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July 5, 2011
berangkat. is by *Megatruh
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by JauneAnora
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inspired by [link] one of the great artists out there :iconloveloveplz:

paint tool SAI.


*ohmygod (゚д゚) thanks so much to ~JauneAnora and $Moonbeam13 for the DD :'D
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© 2011 - 2021 megatruh
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Over the years, you've created so many wonderful little dream bubbles with your illustrations, but this still has a very special place in my heart, even after all these years ♥ It is the joy of running around with a kyte, letting it fly into the sky, high and unreachable, but exciting to see from below ♥ Anything could happen as imagination soars! Looking at this, I remember the feeling and can hold onto it.

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I cannot express everything that this conveys to me. It is very beautiful and magical!
GalaxyGarland's avatar
I love this. It combines the beauty of reality and novelty of dreams into something truly magical.
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Heads-up, a Facebook page is using this image and not crediting you as the artist.…
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This is gorgeous. And inspiring <3
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Love this great work
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Absolutely inspiring, so beautiful!
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berangkat means lifting up in bahasa
great choice of title to go with the amazing night sky
(wish u could see that in Indonesia or over here)
Cheers from yr watcher in Malaysia :) 
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Well, she is Indonesian, and, for your information, "Bahasa" is "language". To make it Indonesian, it should be "Bahasa Indonesia".

Also, "berangkat" means leaving, while "angkat" means lift.
Well, I do know some words are similar between Bahasa Indonesia and (Bahasa) Malay, but some are different as well.
Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
Sketcaroo's avatar
XD thanks for the info anyway
rainbow000pegasus's avatar
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so many great colours were used!! I really love this piece! It has a great vibe to it <3
Ullpaul24's avatar
Sick. Really beautiful!!
alebsi's avatar
explorerwolf's avatar
This is one of the most amazing pieces of art of Deviantart
KaiMeiLovers's avatar
Uwaaah......langitnya bagus,ikan"nya keren >3< 
Judulnya cocok banget deh XD
kuukkii's avatar's so beautiful..i can hear the whale :heart:
ACEnBEAKY's avatar
Nice, Dude. This is what happens when Luna watches over your dreams.
GenniGenevieve's avatar
Beautifully imaginative!
Susaleena's avatar
So Breathless!
Skipper-doodle1's avatar
Woooahh magical. Laaallypop 
Like a beautiful childhood dream filled with happy and peace <3 I love this one most in all of your work, don't know why... ^^ And I have pinned you work here…
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This picture is sooo amazing! Did you draw it?
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