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quiet calamity

commission for epicart123

it is a world that has ended :")

*drawn on SAI
*do not use this artwork without permission, thank you.


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© 2014 - 2021 megatruh
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Any chance I could use this photo in one of my YouTube videos, referencing you? @megatruh

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Soooo niceeee🥺🌌
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Yo Mr Mega do you want to print frame and ship your art working together?

Love to speak with you sometime if possible. email info is



If I mention your name and credit you, can I use this artwork for sharing thoughts ?

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Hello Megatruh!
I was wondering if I could use your artwork for a poem that I've written. Full credit to your artwork will of course be given. In the meantime, I will look forward to your reply.
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I just feel the atmosphere in this picture so hard. I keep staring and falling deeper into my own mind, just because this is the scenery that awaits in there.
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The young girl sat down with her ribbon wishing one day she could be a master dancer like her mother but for now she looked at the star coated sky dancing with the wind
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This is really lovely. I like your use of colors here and the composition. The overall emotion of the work seems at once lonely and also peaceful, and its really kind of mesmerizing for that same reason.
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Excellent art. :)
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This is simply amazing. I fell so hard for your imagination. Keep up the good work and all the love.
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Absolutely beautiful.
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This is simply beautiful and breathtaking!! I am a lover of Japan and especially Sakura and their beautiful trees they come from and their importance to Japan's culture and beliefs, and your Sakura, along with the entire painting, are gorgeous!!

Thank you for sharing all of wonderful creations and your talent with us. 💜
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Dude! This is really amazing! By the way, can I use it for a cover? I'll put credits to you!
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Wow just amazing it's like something out of a dream
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Better than a dream. God, I couldn't dream of something this amazing.
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I adore your use of light and shadow. The setting creates such a heavy atmosphere - to me, it looks like she's about to fall into the nothingness of her own deep thoughts.
It's a wonderful piece of art!
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dude! can I use this as my phone background!? (you said not to use it without permission so...)
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very nice work
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so shinkai! love it. especially the colors :heart:
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