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Claudia by Megatron401 Claudia :iconmegatron401:Megatron401 5 0 Franklin by Megatron401 Franklin :iconmegatron401:Megatron401 6 0 Bolt: Warrior of NemesisClan by Megatron401 Bolt: Warrior of NemesisClan :iconmegatron401:Megatron401 6 0 Thunderbolt: Elder in NemesisClan by Megatron401 Thunderbolt: Elder in NemesisClan :iconmegatron401:Megatron401 5 0 Eclipse: SparkClan Resident by Megatron401 Eclipse: SparkClan Resident :iconmegatron401:Megatron401 9 0 Landslide: SparkClan Resident by Megatron401 Landslide: SparkClan Resident :iconmegatron401:Megatron401 7 0
Blaze's Story: Part 1- Found/New Friends
Transformers Prime: Blaze’s Story
Part 1: Found/New Friends
When Blaze and his mother are finding a better place to go, they encounter Decepticons and Blaze is told to hide. When it was over, Blaze was alone, until he was found by an Autobot who took him in.
Ten year old Blaze and his mother, Sunblast were walking down an empty street of their home, Iacon. They had to leave because it was not safe anymore due to the damage the war had done. Blaze was born with a special ability that gave him the powers of the Fire Phoenix and he had the symbol of it on his chest. His parents said it was a blessing from Primus and it was part of a prophecy that was going to be fulfilled one day. As Sunblast walked with her son, Blaze decided to lighten the mood by summoning his powers and throwing little fireballs around. Sunblast chuckles at her son and watches him. “You sure know how to entertain someone
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I Was A Victim Of A Hater Today
Guess what happened to me on another account from the website Fur Affinity today, I got a hate comment on my profile. 
I'm not happy about it. This person said my art sucked and told me to stop drawing, excuse me? Drawing is my way of expressing what I have on my mind and I'm not going to stop. Do they know how much effort I put on my art? No. Do they know that every artist has to start out somewhere? No. I felt hurt by this and I knew this wasn't criticism because #1, the person has apparently done the same thing on other people's accounts and #2, they don't draw themselves. 
Here's proof of this comment this morning; 

My question is, what's wrong with people? Why do people do this? To be honest, I've seen artist worse than me but you know what, I support them because they deserve kindness and they'll get better. I'm happy with the place I'm at currently but I'm always trying to improve. 
Please mind my language but that person
:iconlynnthenerdkitty:LynnTheNerdKitty 1 13
Lotus Phantomhive the Grim Reaper  by WolfiezSlasher Lotus Phantomhive the Grim Reaper :iconwolfiezslasher:WolfiezSlasher 10 9 Daily Paint 2431. Bandannaconda by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2431. Bandannaconda :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,013 134 my cat mindy by blackfang-325 my cat mindy :iconblackfang-325:blackfang-325 5 13
Quick update and a little question
Alright, first with the update: tomorrow I'll be away till Sunday because I'll go on a ride in my dad's truck, he promised to take me for a few days and I'm so excited!! :D So I won't be online and I'll try to draw and write, but taking photos of our way more lol, mom's demand. XD
And to the question: for those who know my TFP character Themis , and also who knows that I'm writing a backstory about her . Both my story and my character was claimed as a "Mary Sue" on Quotev where I'm posting the book as well. The claimer deactivated their account or blocked me and deleted the messages that I should delete the story and more so don't try to find them.
BUT I want to know if it's TRUE for someone else and if so then I'd like to know HOW and WHY. I just want an honest opinion from you guys, that's ALL I'm asking for and don't be rude, please.
:iconegerie187:egerie187 3 31
I'll take care of your kid by Silverzoul I'll take care of your kid :iconsilverzoul:Silverzoul 472 24 Goodbye, mother by Silverzoul Goodbye, mother :iconsilverzoul:Silverzoul 317 23 Nothing At All by Silverzoul Nothing At All :iconsilverzoul:Silverzoul 380 21



Anyone want to talk or do an RP with me? 
The Lion King was great! I loved it!
Won't be able to see the movie today because it was sold out.
I'm going to see The Lion King remake!
Leo's Mother re-uploaded.

General Information:
Occupation: Queen of Heroville
Age: 4 ( 32  in human years) 
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, Loving, Motherly and Even tempered.
Species: Lion
Status: Dead
Cause of death: Childbirth
Eye color: Green
Enemies: Charles Hunt, Blue Fire Lion
Powers: Healing powers

Parents: Rebel (Father) Luna (Mother)
Siblings: None
Cubs: Leo (Older son) Jack (Younger son)
Mate: Franklin



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I'm a huge Transformers fan and I love drawing them. And I'm also into the old shows like Tom and Jerry, the comedy shows Family guy and American Dad. I love the Lion King.



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In a dark area of the sea lived the former servants of Ursula when she ruled over Atlantica. Skilled in mystic magics as well, they were the naga. They were her apprentices and guards before Triton took over. Once he did, for a time they lived in peace. Then when Queen Athena was killed by those Triton called "fish-eaters," he too threw out the predatory naga when he found a mermaid kissing a naga believed to be under some sort of hypnotic spell.

It was true that naga were skilled with hypnosis, but only when they were hunting, not mating. But Triton didn't see it like this, and banished the naga to a dark, dirty, and murky area of the sea. The naga found refuge in sunken ships, but lived in misery and darkness.

One such young naga was young Garter. A small teenage naga with a red and blue snake's tail. He had a relatively toned body, and a youthful face. He was quite the collector of human things and had his own ship despite being so young.

He had finished hunting a small group of anchovies, and was on his way home when he spotted the beautiful city of Atlantica from a distance. He sighed and returned to the murky waters he lived and frowned. He was of the age where he should be looking for a mate, but naga women were treasured by human beings. They stole them from the sea, and forced them to serve human masters. If only he could find a youthful beautiful mate.

As he approached the sunken Japanese pirate ship that he called home, he suddenly froze as his heat sensors picked up something. Body heat, and it wasn't that of a fish. It had a humanoide body and...and a youthful feminine essence. There was a his ship...and from the feel of it in the captain's quarters in his bed...

He slithered carefully not wanting to frighten this creature when he carefully went inside to inspect this young naga only to gasp in surprise! For the being on his bed had not a snake's tail, but an emerald green fishtail and red flowing hair! This was no naga woman, it was a mermaid! But...what was she doing here? Garter knew from what the elders said was that merfolk were forbidden to even touch human things! It didn't make sense, but in any case, he had to let this young mermaid know that this was technically his home, so he gently nudged her sleeping shoulder.

"Um, e-e-excuse me...? Miss mermaid...?"
J4RRE77 Featured By Owner May 26, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
In the vast reaches of space, a tiny de-armed Old Republic fighter ship was drifting along. It was running on fumes, and the two passengers inside were near death.

One was the powerful Jedi Master known as Caitana Laki. A youthful beauty of a woman with a perfect figure, gorgeous face, and long raven hair that reached all the way to her heels.

The other was her assigned Padawan, Davvin Satsou. A youth in his early twenties that had the misfortune of having his hands cut off to be replaced with droid hands. He was secretly in love with his mistress, but never told her of gave her the impression for he knew that romantic love was forbidden among the Jedi Order.

But the thing was, the Jedi Order had been wiped out by Order 66 when Clone Troopers led by Anakin Skywalker invaded the ancient Jedi Temple and had killed off many Jedi. Now, floating adrift and near death, the youthful boy gulped and turned to address her.

"M-M-M-Mistress Caitana...?"
Megatron401 Featured By Owner May 26, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Caitana: Yes? 
J4RRE77 Featured By Owner May 26, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Davvin: M-Mistress...we...we probably won't live very long... Our ship's low of fuel, supplies are low, and we're lost, so...I just...I just wanted to let you know something before we die...
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