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Main Task Part 1 - Team Aerial Spark



For :iconpmdunity:

    Meryl and Bai have set out through Andalusst to retrieve a riolu that’s avoiding capture. The hard part about this task… well, Riolu are all throughout the city. At least they can ID him by his accent and the chance that he’s probably under a lot of pressure and will be jumpy. While Bai was searching on the ground, Meryl was in the air looking out for them. So far, there hadn’t been any luck with the riolu. After hours of searching, they regrouped, and decided on a new approach. They would do a good cop-bad cop approach on the riolu they met, not physically hurting them, but it should do the trick. Besides, even if the riolu they used it on weren’t the right ones, they may have ideas as to where this one would be. Approaching one riolu they hadn’t met yet, they must have seemed intimidating, for he bolted away into an alley, that was, unfortunately for him, a dead end.

    Bai trots up to him and offers a friendly smile, “Please, don’t worry or run! We just wanted to chat with you!” She says this in a soothing tone, making the situation more comfortable for it.

    “Yeah yeah yeah, cut to the chase already!” she snapped, the sun had warmed her up enough and just searching for hours, it was driving her insane. If Bai hadn’t been around or the Riolu hadn’t  looked so innocent she would have snapped at him more.

The riolu had begun to calm down but felt scared when it came to the archeops. Still, the calming presence of the mareep had its effect. “Wh-what can I help you with?” he asked in a completely normal accent. Bai sighs, knowing this wasn’t the one.

    “Do you by any chance know anything about the riolu who’s wanted right now?”

    “Er, I have… no idea. Never even, um, heard of him.” At this point, his voice began to get shaky. The team noted how they had never given the gender, letting them know that this riolu was hiding something.

    Meryl narrowed her eyes and moved closer to the Riolu, she wasn’t going to let this Riolu get away just yet. “Oh yeah right, then why out of the dozens of Riolus we have talked to are you the only one being so shaky? You’re hiding something!” she snapped at him again, growling a bit now.

    “Listen, it’s all right. Just tell us - where is he? We can promise you he won’t get hurt,” she told him honestly. At least, she wouldn’t hurt him. Just paralyze him a bit and they’d succeed the mission. But without whereabouts, they could not get the job done. “Where is he hiding?” she prompted.

“U-u-um,” he stuttered out. “He’s n-not far! Just a-around the block!” Shaking like a leaf, he attempts to bolt away from the two, getting between them.

The above was written by :iconblackdragonartist: and I

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Reward: Customization Vouchers
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