What I want in Namco Museum Volume.6 for PS3

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I want Namco to make the feature of going in a museum to play the games to come back in this game because that feature was awesome when you go around the namco museum and look at the exhibits based on the arcade video games like this

the games I want on this Namco Museum Game that I want Namco to make are
Steel Gunner
I want this game Steel Gunner to be made because it's an awesome shooting arcade game that deserves to be on a console

and I also want the game
Steel Gunner 2I want this game on here because it's awesome


Golly Ghostbecause it's a cool and funny looking shooting game

Lucky and Wild
here's a link to gameplay

Lucky & Wild (world) - 1credit clear (ラッキー&ワイルド 1コインクリ

this game is so awesome especially with it's driving and shooting and chasing style


Galaxian 3
this game is so amazing



this game will be so great on consoles


Knuckle Heads

this game is an awesome fighting game


Dirt Dash
This is an awesome looking racing game


Aqua Jet

here's a link to the gameplay on youtube to see how awesome it is and Why I want this game in Namco Museum Volume 6 for Ps3 

MAME: Aqua Jet (Gameplay)


Nebulas Ray

to see why I love the game to on the collection here's a link to a gameplay video on youtube

nebulas ray



this game is like a more violent smash bros and it's awesome

The Outfoxies


Mach Breakers: Numan Athletics 2

this game looks amazing here's a link to the gameplay

Mach Breakers : Future Track & Field Game by Namco


Gunmen Wars

this game looks so awesome

Gunmen Wars 1998 RARE!!!

If you can find other Namco Titles that should be on the game let me know please
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Too bad Namco seems done with making these compilations...............
I know but we need to make it so they make new collection games and even do a reboot of Namco museum with the volumes being like the ps1 games with each disc volume having the letters that spell Namco but with arcade games from the 90's that have yet to be on console and deserve to be put on console we need to use popular demand and or other types of stuff like suggestions or I should go to work for them so I can give them new ideas and stuff

and I want walking around the Namco museum to return that was an awesome feature
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RyanSilbermanHobbyist General Artist
I also want a Pac-Man World 4 but I see that aint happening anytime soon
that would be cool too
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Wasn't there a sequel to Golly Ghost? If there is, where can I find one?

Also, nice list! Good thing that someone still knows these games besides me.
thanks I'm glad you like the journal entry
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