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Wallpaper - Rainbow Dash

While I was coloring RD, I found that I had an alternate color option that I really liked, so I'll post that one next.
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This brings me back..
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Ahh, so simple yet graceful :)
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By the way, this user has stolen your work without any credit Rainbow Dash
It appears she has been doing the same thing to others' work.
Gewtz's avatar
Ooh, pretty!
One-Swood-Grommet's avatar
I hope you don't mind if I edit this a little for my personal desktop~
princesscadence444's avatar
JustSquidsYay's avatar
Someone edited your work without your permission! They even said nothing about you making it!…
Supersyd34's avatar
may I recolor this of my ponysona?
horyzone's avatar
Nice job ^^, I used it as a reference for my best friend's christmas gift and gave you credit…
TomTornados's avatar
You're as welcome as can be!
ponygirl651's avatar
used this if that's ok, gave you credit~…
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2011 it was made... Where the show becomes a meme... 


I finally found this wallpaper. I seen this on YouTube videos everywhere but I was wondering if this was in deviantART or not. But found it.


Rainbow Dash FTW!

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I'll ask permission first - Is it alright if I edit it for one of my characters? I understand if you don't want me to.
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Soo awesome!! Can my daughters soccer team use this image for their banner? They called themselves the "Rainbow Dashers" since she is their favorite character.
Pegasister0i0i08's avatar
Like it cuz its simple and cool ;)
roflman1's avatar
I hope its okay with you, but I was thinking of making a Rainbow factory version of this. I'll credit you and everything. I'd hate to look like any kind of art thief
SlamoLeo's avatar
I'm gonna write my oc version of this but hope its ok with you...?
But I'll make sure to put a link to your original one:)
Puppyluver7654's avatar
Omg do one for derpy
PoisonicPen's avatar
used it,[link] hope that's okay with you :)
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