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Stella Nova (2013)



Not too long after designing Megan and EV, I felt the need to give Megan a rival. Not necessarily a nemesis or villain, but a character who saw Megan as a serious competitor and who's only goal was to be the biggest pain-in-the-ass in Megan's life. Stella was made as a result. Once a peer and fellow employee to Megan, Stella quit R.E.A.C.H due to behavioral issues and became a freelancer, often crossing paths with Megan on her various field missions. Each time interfering in such a way that would cause Megan one headache after another, but each time resulting in Megan coming out victorious and looking all the better for it, fueling Stella's jealously even more.

Stella's talents match Megan's, both in skill and knack for getting into pickles, but Stella is more of an aggressive personality. Her lack of tact and manners puts her at a disadvantage when dealing with authority figures. Slightly sadistic,  yet at heart a good person, Stella sometimes finds herself helping Megan out of dire situations (under the guise of self-interest of course).
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Cool redesign :-)