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commission for MasantaQ

maybe, just maybe.. in some other galaxies, this is what they saw in the sky :)

thank you so much for commissioning me :blowkiss:
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Hi, I have been looking for a nice piece of art for my mom's book that she is about to publish and she asked me if I could do a cover for her book. I found your image to be the perfect match! it is so awesome, the book is about how to reach your dreams and this image fits perfectly. Can I have your written permission to use as a cover of my mom's book? I would love to talk to you about it, here my email: 
Hey Your art is so niiiiiice can I use this for the cover of our Yearbook? because we decided to use voyage for our theme and your art is very fit for this? Email me:
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all your gallery is beautiful :D great work!
Your art is beautiful!
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This give me goosebumps
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This is absolutely beautiful.
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Oh my god. That's completely epic. I love the sense of vastness in the sky-tunnel-cloud-thing, it's fixating. I feel like I could just stare at it for hours.
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this is gorgeous!!
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Beatiful work!
This picture describes "peace" and "tranquility" to the fullest like wow just look at the small wave movements .
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Some time ago, I had a dream that had almost the same scenario as this artwork. I was stunned when I discovered it; it is astonishing, very well done!
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Just beautiful
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lovely clouds uvu
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A neat and interesting image you have portrayed there with a lot of attention to details. The clouds and the reflection on the ocean look very believable and the perspective is quite interesting.
One might wonder what that glow above the ship might be. :)

Good job!
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Wow, this is amazing!
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It's almost abnormal, the amount of time I've spend looking at this masterpiece, wondering why this isn't hanging in every museum on earth.. I love all your work, but this one I can stare at for ages doing nothing but smiling. I love it so much!! <3
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That's so beautiful!
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Special feature for you :love: 
On our group: aRt's Creation magazine #8 and feature and on our magazine:…
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