dean started. "Dad's missing. I need you to help me find him," Sam huffed, licking the corner of his lower lip.
"You remember the poltergeist in Amherst, or the devil's gates in Clifton? He was missing then too, he's always missing and he's always fine." Sam argued, making his brother turn around to face him. Sam always prided himself in being a few inches taller than Dean, although the look his brother could make him feel tiny. "Dad has never been missing for this long, Sam." Dean replied coldly.
A beat passed. "So, are yo
:iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 0 0
Pilot 1.3 | SPN Rewrite
22 Years Later
"Goodnight, Jess." Sam Winchester murmured into his girlfriend's blonde hair. She smelt like strawberries; it was the shampoo he had bought her. "Night Sam," Jessica sleepily replied, wrapping her arms around his midsection. The two college kids fell asleep.
A few hours rolled by, before a faint crash in the living room woke Sam up. Naturally, he got up and edged out from under Jessica's arms. Grabbing a baseball bat - he hated the sport but the bat helped - Sam headed down the stairs and towards the source of the crash. The kitchen; the fridge light is on. Confused, yet equally anxious, Sam pushed the door open and catapulted at the intruder.
Only, the intruder seems to know better. They fight - Sam loses control of the bat and it skitters away from his hand, while the intruder sits rather comfortably on his stomach.
"Dean?!" Sam gasped at his older brother. Dean - looking smug - smirks. "Hey Sammy. How's things?" Dean is suddenly wrestled to the floor, an
:iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 0 0
Pilot 1.2 | SPN Rewrite
Four Months Later,
"Bobby, I need your help." John Winchester croaked into the cellphone. Between rocking a wailing daughter and keeping young Sam from playing with the shotgun on the table, John was losing his mind.
"What's wrong, John?" Bobby's voice crackled through the other side; was he cooking? "I need you to take her, Bobby. I can't do it. I can't keep them all safe." John spoke quiely; Dean was finally asleep after a night of nightmares, and he wouldn't agree with John to send his baby sister away. "Take her? John, you know I can-" "Bobby you have to. I know you can do it. I see you with my boys all the time." John pleaded with the older hunter, looking down at the finally peaceful face of his daughter. Mary's eyes shone back at him.
There was a long silence, a silence John didn't like. Was Bobby thinking of a way to gently tell him no? Did Bobby even know what gently meant? Rocking his daughter back and forth, John counted the seconds of Bobby's silence.
:iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 0 0
Pilot 1.1 | Supernatural Rewrite
Mary Winchester didn't die in 1983.
Sam and Dean were blessed with a little sister in 1985, only three months after Sam turned two. Dean was thrilled. John - worried that he wouldn't be a good father to his daughter - spent many hours in her nursery that she shared with her brother, Sam.
It was peaceful, idealistic, and perfect for the Winchester family.
That was, until a demonic fire took the life of Mary Winchester when Rowan was only six months old. John raced in and saved his two young kids; Dean was already out on the front lawn, gaping in shock as his little brother and sister's room burst into flame. John cradled his children in his arms as he raced out of the burning house, scooping Dean by the waist as the rest of the house caught fire.
Sitting on the curve of the hill feet from the burning homestead, John Winchester held his children close. He had to make a decision, and he had to do it without a second thought.
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Sparrow | Wild Equines by MegawackoRileyx Sparrow | Wild Equines :iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 5 0 Tinsel | Merry Christmas by MegawackoRileyx Tinsel | Merry Christmas :iconmegawackorileyx:MegawackoRileyx 0 0


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attention roleplayer reading this journal!
[cough. i'm talking to youuuu~]

i need help re-developing a few old characters
that i haven't used in years. one girl human,
and one male human. twins, actually. they can be
between the ages of 16 - 21, but no older than 22.

if you're interested in helping me with that, pleaasee
send a message my way! if you're not... well, then :C

x riley


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Hi guys!

I'm a writer at heart, so you'll probably see more of my written work here over my photography (haha what photography ~).


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Hey everyone. I want to have a few points to give away to other players; I doubt I'll use these on myself, so these are all going in for a good cause. Thanks!

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