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My Bio
i'm a gamer and an artists that likes anime if you like commentary with let's plays and other such things check out my channel…
Favorite anime/manga: Rosario+Vampire, Dragon Ball Z [DBZ], Yugioh [original,gx,5ds, and zexal], Bleach, Naruto, Sword Art Online, Witchblade, Hevean's Lost Property, And more that I likely just can't remember by name at the moment.

Favorite games: Halo [the whole series], Gears of war 2 and 3, Call of Duty MW2;MW3; Black ops 1 and 2, Mass effect 1-3, Dragon Age origins and 2, Assassin's creed [all except one do to never finishing it do to disk error], SoulCaliber4 and 5, Saints row 2-4, Fallout3, Fallout New Vegas, Dark Souls, Yugioh! [card game and videogames], pokemon [just the videogames], Brink, BulletStorm, Dead Space 2-3, and many more.

(i'm now part of a DA family so hear it is thus far)
:iconyuki-takeshi: - Little Sister :)
:icontiruru: - :Little Sister :)
:iconbukowskl: -Little Brother :)
:iconherretik: -Bro :)
:icongrim-dude99: - my Big Bro
:iconksapphire8989: - my big sis
:icongoku-senpai: -bro
:iconotakon2006: - very good friend
:iconbigbig-on-da: -senpai
:iconcuddle-beam: -boss and friend
my chat room… --------------------------------------------

Cora Fan Stamp by TisMatty Marie fan stamp by TisMatty Prave Stamp by david-dent-jedai
-Other names I go by-
Digunder14 on youtube
Scarletsteam on Xbox live
Megascarletsteam onPSN
ScarletMist on Steam
Cole Hartwig on facebook
scarletsteam on Skype (cole clare hartwig)
scarletsteam on FA
my paypal -

My paypal is now active and ready to go so now I can buy and open cash comms, if u wish commission me plz send me a note here on DA with the details, if I approve it i'll start working on it once the money is sent, and I get it, after approveing, in the event that I cancel it or that it is canceled by the commissioner or any similar case, the commissioner will be given a full refun.

NEW!: since I am just starting out with comms and my digitial style and that is not exactly the best, so in addition to having low prices and lowering some after some feed back, from now until further notice when u buy 2 or more comms at once your overall total is cut in HALF! , so say u got two digital pics, instead of paying $8 you would only have to pay $4.
my prices
Digital- $4
Colored comic/manga page (1 at a time) -$10
Manga styled comic page (1 at a time and in black and white) -$8
sketch/ single traditional drawing- $2
Additional characters to single pics will cost 50 cents [$0.50] per additional character
if u r interested plz send me a note.
my paypal -
P.s. until my mom is comfortable with this I am not to get like 20 dollar comms so for now i'm gunna be aiming for cheaper priced comms
finally watched the mugen train movie, hit me right in the feels
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dealing with on and off anxiety, dread, and boredom, second half of vaccination later this week, hope my life will go back to normal once that is done, cuz the on and off anxiety and thoughts of existential dread and the lack of escapism via dnd to escape from it during this time and if it dosn't go away once i am fully vaccinated idk what i'll be able to do to get back to how i was before, cuz i hadn't had issues this bad with this sort of thing before, closest being the break down i had when trying to adapt to public school for the first time
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just incase people are wondering why i have been so quite lately not so active is i have been dealing with hemroids and anxiety issues and recently got the first part of my vaccination done and mainly am trying to recover fully ie stop getting so mu
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Just making sure. I usually ask that question when I see an account with little-to-no activity. It helps me know if the account is a Bot or not.

yeah i have not really been able to post much if anything do to new pc where my tablet is not really compatible in a way that works for drawing and having to wait to get new clipstudio liscense

hi there I have a quick

Thanks for the :+fav: :)

Bubble Mage by BubbleDriver emoticon Bubble by BubbleDriver Salutations, random deviant ! Just dropping by to say hi! You have a wonderful gallery and style !!!! Have a wonderful day !!!! emoticon Bubble by BubbleDriver