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I will do :
An environmental based drawings/paintings. It could be a fan art or original concept art, with small characters inside.
these are examples of my commissioned art

:bulletred:All prices start at $75USD with maximum price of $90USD (paypal fee included)
:bulletred:I will not draw something perspective oriented such as close up buildings/ indoor scenery
:bulletred:I dont draw character close ups, you may take a look at my commission folder for example
:bulletred:I will ask the payment after I show you initial sketch. This will help me to specify how much you have to pay.
:bulletred:Once I get paid I will continue the painting process. it usually took 2-3 weeks for me to complete a painting.
:bulletred:I will charge extra for commercial rights/license.
:bulletred:Payment method: PayPal only.
:bulletred: Note me for further info ;)

Thank you for reading :blowkiss:
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1111122Hobbyist Writer
Hi, I sent you a note but I'm not sure if you received it. Are you open for commissions at this time?
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yaseminkaracaProfessional Photographer
paypal is not working in my country anymore, is there any another payment method like bank account something.

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IrishAlyStudent General Artist
Hello! Are your commissions open? :D
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hi there, please drop me a note if you're interested in buying commission ;o thanks~~
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IrishAlyStudent General Artist
Awesome! I will later on today! :D Thanks a lot!
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hi! i didnt really know where to comment so im asking here!!
im definitely saving up to commission you sometime in the future whenever you open them, but i was wondering if you give commissioners a larger unwatermarked file and how big the file is, plus the dpi?? thankk you so much for reading!!! i love your stuff ;-;<3
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sailor-spatulaHobbyist General Artist
Oh gosh, I cannot wait until you commissions are open again! I love your art and I can actually afford it ; u; I noticed in the comments below, you mentioned that if you liked someone's concept enough, you'd put them on your waiting list. Are you still allowing for people to do that? If so, I'd love to try to reserve a spot because I definitely know that I want some of your art!
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AngelaSinnerHobbyist General Artist
I sent you a note for a commission :) 
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you did? :o omg I must had missed it I'm sorry.. I'm currently close right now, but I would put anyone into my waiting list, if I do like their concept ;)
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AngelaSinnerHobbyist General Artist
Hi, sorry for the late reply. Ive already found someone, as I needed it asap. Thanks anyway. :) 
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my gob you should raise your prices wayyy too low dude! XD<br / />you are too talented for such a low price
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ephemerylStudent Digital Artist
Dang, I expected your commissions to be somewhere in the hundreds! You're very talented, you should raise your prices!
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VanArt94Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are you open for commissions? I would love one done by you again.
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InuMochiHobbyist General Artist
Oh man, I'm gunna have to commission you one day soon Q v Q
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RebelAtoli Writer
Be warned, someday I will commission you...

When the times comes when you are open and I still have some spare money that wasn't stolen by bills! :iconkyonfacepalmplz:
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I sent you a note. :D
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Oh... my...

You're open and my mind is drawing a blank. xD Once my brain starts working, I will note you asap. xD These are simply stunning!! *_*
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ReiyaaHobbyist Writer

Are you still open? *A*
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AMG I'm sorry for late response!
I will re-open on March, perhaps next week ;)
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LSupernovaHobbyist Digital Artist
kasitau terms2nya donk kalo via transfer bank biasa QwQ
kalo masi penuh taro diwaiting list dulu sajo :iconlazycryplz:
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Your commissions are beautiful!! ♥
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lady-leliel General Artist
So cheap!! You could easily start at $50 >3< How long do you usually spend painting these? :o
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I'm not sure with that since many people love characters more than backgrounds :XD:
it usually took me about 4-5 days. 1-2 hours each day ^^
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lady-leliel General Artist
Well people always want art of themselves and their characters.. Including myself :p.. But your paintings are just amazing as they are and worth much more! At least I always love seeing new paintings in my inbox, hehe :love: They're all so dreamlike and peaceful..
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