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Hi everyone!
So, like pretty much everyone in the game industry, I've been following the events at e3 very closely. I've watched the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo press conferences (Or "media briefings" as they like to call them) and here are my impressions on them and the even in general.

To me, Microsoft is the loser out of the 3 conferences. Now keep in mind I'm not speaking for everyone! I'm just giving my personal opinion.
That being said, the XBox 360 did absolutely nothing in this presentation to convince me to buy their products. Basically, it was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Gears of War 3, Halo 1 remake and Halo 4-5-6 (Overabundance of shooters) and the rest was Kinect pushing.
The last 3/4s of the event was litterally just Kinect crap. Now again, don't get me wrong it might be great for little kids (Disney and Sesame Street stuff) but it doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Mass Effect 3 voice recognition, XBox Live avatar scanning and Ubisoft's gun customization using voice might be pretty flashy as a tech demonstration but it's still not a game. It doesn't look fun.
Another thing about their Kinect showings is that. The response time is STILL AWEFUL. That Kinect Star Wars game  seems to react half a second after the guy was moving.
That Ryse trailer looked fun but, think about it: It's a pre-rendered trailer. Using editing, it's easy to make anything look awesome. It wasn't actual real time gameplay.
So Microsoft pretty much showed nothing interesting to me and their conference was very similar to last year's. I'm going to go back to playing those 3 bullet hell arcade shooters I got on the 360 and I should finish Alan Wake at some point  : P

Well, Sony's conference was kind of a mixed bag.
Their big thing was the PlayStation VITA as they now call it (It was called the NGP up until now) which is the successor to the PSP. It looks like an awesome device. And there seems to be a surprising amount of third party support for it. (I think I heard that there was going to be BlazBlue on it so it's very cool)
The touch screen in the back of the device is an awesome idea to me. Being able to use touch controls without hiding half the screen is a great idea.
I'm probably going to get the PSVITA at some point. I don't want to get an iPhone or iPod and I use my PSP for music so the VITA is a logical update for me.
There will be 2 versions, a WiFi one for 250$ and a WiFi+3G version for 300$ which is a pretty decent deal.
The 3G will be AT&T exclusive in the US, which made some people angry but personally, I don't care, I'm in Canada and here, it will probably be on some network with insanely over-priced fees so, I don't know if I'm interested yet...
Other than that, Sony showed a bunch of exclusive content on many PS3 games. I'm happy for them but... I don't know... I want games I'll actually be getting instead of exclusive stuff for games I don't really care about...
Oh and, Uncharted 3... Can't exist on this planet without being told that Uncharted is awesome...  : P  I think it's "okay". I've discovered over the years that I don't really like those ruin-exploring-climbing-puzzle-solving-Indiana-Jones-like games.

Well, Nintendo... everybody is talking about the new console they have revealed. It's called the WiiU, and its controller will be like a tablet.
It's got buttons on the sides and a big screen in the middle. You'll be able to use that smaller screen in conjunction with the TV screen in your game.
I find the idea interesting. There are some cool things to do with that BUT... I feel that Sony will probably do the same thing with the PSVITA and the PS3 by the time this console comes out.
AND, Miyamoto said that the console will probably support only one controller which is ridiculous considering the very NAME of the console means "We". But then again, Reggie Fils-Aime said it could support 2 controllers so I'm going to tell you the truth now: They don't have a goddamn clue if it's going to work or not.  ( :
Other than that, the conference was about The Legend of Zelda's anniversary and more games milking their usual franchises: Mario, Zelda, Kid Icarus, etc... The 3DS got a reasonable amount of games announced but I'm still not interested. Too expansive and the 3D doesn't interest me.

I have to say that this e3 for me was one of disappointments. As you may know I love the action hack & slash genre and, well I'm a huge fan of the Devil May Cry series. 2 of the games I was looking forward to know more information about at this year's e3 were DmC and Ninja Gaiden 3.
Both were disappointing displays...

I was waiting anxiously to know more about this title because I don't like the new direction this is going.
Following the horrible trailer revealed at TGS, Capcom and Ninja Theory have been hitting fans with crappy interview after crappy interview.
No in-game footage, no gameplay. And they kept telling us it was going to be great and it would surpass even DMC3 (Which is considered to be the best in the series) They kept telling us to wait for more info.
And at e3 this year, there was only a "gameplay" trailer. Now I put "gameplay" in quotes because the trailer is so full of cuts and camera shakes that it's impossible to see if the game seems as smooth at the other games in the series. But it looks slow and the framerate seems to drop. Cuts and shakes are sometimes signs of  wanting to hide flaws in the game.
Also, it wasn't playable on the show floor. So, if Capcom wanted to prove me wrong, the trailer they shown did nothing to ease my concerns (And the concerns of many DMC fans) which are about Gameplay Speed and Framerate.
On top of that, they did a very short interview with the producers of the game the next day and that interview was downright frustrating. We learnt absolutely nothing. And during the whole interview, people were asking legit questions on the live chat.
When they got to answer fan questions, they answered stupid questions instead of the legit ones. So, Capcom, if this game is going to be so great like you keep telling us without any proof, then can you please answer the following 5 gameplay questions on the e3 trailer:

1: The gameplay seemed kinda slow in the trailer. There has been a rumor that the game will run at a locked 30 FPS instead of the 60 FPS from the previous games? Is this rumor confirmed? Fast frame rate is very important to the DMC series.
2: We've heard rumors about the guns incorporating some sort of overheat/cooldown system. This hasn't been a part of DMC before and we wanna know if    A: It's true or not  and     B: If it's true, why?
3: Is the slow-motion in the trailer actually in the game or just added for dramatic impact?
4: Can Dante switch between styles like in DMC4?
5: Why the different changes in motion trail color effects? Is this a hint as Heavenly Sword-style gameplay?

Again, I want Capcom to prove me wrong on this. I want a new DMC game. I'm a huge fan of the series. But I don't want it to suck like that Castlevania Lords of Shadow reboot that was ironically ALSO handed to another developer. Ninja Theory doesn't seem to know how to make a deep game if we judge from their last 2 games and they don't seem to actually respect the series and the fans if we judge from their overall attitude.
If you want to read a really good article on why exactly the DMC fans are not happy about the whole thing, I highly suggest you read this article from First Name on the subject. He's a passionate Devil May Cry fan from the Capcom-Unity forums and he explains in details why the backlash is so strong. And that it's not just about Dante's hair. Check it out:…
If you want to voice your opinion on things or take a look at the fan reactions, head over to this forum.…
The e3 trailer:…
EventStatus on Youtube is an awesome guy, speaking for the gamers in general. He is very charsimatic and is show is a blast to watch. Very up-to-date info on the industry in general.…

Ninja Gaiden 3
Now, I'm not that big of a fan of Ninja Gaiden, but in this day and age, the true deep action hack & Slash gameplay is disappearing along with the horror genre.
Now we have God of War button mashing and QTE-Heavy clones that are but just weak and pale imitations of games like Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry.
So, Ninja Gaiden 3 was one of the games I was looking forward to at this e3. And what do we get? QTEs of course! Everyone seems to be GodorWarizing combat gameplay and Unchartedizing their games now.
I saw a climbing sequence in NG3 were you have to press L and R in sequence to stick your kunais in the walls to climb it.… It's slow and looks boring as hell.
Why they choose to do this instead of jumping from wall to wall LIKE IN EVERY NINJA GAIDEN GAME is way beyond me. Now he climbs with boring quick-time events and dives off from high buildings like... oh I dunno, A LOT OF GAMES!  : P

Now here, I'm going to list the games I think are interesting to follow and those that I just thought were disappointing or that I feel are just not interesting to me. Remember, I'm just voicing my own opinion:

More Games to Follow:
Silent Hill Downpour --  Looking forward to what they'll do with the franchise. I don't want the horror genre to die. : (  Tecmo, here's a hint: MAKE A FATAL FRAME GAME ON THE PS3! Use the PSMove if you really want to add motion control to it...
Twisted Metal --  Looks like this game has a lot of great gameplay. I'm a fan of Twisted Metal Black so I like this new one. Definitely checking it out. Great ideas.
Asura's Wrath --  This game looks epic. Gameplay seems to run smooth... Only thing I'm not too sure about. Quick Time Events... yeah...
Dragon's Dogma --  Imagine Demons Souls but made by Capcom with combat that looks smooth and epic monsters to battle. This one is on my radar.
NeverDead --  Konami's next action game. The main character can't die and he can throw his own limbs at enemies. Not too sure but I'll keep checking.
Metal Gear Rising --  Of course. It wasn't at e3 but I'm a huge fan of MGS so this one is on my radar too.
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection --  1st day buy. It's MGS2, MGS3 and MGS Peace Walker on the PS3. 'nuff said.
Zone of the Enders HD Collection --  God I loved this series, especially ZOE2. Definitely getting this one.

Games I don't care for:
Mass Effect 3 --  Not that big on RPGs, especially ones that try to be First-Person Shooters. I heard it's good but I've got The Witcher 2 to play right now.
Battlefield 3 --  0 interest
Tomb Raider --  This one is kind of in the middle of the Care/Don't Care ground. I think their re-design of Lara Croft looks good, but then again, all games look good nowadays. Having pretty graphics is no longer  problem. But as I said, ruin-exploring cinematic wannabe games... not that interested...
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 --  0 interest
Uncharted 3 --  Everyone and their mother is talking about this but... Not that interested, as I explained earlier.
BatMan Arkham City --  I know everyone is having orgasms over this one but... meh... Still haven't finished the first one. I don't know I'm not motivated by this. In the first one, I remember some shallow combat and button mashing to tear off ventilation ducts lids.
Final Fantasy XIII-2 --  I saw some gameplay. It looks the same, now with more QTEs and the paradigm system has been "Refined". but I didn't really like the system so... More endless monster fighting, yay!

So, in conclusion, this year's e3 was, too many shooters and not enough focus on the things I prefer in games: action depth and horror. It looks like it's all eye candy. Oh and, industry, COULD YOU STOP PUTTING QTEs IN YOUR GAMES DAMMIT!? It sucks!
In closing, I have a very important article you should all read if you consider yourself a gamer:…

Oh and by the way there is now a Facebook page for MegaMan Unlimited… . Check it out! ^_^
Anyway, see ya around! ^_^
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Ketsuban91 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011
Expecting new franchises from Nintendo is something I have stopped hoping for.

And nice to see someone disliking the new DMC for other reasons than a change of haircut. I don't like DMC, but I always found it stupid for people to hate the new simply because his hair is different.
MegamanAtomic Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011
I gotta ask: How is Kid Icarus an overused franchise that's being milked?
MegaPhilX Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I admit that they are not necessarily "milking" Kid Icarus but what I meant was more that I'd prefer to see new things from Nintendo. New franchises. I know they have the skill to do it but they always re-sue their old stuff. If that new Kid Icarus game works, watch them milking it.
Another thing about Kid Icarus: I don't care about that series personally ( : Except the music was cool. ( :
MegaPhilX Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"re-use" not "re-sue" o_O
MegamanAtomic Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
That may be true but does that stop the games from being good?

Speaking as someone who has only ever owned Nintendo consoles, I can say that I have long given up on Nintendo for creating new franchises. However, so long as the games are fun, I'll continue to enjoy them.

Also, although Nintendo is most renowned for milking their franchises, other companies are not completely free from doing it. Activision has continued to milk the Call Of Duty franchise into the ground these past few years.

Finally, I don't think Nintendo will milk Kid Icarus if it sells well. But that's just my opinion.

P.S. Don't worry about spelling words wrong. I know English is not your first language.
MegaPhilX Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's true that some companies will milk franchises so much they'll die and we always see hundreds of FPSs and rarely new stuff but, I've seen so many great new IPs, especially on the PS2 over the years and it's sad when you think about Nintendo's great ability to make fun games and just not having much done with it. It's not like they are lacking money right? So why not take take a a couple of risks with new ideas?
I agree that it doesn't necessarily make the games bad. But... While I thought the new Donkey Kong and New Super Mario Bros were pretty good, I thought they were lacking something... Maybe it's the games... Or maybe it's me that is sick of those franchises? I dunno... : P
Pie3414159 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Student General Artist
Where du hell is PIKMIN FUCKING 3!?!?!?! DAMN YOU MIYAMOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!
mike1967-now Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011
Personally,I think Nintendo has won. I dunno 'bout you. B-)
Sanone Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
And what's wrong with QTEs?

I'm gonna need something more than just 'it sucks' to convince me.
MegaPhilX Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
- They are over-used.
- Not everyone is good with them so it's not user-friendly for everyone. So, QTE aren't good to reach to a wide audience.
- When you have spent 10-15 minutes fighting a boss, learning the game's mechanics and the boss' patterns... Throwing the player a curve-ball in the form of QTEs at the end of the fight and making you having to re-start a portion of the boss fight because you failed is just frustrating.
- It's not because a successful game used a game mechanic that EVERY game has to use it.
- QTEs, to me, don't make a game more fun, they don't make a cutscene more fun, it just makes it annoying and worse, it makes you have to re-watch the cutscene if you fail.
- They also prevents you from skipping a cutscene.
- Because of having to focus on looking out for the next QTE to appear, oftentimes, people don't even look at the actual action in the cutscene.
- Often, developers don't make their QTE icons easy enough to read so it makes them even more annoying.
Sanone Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011
- Not sure how you came to that conclusion, never seen a QTE in anything other than an Action/HackSlash game.
- See point 1. If you're playing a HackSlash game, then you should have decent enough reactions to nail it.
- I'll give you that one, that shit sucks.
- EVERY game? Come on, dude.
- You're just stating that you yourself don't like them, you've got several other million people who probably think differently. Basing the supposition on your own ideals doesn't validate it. Using them everywhere sucks a lot of fun away, I'll admit.
- Ehh, neutral on this one. But it keeps player on their toes.
- Honestly, I haven't seen an example of where the developers have pulled this off, not unless the buttons are hidden away completely.

I don't mind QTEs, as long as the game isn't littered with them, since you make some valid points.
MegaPhilX Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
- They show up in other games besides hack & slash games. Shooters, fighting games, even racing games... o_O
- Not necessarily. You can't see them coming the first time. Even with my good reflexes, the first time they show up, I'll ususally fail because I can't learn in advance. So imagine a novice gamer.
- It's the same idea as the previous point. Learning a combat system and using what you learned to perform better is very different than reacting to a random button prompt.
- Have you seen the new Need for Speed The Run at e3? They're going around claiming that the game will have intense pursuits on foot out of the car but then they show it and it's just a series of cutscenes with QTEs. This isn't gameplay, it's like regressing to Dragon's Lair on PC CD-ROM in the 90s!
- Almost everyone around me find them lame and many people on forums also state that they hate them. So it's not just me.
- That's why I enjoyed them in RE4, that fitted the survival horror idea. But I know some people who didn't even beat the game because they were annoyed by the QTEs and couldn't get them right.
- I've seen all kinds of badly implemented QTEs. One such example was Soul Calibur 3. Completely uncalled for and it appears in the top right corner of the screen, barely seen. Guaranteed to fail that one on the first time.
DunamisSolgard1002 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A well-summed up version of everything at E3. Also, I have to agree that Microsoft put on a poor show (not that I care much for them anyways). At least Nintendo and Sony had some good stuff to show, and I am still eagerly awaiting to play Zelda: Skyward Sword this holiday season.

If I had the money and patience to get a 3DS, then some of the upcoming games like Kid Icarus would interest me. Then again, the thing that puts me off about the 3DS is the battery life....yeah, I think I'll just stick to my DS Lite for now.

Still, all in all, worthwhile opinions. :nod:
augustoflores Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You watch EventStatus too? YYEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
MegaPhilX Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I discovered his videos during e3. It was in the list of related video of the new DmC trailer, which is kinda ironic. ^_^
I sent him a lot of info for that latest DmC video he made. ( :
augustoflores Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ooo wow!
i started watching him when i wanted to know more about Marvel Vs Capcom 3 like 6 months ago.
evangelian007 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
I'm interested in the Wii U. It looks pretty cool.IMO
But I will agree that Microsoft's E3 press conference was iffy.
BlueGalactic Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I am not really interested in the 3DS and WiiU systems. I prefer playing older games on the Nintendo 64 or Gamecube.
OneWingedLugia Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
Meanwhile, at Sony's "media breifing"...


MegaTuga Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
... so there wasn't anything Megaman-related on the E3?

That's a disappointment
Phen01 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i didn't see the e3
but i saw the trailers for the two new mario games

...paragliding? driving underwater?

i think the new mario 3d platformer will be great, i've always wanted the 2d and 3d worlds to collide and with "super mario" it seems like it finally will
however, the mario kart game, while it looks great, may be a little lackluster and awkward. it was hard enough getting used to wheelies, tricks, and inward drifting! i would never be able to tell if i could actually drive underwater in parts
however, said mario kart game will have all the exact parts of the best kart ever, the egg 1, as well as RETRO KART PARTS :D
really the mario game looks excellent but the mario kart one seems very mixed and weird. i'll have to play to see
Phen01 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
and something else, the 3d mario game also looks like it will mainly be a portmanteau of super mario 64 (with all the close-combat melee moves, you see him bowl through two wooden goomba boards with some kind of rolling dive) and super mario bros 3 (with music blocks, tanooki suit, other powerups, and THE KOOPALINGS! :D)

interestingly it also looks like it draws from super mario brothers (flagpole), mario kart ds/mario and luigi bowser's inside story (the piranha plant that blots up your screen by spitting on it)
there are also elements from the new super mario brothers miniseries (such as that spinning pillar)
it also looks like airships will return once more, and koopa shell kicking finally will come into play in a 3d mario game!
something weird i noticed, in the background of part of the trailer, there's a long platform with ? on it, similar to the ones in pipe land in super mario bros 3.

there is also a mushroom pixelart area similar to mario squared galaxy or that one planet in toy time galaxy.
of course, with all the retro news there are also some new elements such as those weird spiky unagis or the teleport block.

now for the mario kart game:
coins seem to return from super mario kart and more recently mario kart super circuit. while it adds a good challenge factor, i feel that they were a little awkward since i would never pay attention to my coin amount and spin out everywhere. also with the coins, will lives return? if so, those were terrible ideas and i feel they should absolutely not become a factor again
from the retro courses i saw (i saw airship fortress, maple treeway, luigi's mansion, and mushroom gorge), they have a pretty good idea of what courses we love (sadly they didn't show any older amazing courses like yoshi valley or wario colosseum)
however, the new courses, while they are genius and look very fun, look very sloppy as of right now (you can see bats coming from an outside area during daytime!)
also, what the heck is with the paragliding? seriously. i understand it can make you go farther, but will you have to do something to activate it? if so i would never remember to do so.
nevertheless the entire time the paragliders were shown i laughed
then there's driving underwater. first off, this is definitely inspired by super mario kart and mario kart super circuit, just like the coins, but it's just... strange. there were a lot of ideas i'm glad were removed from the mario kart series, and that was one of them. at least the courses aren't entirely flat...
again, do you have to press a button to activate the propeller in the back of the kart? if so, again, i wouldn't survive playing this game
however, the kart customization looks AWESOME.
from the looks of the starters, you get the classy ds body, the nostalgic original body, and an egg body based off yoshi's signature kart from mario kart ds, as well as normal wheels, wheels obviously made to go with the egg 1 (they were tiny), and MONSTER TRUCK WHEELS :D
i don't get the pennant thing, though. what's with that?
however, in terms of items, nothing looks like it will add anything new (then again all we saw were the signature banana peel and the triple red shells)
overall, this game is something i would buy but i wouldn't play it nonstop like i would the new mario game
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