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little Pluto

struggling with art block and drowsiness, i managed to draw this reddish-brown dwarf planet to celebrate the recent discoveries :heart:

prints available at here and SOCIETY6
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lmao i really like the cute lil dude on the boat
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Hi! I was wondering if i could use the pluto in this drawing for a tattoo?
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This drawing is incredible! this is one of the best drawings I've ever seen!
Aart-ish's avatar
Wow, this is gorgeous :D 
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You're seriously one of the best artists I've ever seen! Very few can capture such detail and atmosphere like this!
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TheBoyWhoCriedPanda's avatar
What an incredible scene. Beautiful all across the board.
PhoenixMasterless's avatar
this moon looks beautifull 
Flainfan's avatar
It's not a Moon.
da3do3ah's avatar
so beautiful 
Contrared's avatar
I love that little heart-shaped cloud you drew in front of the moon.
SnoByrd's avatar
I think that's actually the heart pattern on pluto.
Croztsu's avatar
that cat seem so lonely...
the scenery is so heartwarming.
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It's so pretty Love 
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Lovely work.
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Love Wow, this is really good! Heart 
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Wow, this is so beautiful :) I love this! 
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Seeing how wonderfully you make skyscapes, would you ever consider doing fanart with inspiration from The Little Prince? I get the same nostalgic feels reading that book as when I see your pictures.
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oh some poetry
Halfway-Anna's avatar
I almost cired, I love it so much :happycry:
MeandHetalia's avatar
Beautiful. I'm breathless! My eyes hurt from looking at the majesticness!
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