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Cool stuffs I like from people on dA being showcased here.


by KGN-000

I must say that this art is a very neat, creative and majestic. I must say that this picture is very beautiful and filled with your own...


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♠★Ræy Ræy★♣
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I'm proud to be the fan of love Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, Roll, Mega Man X, Mega Man Classic Series, X series and many stuff about/relating to Mega Man. Nintendo, Marvel and Sega is pretty awesome as well imo.
Please, feel free to critique on my stuffs to help out in artwork/sprite work improvement! I'll really appreciate it (more than complements tbh). But no blatant destructive criticisms! Repost this on your page if you agree.

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I'm not taking requests anymore. Probably for now. Plz do not force me or spam me to re-open or ask if it's reopened unless it is announced.

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Draw, Make Sprites & Pixel Arts, Get inspired etc........

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GEAR UP!! MM11 Robot Masters Demake
Well, that was an alrightish year hibernation. Anyways, this is my rendition of the robot masters of the new installation by Capcom, Mega Man 11. No competition intended but though I've seen many others' rendition (8-bit that is), they are quite original n good n all, but not accurate enough when coming to size comparison to 8-bit Mega Man himself, and colour limitations compared to the NES games and last two classic installments. Most of them are just too tall compared to Mega Man in contrast to their in-game and artwork figures. So I decided to attempt to make a finessed 8-bit remake; along with other styles coming soon. This is my thoughts on spriteworks i've seen:

Block Man - Let's start off with Stone Man & Cold Man's legal n legit birth child. Most spriters gave him longer leg and arm armour, making him appear taller than Mega Man and about the same height as Guts Man or Spark Man, iunno. He is short, about taller than Mega Man by Tower head. I will update this with his golem form, which i've seen from some and is too big or wide.

Fuse Man - Roboticized Kid Flash with a double manbun's sprites were done alright to me, only thing i wasn't fonding much from most spriters is his face, and feet. Too many details, not necessary.

Blast Man - Bomber Burner Man's sprites were quite utterly over-designed. Too much damn details as usual, especially with his legs. I also made sure he has that insane grin he carry  in-game.

Acid Man - THE most complicated one of the bunch for me to sprite, next to Tundra Man, was sprited with extra colours. I tried my best to use them in a way NES would... He's usually sprited tall as well.

Tundra Man - The infamous skating girly-boy bot everyone's judging. I actually like this guy - his character, strategy, weapon, stage, theme, theme song (must I go on??). Anyways, the problem with most sprite attempts on him is the details, especially with his icicle pieces on various body parts.GEEZZ, even for me it was a headache.

Torch Man - HEY LOOK, IT'S FIRE MAN'S LONG LOST TWIN BROTHER!! The problem with most sprites of Campfire Man's sprites is his size, so darn huge n tall. The details seem to be a minor issue though.

Impact Man - Poundit Man... I just love this guy though. Anyways, many spriters made good spriteworks on him, especially with the colour scheme. There's only one problem with his sprites and it's fairly blatant. His size ofc. Either too wide or too damn tall.

Bounce Man - Last but not least, Extra Large Latex Rubber Man who likes to bounce, the largest of the crew. I have been seing sprites of him with either too much colors or just.. huge. I didn't like most sprites of his face though tbh. Spriting him was a pain in the neck for me as well.
Please don't be afraid to tell me what I could've done to make it more accurate. Feel free to use, with credits ofc.

Capcom (c) Mega Man 11 (2018) Mega Man franchise (1987).
Me with this Spritework (the 8-bit renditions that is, Mega Man himself was done by Capcom).

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