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Wallpaper - Applejack

Chill AJ is chill.
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© 2011 - 2021 MegaSweet
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Sorry to say this but someone stole your art:

Images (14) by menya0zovut0Lizulya
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Someone I know on Facebook wanted this one for her phone. I extended it out to include the rest of the body. Don't worry I made sure original credit went you Megasweet here.

Here is the pic as I modified it. All I did was extend it out and keep the same style for the phone. I didn't modify anything in the original composition.
Apple by FoxAnderson    
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Hey mind of I use this to make an edited wallpaper? I always give full credit and provide links
It might come out somewhat similar to this one…
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I love AJ. She's my second favourite pony after Twilight!
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Yeah Applejack my 2nd favorite character!
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I can't figure out how to make this my wallpaper ;-; I tried so many times but I can't figure it out!!! D: D:
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This person used your artwork without crediting you: [link]
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I so love these. Simple but addictive. :D
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i really like these
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I love it. <3
All of them, actually, but AJ is my fave. :) It's amazing how you can make them so recognizable with relatively little detail.
Thank you. the perfect wallpaper for a brony who shares his pc with a non-brony.
(I'm busy assimilating, don't worry.)
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This is sooo my new WP.
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[link] your image on youtube :iconapplejackishappyplz:
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I shoulda figured you were the one to do these.
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I like them apples!
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This was my wallpaper for months, ever since you originally posted it. I only recently replaced it with Hops's Mayor Mare one.
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I LOVE this. The hat over her face is brilliant. <3
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