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king of the forest .



it's been a while since I draw something for self indulgence.. this one felt very nice from start to finish :')

inspired by the greatest science show, Cosmos :heart:

*edit: now with poems!!

Once there was a king who loved the light,
There he saw the wonders to sight.
In a field of life, untouched by man,
That spread throughout across the land.
And yet he find the dull empty goal,
The king feels lost without his role.
So he venture forth to deeper trail,
The forest gone cold the wind shall sail.

Dark as the covenant of the night,
There he remain, lost without his sight.
Till a silver light that shine the way,
That brought a cold and gentle stay.
The king turn his head up above,
To there he found that which he love.
A council of stars to greet the king,
And there my friends, is how he sing.

From this then on, the forest turn gold,
Both night and day, warm and cold.

written by Cedric-Scorch
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Yes a beautiful image for a heart filled with magic.