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I would like points for various things here on DA so plz donate if you like or buy a commission from me if u wish to get something out of it but eather way thx

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cole hartwig
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
i'm a gamer and an artists that likes anime if you like commentary with let's plays and other such things check out my channel…
Favorite anime/manga: Rosario+Vampire, Dragon Ball Z [DBZ], Yugioh [original,gx,5ds, and zexal], Bleach, Naruto, Sword Art Online, Witchblade, Hevean's Lost Property, And more that I likely just can't remember by name at the moment.

Favorite games: Halo [the whole series], Gears of war 2 and 3, Call of Duty MW2;MW3; Black ops 1 and 2, Mass effect 1-3, Dragon Age origins and 2, Assassin's creed [all except one do to never finishing it do to disk error], SoulCaliber4 and 5, Saints row 2-4, Fallout3, Fallout New Vegas, Dark Souls, Yugioh! [card game and videogames], pokemon [just the videogames], Brink, BulletStorm, Dead Space 2-3, and many more.

(i'm now part of a DA family so hear it is thus far)
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:iconherretik: -Bro :)
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my chat room… --------------------------------------------

Cora Fan Stamp by TisMatty Marie fan stamp by TisMatty Prave Stamp by david-dent-jedai
-Other names I go by-
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my paypal -

My paypal is now active and ready to go so now I can buy and open cash comms, if u wish commission me plz send me a note here on DA with the details, if I approve it i'll start working on it once the money is sent, and I get it, after approveing, in the event that I cancel it or that it is canceled by the commissioner or any similar case, the commissioner will be given a full refun.

NEW!: since I am just starting out with comms and my digitial style and that is not exactly the best, so in addition to having low prices and lowering some after some feed back, from now until further notice when u buy 2 or more comms at once your overall total is cut in HALF! , so say u got two digital pics, instead of paying $8 you would only have to pay $4.
my prices
Digital- $4
Colored comic/manga page (1 at a time) -$10
Manga styled comic page (1 at a time and in black and white) -$8
sketch/ single traditional drawing- $2
Additional characters to single pics will cost 50 cents [$0.50] per additional character
if u r interested plz send me a note.
my paypal -
P.s. until my mom is comfortable with this I am not to get like 20 dollar comms so for now i'm gunna be aiming for cheaper priced comms
watch me try to art if u want
  • Listening to: stuff
  • Reading: stuff
  • Watching: streams
  • Playing: destiny2, overwatch, digimon SCSHM, ect...
  • Eating: snacks, mostly cheese whales
  • Drinking: water, gatoraid, soda, ect,,,,…

those that I will allow r those who not only do it also and include one of my characters of my choice in one of their slots as the rules seem to be, but I count u as a friend if u also r followed/watched by me on a artwork site, especially if I follow/watch u and u also watch/follow me, and or we have each other added on social stuff mainly such as discord for example, might also consider mutuals
  • Listening to: stuff
  • Reading: stuff
  • Watching: streams
  • Playing: destiny2, overwatch, digimon SCSHM, ect...
  • Eating: snacks, mostly cheese whales
  • Drinking: water, gatoraid, soda, ect,,,,
I've decided do to points being unreliable, rarely used, and past comms via it to not even allow me to earn much or even turn it into cash, despite me not being the most skilled of artists, I have decided I will no longer be accepting points on DA as a payment option, srry
  • Listening to: stuff
  • Reading: stuff
  • Watching: streams
  • Playing: destiny2, overwatch, digimon SCSHM, ect...
  • Eating: snacks, mostly cheese whales
  • Drinking: water, gatoraid, soda, ect,,,,
the up coming dragonball super movie finally has a name and looks like the rage fueled hulking Saiyan that polarizes the fandom shall be returning, though is unknown if this is gunna be a continuation or a reboot/introduction of broly from past films, as the film was confirmed to be a continuation of super's story before when we got a rather simple announcement before, and this has toriyama's involvement unlike the broly that was both created and used in past dbz films, so this could be a new interpretation of him and can fit into super's continuity much like the last 2 films, remember they made no reference or implication of having fought or even met broly in the show when they saw kale go ssj beserk and rampage in the tournament of power, so this could be broly's second chance, to be more developed like they did with kale and his introduction into the anime continuity.
 and it is NOT FAKE, honestly I got no problems with the big lug coming back or being in the film, i'm still just as hyped, after all u don't know how good or bad something will be until u actually see the damn thing…

update :we got a tweet with comments from toriyama confirming that broly is getting rebooted via this movie…
  • Listening to: stuff
  • Reading: stuff
  • Watching: streams
  • Playing: destiny2, overwatch, digimon SCSHM, ect...
  • Eating: snacks, mostly cheese whales
  • Drinking: water, gatoraid, soda, ect,,,,
gunna try to art for a bit, on the off chance anyone is interested
  • Listening to: stuff
  • Reading: stuff
  • Watching: streams
  • Playing: destiny2, overwatch, digimon SCSHM, ect...
  • Eating: snacks, mostly cheese whales
  • Drinking: water, gatoraid, soda, ect,,,,


Balasar Kerrhylon reff

Name- Balasar Kerrhylon

class- monk

race- dragonborn

gender- male


height- 7ft

weight- 250Lb.

skin/scale color- gold

hair- none


level- 2

background- hermit

alignment- lawful good

exp. points- 0

Strength- 12 (+2)
Dexterity- 13 (+0)
Constitution- 13 (+0)
Intelligence- 12 (+0)
Wisdom- 12 (+0)
Charisma- 8 (+1)

speed- 30ft

Saveing Throws
-Strength +2
-Dexterity +1

-Acrobatics +1
-Athletics +2
-Medicine +1
-Religion +1

Other Proficiencies & Languages
- simple weapons, shortswords, medicine, religion, herbilism kit
- common and draconic

Features & Feats
-unarmored defense
-martial arts
-ki (3 points)
-unarmored movement
-open hand technique
-deflect missles

Personality traits
- I’m oblivious to etiquette and social expectations.

- Logic

- Should my discovery come to light, it could bring ruin to the world.

-   I harbor dark, bloodthirsty thoughts   that my isolation and meditation failed to quell.

-Silver Sickle (1d4 slashing) (2lb)
-quater staff (1d6 bludgeoning) (4 lb.) (unavailable while being worked on currectly)
-explorers pack
-9 darts (1d4 piercing) (1/4 lb.)
-a scroll case full of notes, winterblanket, a set of common clothes, a herbilism kit, 5gp

Gold pieces-4gp

Attacks & Spellcasting
-Breath weapon (Fire) (15ft. cone)

Hit dice- 120
Initiative- +1
Max HP- 21

For as long as he can remember, Balasar Kerrhylon was a loner, he had good and some would say even pure or noble
intentions, but was exiled from his home do to a dormant darkness with in his soul, dark, bloodthirsty thoughts would flood
his mind from time to time, sometimes even in his sleep, he took up martial arts and learned to somewhat quell these thoughts
and desires, to minimal success if any, so has sence wondered the land seeking enlightenment to find peace and purify his soul
of this darkness. In his travels Balasar helped others where he could no matter how little the reward, if any, doing his best
to keep his inner demons at bay, but do to little success in quelling it he feels he may snap and turn into a mindless instrument
of death and carnage, but continues to do his best to keep these feelings undercontrol, now more than ever, as he continues his
journey for enlightenment.
did my best and drew the character of mine I will be playing in an up coming d&d campain, finally getting to play d&d, a gold dragonborn monk, and beside him drew his weapon which is a quarterstaff.

Notes- as of last session balasar was infected and fell to lycanphropy, a rather op version of it especially for early on, and his mind and soul have been corrupted and his body transformed into a feral abomination dragonborn werewolf hybrid and thus is retired as my character for event and plot reasons in the campain I am in, but will be replaced with a new character for me to play as, though still is a bit sad to have to lose my first character especially to a rather op encounter early on, but I have plans to possably either fix this or avenge him from an in universe perspective :3 anways R.I.P. Balasar Kerrhylon, least the version I used in the campain. 

(minor updates to reflect changes from first/latest session)

Balasar Kerrhylon belongs to me
artwork belongs to  me
RATH OF THE DRAGONS! (destiny2:forsaken)
below the line is info on the pic that references events revealed or early on in "Destiny2: Forsaken" this is ur warning incase u r a fan and wish to go in blind.

since my copy of destiny2: forsaken, isn't arriving in the mail till 5pm on launch day, I spend most of the time waiting working on this pic I came up with, inspired by a quote that saladin would often say during the iron banner in destiny 2 "your light is like a mighty dragon!" which combed with the revealed plot point of cayde6's death at the hands of uldren and the scorn fallen faction and our guardian's desire for revenge, uldren, the fallen prince as I like to call him now, must face the RATH OF THE DRAGONS! since each guardian class has a subclass for each elemental damage type, hence 3 dragons, one for void, one for arc (electric), and one for solar (fire), the title I thought of is also a reference to dragon ball Z movie 13's dub name "Wrath of the dragon", for any fellow dbz fans. also the guardian in the pic is my female exo warlock that I main, her name is Zealot-1.

destiny belongs to bungie 

Zealot-1 belongs to me


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