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Finally, Phil, has come back to Montreal!!  ( :

So for the last 3 weeks, I've been traveling around China, looking for Jusenkyo or for the chinese amazon village in vain... : P   Of course I'm joking about the Jusenkyo and amazon part.
Yup, I've been traveling around China for last 3 weeks, visiting quite a number of cities along the way. I'll just talk a little bit about my experience here. If you are interested, read on!
Hope you enjoy! ^_^

13 hours in an airplane is the embodiment of insanity. More than 100 people stuffed into a long metal tube. that's what insanity looks like. Glad I got out of this plane in Beijing (Pronouced "Pei Tseen")! I never want to see that godforsaken plane again in my life. Not to mention I spilled appple juice on my bermuda as soon as the first drink serving in the first plane, meaning I spent more than 15 hours with the fresh scent of apple juice between my legs... how thrilling. : P
Anyway, now, in Beijing. Our guide is called Bing (Pronounce "Ping") and she is really kind. We are riding our bus to our hotel. First impression: China has a lot of vegetation. From what I heard, I thought there were people stepping on each other and concrete buildings and smog as far as the eye can see but no. There is a lot of fog in Beijing in this season, but other than that, it's very nice to see the city blend so much with nature. ^_^  It was like that in every city we visited. Even Shanghai.

We visited the Sky temple and Forbidden City. We also went in a garden where every day, the old people go to exercise and socialize. There are a lot of places like this in China. Such as a healthy way of life for the elderly. I want to do that when I'll get old. I swear to you, some of those old people could kick my ass 16 times before I fall to the ground. The Sky temple and Forbidden city are a great example of how epic China really is. Everything is epic in China. Gardens? EPIC! - Temples? EPIC! - Crowds? EPIC! - Plants? EPIC - Cities? EPIC! - Traffic? Most certainly EPIC!

In China, a village is a town with a population below 1 million people. When I tell you that cities are epic, I'm not kidding.  ( :
But surprisingly I find that people are very peaceful and don't look stressed at all.
You should see the traffic at some of those intersections. It's a free for all. There are traffic lights but, once you cross that intersection, you're on your own. People on foot, bikes, people dragging huge piles of stuff... Pedestrians don't have the priority so the priority goes to those who have the guts to step in and cross that street  ( :  If it would be here, I would be dead already and every car driver would have killed each other after 5 minutes but in China, people drive slower and seem more peaceful. There is a lot of honking but it's mostly to warn others you're coming, not to blame them. Also, people drive around each other carefully and peacefully. In the whole trip, we have just seen one little accident and our bus driver got a ticket once.
More on driving in China later...

Next, we visited the Great Wall. A little bit disappointing because of the thick fog but nevertheless, it's still epic. We were litterally up in the clouds. I still don't understand how they built such an epic structure back then. Next we visited the Ming Tombs where 13 emperors were buried. Once again a very impressive set of temples built in the middle of a humid and hot place consisting of fields, forests and mountains in the back. A perfect place to attract good fortune and drive away bad spirits. The emperor had to be buried in the ultimate spot.

Ate Beijing's very own Beijing Roast Duck. I love duck. I was looking forward to this dinner to finally eat THE duck. Great ^_^

Next we went to Xi'An (Pronouced "See, An") to see the incredible armies in terra cotta. Thousands of statues of soldiers that were buried so that the emperor could continue to be victorious in war after death. Each soldier has a different face. It's incredible. The site that we visited was the actual place where a peasant, while looking for water, stumbled upon a soldier's head. There are litterally thousands of them. Epic.

Had a banquet of dumplings. Each dumpling is modeled after what's in it. Duck dumpling looks like a cute little duck, Chicken dumpling looks like a chicken, etc. Awesome. One of my favorite dinners of the whole trip. It was followed by a great dance and music show with great costumes. I love the chinese costumes. Especially for the women. They have such beautiful colors and I love how they use their long long sleeves in their dance.

Visited the Xi'An old city walls and Old City to walk a round a little bit. I love how the old city walls are still there and walking in the old city feels like walking in the past.

Next, we fly to Chongqing, the most populated city of China: 32 000 000 people. Now that's an epic city! Moreover the whole city is built in very bumpy land with mountains here and there, meaning using a bike here is not a smart thing to do. Still, Chongqing is not as suffocating a you might think. I still find that it's not as cramped as I thought. We rode a bus outside of the street to visit some of the most amazing rock carvings I've ever seen. There are beautiful Buddist statues and carvings integrated into a rock cliff. All of the carvings have been made into the cliff itself. We're in the middle of the
frickin' jungle! That's amazing!

Coming back to Chongqing in the bus I was looking at how people live outside of the city. For me, it seems to be a way of life we have forgotten here when living in a modern city. Here in rural China, people live in small houses next to each other with their huge "garage doors" open. Eating dinner in that same garage... Some watch TV, some play card, some just talk with neighbors around a table, drinking tea or alcohol, some still have work to do on fixing some motorcycle, little kids play around. They're happy. There have a simple life. I feel happy watching them and how they live. Makes me wonder why we need all that tech stuff over here in america...

As the bus was riding in front of people in rural regions, we would often wave "Hi!" to people in their houses or on the street and they would wave right back with a smile. Sometimes they were the first to wave "Hi!" to us. Sometimes, on foot, some chinese tourists would request to take pictures with us.  So easy to please them.  ( :

We then visited the zoo to see some pandas. Now those guys are lazy. Their species became vegetarian because they were too lazy to hunt.

Leaving Chongqing to go on a boat to cruise down the Yangtze river. Now what's interesting is that because of the floods these days in this region, our bus must drive 4 hours more to get to where the boat is parked. We can't board at Chongqing because the river's water level is too high.

So we ride that bus all the way up into the mountains next to the river. The bus dangerously rides on half broken roads on the side of a cliff. Which brings me back to driving in China. ( :
In China, there are "No Passing" signs. Especially on that road... considering we could huh... fall down into the river below. However, our bus driver, or anyone for that matter, just ignores the "No Passing" signs. Those signs won't prevent anyone from passing in the middle of a curve, at night, on the side of a cliff, on a bridge, you name it. Why not all of those at the same time? I loved that bus ride.  ( :
That driver knows how to drive a bus. Gotta hand it to those chinese drivers. To quote the Darpa Chief in Metal Gear Solid: "These guys are pros!" They can drive a bus in reverse through a crowd for God's sake!

We stopped at a gas station to re-fuel and go to the bathroom.
That men's bathroom was litterally, a rectangular room with 4 holes in the floor and no walls between the 4 holes. There was a slot along the left wall to pee in. No ventilation, bugs and spiders everywhere on the walls; but there was an 11 x 16 poster of a naked girl on the wall so that saves the day... lol  ( :

Arriving at Fengdu to board the cruise boat, it's a party there. Many town people were at the place we get off the bus. It looks like they are their to greet us or something. Little kids say "Hello!" to us, I reply "Nihao!", some old chinese woman behind me sounds impressed that I said "Nihao!" correctly  ( :  I think I love the people here more that the actual boat I'm gonna be on.  ( :

I'm on a boat bitch!
A 3-day cruise down the Yangtze river. Even though the weather is unusually great for this region, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. In the brown river, there is debris floating down with the current all over the place. Then, an upside-down pig comes across our boat. Shoes. Even a human body at some point (I didn't see it but some other woman in our group saw it.). Those floods sure do some damage.

Finished MegaMan 2 on my PSP while on the boat.

Along our cruise on the Yangtze river, we visited an amazing cave and we went on a small boat ride with people from some ethnic minority in the Badong area. That was a wonderful little ride in small but long boats with a steerer at the back and some guys who row. It looks a bit like a dragon boat. Those gorges are very beautiful.

We then visited the Three Gorges dam. nothing really special. It's a dam. I come from a place where we have lots of them so it's not such a big deal. It's a big deal though when you learn how many people had to leave their home because of this dam though  : P

Before going to Shanghai, we stopped in Wuhan. On the way to Wuhan, I finished MegaMan 3 on my PSP and I slept a little.  ( :

Wuhan is the city of water. All buildings are built dangerously close to water and it is called The City of Hundred Lakes. Lots of lakes. A beautiful city. Chongqing was supposed to be the city with the most beautiful girls. Now our guide in Wuhan also says the girls are beautiful in Wuhan. I agree with both the Chongqing and Wuhan guides   ^_^
We visited a kindergarden for kids of peasants near Wuhan. The kindergarden is built by our travel agency so we stopped there. The kids gave a little show for us. Oh how cute this was! ^_^

Now, from Wuhan onto a plane to Shanghai! I don't have much to say about Shanghai though. It's a huge city no doubt and some of the buildings have very special designs. Almost like a city in a MegaMan game ( :
but I don't find the cities that much interesting. I prefer the more rural regions.

From Shanghai, onto a plane to Guilin. For the record, the flight attendants on Shanghai Airlines are the prettiest. The girls on the other chinese planes were beautiful but Shanghai Airlines wins. I love how the flight attendants in China are all pretty young women. In America... well not so much...

Guilin is one of the highlights of the trip. Mostly for the amazing scenery. There are beautiful hills everywhere. Like in this picture of Shampoo I made:
It turns out my picture is not exagerated actually. There are really hills like that everywhere.

Got a foot massage!  ( :  ( :  ( :  ( :

Finished MegaMan 1 on my PSP on the way to Yangshuo. We rode a boat on the Li river where the water was really clear and took hundred of pictures of the beautiful scenery. We also got a chance to watch a light show on the Li river. The show was directed by Zhang Yimou. He's the guy who directed the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony show and he directed "Hero" and "House of Flying Dagger" among other awesome things. It was a very nice show with hundreds of people riding boats on the river and dancing and singing. There were people from villages all over the region participating in that show. It was breathtaking.

After Guilin, we were off to Guangzhou mainly as a last stop before Hong Kong. Guangzhou is a Cantonese city mainly known for commerce so there was not much to visit there besides a temple with very nice carvings and a small park with beautiful flowers and vegetation.

You know, I think I have a pretty good idea of what hell looks like. Hell is an airport where people must endlessly walk while carrying luggage and wait in line to show their passports countless times. Also shops are super expensive and announcements endlessly play in speakers. Oh! And remove bathrooms to make it really hellish. I hate airports. The only meal that I felt sick after eating was a meal they served at the Beijing airport while waiting for the delayed flight to Xi'An.

Now on to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is very different from the rest of China. China is communist while Hong Kong is capitalist. In China, people can turn right on a red light. In Hong Kong, people can turn left on a red light. Simply because people in Hong Kong drive on the left side of the road. This is something you can't accurately translate in a photo or video, you have to experience it  ( :  Hong Kong used to belong to the English so it was not so hard to get around the city since almost everything is translated. The metro is amazing. It's super clean and it's so easy to know where you're going. beats the Montreal subway by a mile, especially since there are harsh winters here so it makes it hard for us to keeps everything clean. Hong Kong is pretty clean but with such tall buildings EVERYWHERE (Even the buses are tall!) and so much people in the same place, the air was heavy to
breath after walking in the downtown area for a while.

So, after trying to find a copy ESPGaluda II with no success (Well I was in Hong Kong so I thought I'd try to get some import games : P ), we went to Macau to watch my sister perform in the dragon boat racing festival there. Her team actually got in world 4th place! Wow! (I used to race dragon boat for 8 years but I didn't in the last year because I wanted to finish my MegaMan game project.)

And now, I'm back in Canada. I have 1 week of vacation left to rest after the trip. It was an exhausting trip but I saw many great things there. I love China! ^_^
It's now 5:08 PM but it feels like 5h08 AM ... I wanna go to bed...
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blackhog123 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2010
Wow i wanna go to china when i turn 15. So u had a great time !!
I know u did, and u had too cuz god doesnt give u that everyday.
mike1967-now Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2010
PLEASE go to bed,with all of that interesting story and text-typing,you deserve it! :thumbsup::)
VgmStudio Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010
well that's all well and good, but what's the status on MMU, i've been waiting hand and foot for that to come out all year?
ScepterDPinoy Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You had a good time this month. It's good to see what your up too!
gyroc1 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
...stop using the word epic.
MegaPhilX Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, it is epic.
ThHaloKitty Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010
thats awesome have you been to "the window of the world" its an amusment park in shenzhen ^_^,china is a really nice place especially up in the mountains.
catocat9001 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010
whenever I get back from long trips, I feel like it was all a dream.
BlueGalactic Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool. I have never visited China. I'm assuming that since most of it is communist, there are some areas that are off-limits to the public. I never knew that Beijing was pronounced "Pei Tseen". I learned some Chinese pronunciation from playing a computer game (that shows that I didn't learn enough Chinese).
BlueGalactic Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool. I have never China. I'm assuming that since most of it is communist, there are some areas that are off-limits to the public. I never knew that Beijing was pronounced "Pei Tseen". I learned some Chinese pronunciation from playing a computer game (that shows that I didn't learn enough Chinese).
OmarFabian Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010
Insanity looks like a blur of confusion and dizziness for a perception while a heavy fog compresses your brain so much that reality is but a dream with no real consequences.. thats how madmen figure it's okay to kill.
shnoogums5060 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow. T'as dû avoir pas mal de fun en Chine, mon Phil. :D
globepb Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool. Pei-tseen
evangelian007 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010
Wow!You went to China?!Man now that's a way to a vacation.:thumbsup:
Wanda92 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010
Sounds like you have a great time :)
GaiaX2 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010
Got Chun-Li's skirt? *shot*

Anyway, this is the China I was expecting, not the overly militaristic chinise that everyone thinks they are.

Glad you had fun man, go and clean China's name!
MegaPhilX Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We did see some soldiers marching in the Tian'anmen place but it's the core government place of the country in Beijing so, like any other country, it is expected in that kind of area...
Some soldier refused access to the highway for our bus to go to the dam for an unknown reason so we had to ride up the mountains. I'm glad we did because that mountain ride was awesome! ( :
Airport security in China is a lot less annoying than in the US.
FinDragon Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Well it sure sounds like you had fun^^
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