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August 9th 2009
I'm going to make a Q&A video on Youtube.…
I get a lot of message that I can't really answer one by one, so if you want to ask me smoething, go ahead ^_^
To see if I can answer the many questions I get. See if anyone has questions at all. ^_^

August 6th 2009
Re-visited NailMan's Stage Song to fix problems and improve the overall song:…
Fixed a few problems with the new RainbowMan Song.
CometWoman will include both of the variations I made for the end part.
NitroMan now has a song from Kevin:…

I'm probably not going to make more songs for the stages. It's too long for me to compose decent songs. I'll most likely compose boss songs and the credits song at the end of the game. Kevin will probably come up with the remaining songs.

I'm spriting enemies now. Yay! Looking at old drawings and the R20 book for inspiration. (This book is great.)
I'm also done with the tileset for the first Wily Stage.
Wily Castle Map is done.
I have a pretty good idea of the story and how the final levels are going to be.

It takes a lot of time to make a game.  : P Thank you all for your support.

July 28th 2009
Composed a song for CometWoman's stage
Hope you guys enjoy it. It's actually my favorite so far that I made. ^_^

July 20th 2009
I re-made RainbowMan's song because after learning a bit more about Famitracker, I didn't like the old one that much anymore:…
Also working on GlueMan's tileset. Coming soon.

July 15th 2009…
Stage Select and Stage Start Sequences done for all the 9 Robot Masters.
Also re-made all of the music for the intro sequence of the game.
It may not look like much but it's a lot of work ^_^

July 11th 2009
After discussing with N64Mario and StarSimsUniverse, I've decided to change the Robot Master line-up a little bit.…
CometWoman replaces YokuMan in the normal set of bosses, GlueMan remains like before. Now YokuMan will be a "secret" boss.
I haven't determined yet if he will be mandatory or optional. But he'll be fully featured (Stage, Boss, Weapon)
Now hopefully this will be the last change to the line-up. : P
But there are a few reasons for this.
1: YokuMan looks very different and mysterious compared to the others.
2: People love CometWoman ; )
3: StarSimsUniverse wants to design YokuMan's stage a bit more difficult than how I want the 8 RM stages to be.

Other than that, I've fully built RainbowMan's stage in the engine. There are just no lasers and enemies in there yet  : P

I've made CometWoman's stage tileset:…

Doing a lot of stuff these days... Doing my best to progress as much as possible. ^_^

July 6th 2009

Kevin came up with this sweet music for the final stages of the game. It most likely will be used for the boss gauntlet stage:…
Thanks buddy ^_^ It's awesome as always!  ( :

Other than that, I'm making progress on a bunch of things.
Building the JetMan Stage and RainbowMan stage.
Re-making some of the songs I already made to make them sound better... etc..
I'll be working on a lot of different things in the next few weeks.

July 3rd 2009
Finished drawing the Captured Wily Castle picture for the final stages introduction.…

Also composed a song for one of those stages:…

Yeah. I'm on vacation! ^_^
So I'll be developing a lot of stuff in the following weeks.
By the way, BlazBlue is AWESOME! ( :
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MegaMan 10 Craziness Updates:

June 25th 2009
Not much to say except that Kevin's new Wily song will be used in MM10 for the first of the final stages:…
Again, it's awesome. Reminds me of Flash in the Dark from MM9.
I think I'm going to keep GlueMan in the game and still add CometWoman somehow. Following some feedback I've got, CometWoman will probably be a secret boss that appears before the final set of stages. (À la BreakMan from MM3)
Other than that, NailMan's level design is done from start to finish and I'm probably going to start programming other enemies soon.
Meanwhile the Jetman music got me excited so I started to build JetMan's level. Things are going faster than I expected. I'm designing the stages directly in Photoshop with the grid feature. It's better than importing all the tiles into MMF2.
Also, YokuMan's sprites are finished (Might require some testing or 1 more pose. Dunno.)
Have to add an additional tileset to YokuMan's for fake platforms and walls, then StarSimsUniverse will be able to start building the stage.
Currently making NitroMan's sprites. JetMan soon.
Currently drawing the castle for the final stages presentation (You know with the map on it and everything  ( : )
Vacations are coming...

June 18th 2009:
Geez! A lot of stuff is happening these days!  ( :
Kevin strikes again with YokuMan's stage music.… can you be so productive man!?  ; ) Seriously man, you rock!
I think the theme fits the stage a lot. Now we'll have to see what StarsimsUniverse thinks of it; since the robot master is his original idea.
I think the yoku blocks sound effects in the background are not only cool and original but they mess with the player, making him/her think blocks are appearing when in fact they might not be doing so. This is exactly what I think YokuMan is about.
Usually with those blocks, you try to get the rhythm of the sound they make when they appear in your head to help you time your jumps. But now the music will mess with that sense of timing MegaMan players are used to have when they have to go through those challenges. Awesome!
Now if I can just get the actual job done  : (
So little time. Can't wait for vacations so that i can get a lot of stuff done. ^_^

June 17th 2009:
Kevvviiinnn on Youtube has composed a song for the JetMan stage:…
Give it a listen. It's pretty awesome. Can't wait to build this stage. Its graphics will be cool too ^_^

Now for what I'm actually working on:
I'm currently designing the entire NailMan stage from start to finish. I've decided it's better to have an entire stage with a boss than little unfinished parts of all the stages. It will allow me to find bugs faster.
Other than that, when a I have a little free time during lunchtime at work, I make the sprites for the Robot Masters' animations. Yo-yoMan, TankMan and RainbowMan are done. YokuMan and NailMan are almost finished.
I'll be on vacation probably in July so I'll have more time on my hands to push this project forward.
Again, thanks Kevvviiinnn for your awesome tunes ^_^
CometWoman or GlueMan? Can't decide yet... >_<
But thank you all for your comments and opinions!  ( :

June 15th 2009:
There will probably be a newcomer female Robot Master in MegaMan 10! CometWoman. Head over to this… to take a long at her design. I like her a lot and I think she is WAY more cool than GlueMan. Tell me your opinion and which one you'd prefer.
Sprite and Stage Select Mugshot coming soon!
Other than that, I'm almost done with designing the layout of NailMan's stage. I still have to program and draw more enemies though. This is quite time consuming. : P

May 24th 2009:
I've uploaded a new video of MM10 on Youtube.…

It showcases my new Title Screen, Stage Start and NailMan Stage music. It also shows a preview of the incomplete - and pretty much empty - NailMan Stage) to provide some visuals to go with the music.
Also, what you see in this vid is PLAYABLE. It's gameplay. Not a Flash animation to mimic gameplay. That means that I have to set up the stage, program enemies and have N64Mario help me with the more complicated stuff ^_^ His engine is great and he is constantly polishing it and adding new features.

I'm pretty satisfied with all 3 of those new songs. They are much better than my old ones. I've figured out some techniques in Famitracker to make better sounds, so I'm probably going to re-make all of my songs into better versions or completely different ones.

I have to warn you though. NailMan's stage footage you will see in that video is a work in progress and there is only 1 type of enemy (The one you see in my fake screenshot in my gallery) and the design will most likely change in the future. The stage also contains some of N64Mario's moving platforms though. Good stuff ^_^

Hope you enjoy the video... Gotta go to bed now...  tired...

Also check this out if you haven't already:…
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Going to post updates here for those that care about this game.

- My morale is a bit down right now for some reason. Maybe it's because I'm tired.  : P
- I'm currently making the story introduction sequence.
- I'm also still working on YoYoMan's stage.
- I'm thinking about making a new title song for the game. I don't know. One that kicks more ass. Tell me what you guys think if you have time.
- I have to make a list of enemies and threats in each levels. If you have ideas, again, feel free to tell me. ^_^

One of my co-workers found this awesome…
It's a database of all levels from many NES games. It includes all 6 NES MegaMan games.
The entire levels are mapped out like in the good old Nintendo Power days.
YoYoMan Stage "screenshot" coming soon ^_^

Story Intro Sequence DONE!
YoYoMan Tileset mostly done.
I'll probably start off JetMan or YokuMan soon.

I made a tile set for YokuMan's stage and posted a screenshot in case you didn't see it.
I've been trying to figure out a good way to work on level designs WHILE N64mario works on the game engine and we have figured out some sort of solution. But he has to build an example for the structure before I can start building stages so, I'm still making assets in the meantime.
Next stage tileset is probably going to be JetMan.
I'm going to try to make a new song soon. depends if my melody ideas are good or not  : P I kinda failed at YokuMan's song so I felt like crap in the music department  : P
Non-MegaMan related: I feel like posting this little picture I made of Shampoo soon ^_^

EDIT (May 12th 2009):
My friend NationalGeo is making a cover art for MegaMan 10. Here is the…
Of course the goal is to have something that is completely out of style similar to the MegaMan 9 Box Art and the old MegaMan 1 and 2 ones. (God they are ugly!)
It's freakin' awesome! Check it out ^_^

Still making NailMan stage music. Slowly but surely.

EDIT (May 22th 2009):
There will be a new video of MM10 on Youtube soon. It will showcase my new Title Screen, Stage Start and NailMan Stage music. It will also show a preview of the incomplete empty NailMan Stage to provide some visuals to go with the music.

I'm pretty satisfied with all 3 of those new songs. They are much better than my old ones. I've figured out some techniques in Famitracker to make better sounds, So I'm probably going to re-make all of my songs into better versions or completely different ones.

I have to warn you though. NailMan's stage footage you will see in that video is a work in progress and there won't be any enemies... Just the empty stage. It WILL feature some of N64Mario's moving platforms though. Good stuff ^_^

Stay tuned. I'll upload it soon. Probably during the week end. Just need to set up a few parts of the level correctly.
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Ok I know the title of this post sounds pretty bad but. Hear me out.
Alright, let me turn into the Angry Video Game Nerd for a while because that is what I am right now. I'm one PISSED OFF gamer!

As some of you might know, I'm a huge fan of the Fatal Frame series and horror games in general. Fatal Frame is my favorite horror series.
When I learned that Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse was coming I had mixed feelings. I was happy because I would get to play another Fatal Frame game. But I was a bit disappointed because it would show up on the Wii which wouldn't have as great graphics as the PS3 or X360. And graphics can play a big part in a horror game. I mean they are not everything but it's still a huge bonus to have great graphics in such a game. Besides great graphics could regenerate interest in this dying genre...

Anyway... Meanwhile, Metroid Prime 3 disappointed me, I'm not a fan of the 3D Mario games and I'm not so much of a fan of Zelda either... So my Wii starts gathering dust while I play on my PS3 all the time, thinking that the Wii will be awesome once I get my hands on Fatal Frame. It was the only reason I kept the system.

Then, this comes:…
(Yeah I know it's kinda old news... but still I didn't know until now.)

So Nintendo just flatly told me "F+++ YOU!"
I already thought Nintendo was just interested in the casual gamers now and didn't give a rat's ass about the hardcore crowd but man! That game was the last glimpse of the horror genre we would get in quite a while... Instead we will get a re-make of Silent Hill 1... Wow! What originality! Can't wait... *sigh*

So this news means a lot of bad things to me.
It means the Wii is pretty much useless to me now. I almost never touch it. (I have the NES and SNES which are more fun anyway so the Virtual Console doesn't appeal to me)
It means we are just going to see more and more crappy 3rd party games on the shelves. (Have you ever stopped and looked at the Wii game shelf in a store? It's pathetic.)
With Silent Hill 5 not being scary and frankly being stale. With Resident Evil 5 becoming almost like any other shooter and not being scary at all.

To me, it means the Survival Horror genre... is DEAD!
And that is SAD!

So now, the Wii is... just... for when people come over to our house and they want to wave their arms around...

To quote the AVGN: "What a piece of shit!"
What a stupid move from Nintendo. But then again they make more money from casual gamers now anyway so there...
I hate them...

EDIT:… says it all. It's awesome.
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Now that I've finished Resident Evil 5, I've started work on MegaMan 10 as a playable game. I'm learning how N64Mario's engine works and how the game-making software allows you to put all of this together and I must say that I'm impressed. The thing seems to be quite powerful for a user-friendly tool.

I've made the MM10 title screen and now I'm working on putting the Stage Select Screen together so it's mostly re-using and converting assets I've already made for use in the engine. It's pretty basic stuff but I'm going to have to figure out some logic so that it's not a mess. I'm no professional programmer but I'll get the job done, especially with a user-friendly interface. I've dealt with WAY worse stuff at work.  ( :

After the Stage Select, it's on to create my first playable stage!  ( : Awesome! It's probably going to be NailMan. The only thing that bugs me right now is programming the enemies and bosses but that can be done since N64Mario did it in his zoo level.

Oh and I've got some ideas for the NailMan stage music too.

EDIT: Core of Stage Select functionality is done. NailMan Stage Start is done except for the moving stars in the background. I need to make the other bosses' Stage Start at some point.

EDIT: Stage Start background is done. Working on making more sprites for NailMan and YokuMan + Yo-YoMan's Stage. Got an idea of the song for YokuMan's Stage. If you have time, check out the NitroMan Stage screenshot at this… and give me your opinion on what the colors should be. ^_^

EDIT: Man there is so much stuff to work on at the same time. I have to organize myself ( :  Ok, now, I'm making the story sequence when you start up the game. I have to re-size my stuff from the Youtube videos and program the cutscene's timeline. Other stuff I'm working on: Yo-yoMan tileset, TankMan tilset, NailMan tileset. Boss presentations, YokuMan stage music etc... etc...
I've started building NailMan's stage to see how it works. It's surprisingly easy to build it once you've made the art. I just have to wait for N64Mario's updates to the engine before I really start building the levels.
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This game is taking a lot of my time these days but there should be a new video coming soon on Youtube. It's not going to be about MM10 though. It's going to be Part 2 of the "25 Great MegaMan Songs No One Heard" series.

I'm not finished with Resident Evil 5 yet because I'm playing on Veteran on my first playthrough and I'm taking my time. I'm not like some of my friends who already have finished the game 3 times only 5 days after the game was released : P I take my time with my favorite games.

My impressions so far is, well... It's not scary. Shooting enemies and collecting items and weapons is incredibly addictive and fun but as far as the Survival Horror aspect is concerned... (You know that genre that the RE series is supposed to belong to!?) ... it's not survival and it's not horror. For a variety of reasons:

- There are almost no night time sequences.
- You can farm ammo, money and items from earlier chapters. I've tried, you can get multiple Rocket Launchers by going back to the same chapter and quitting the game again and again. It saves your inventory when you quit the game.
- There are no save points. The game auto-save everything.
- You have a skilled partner with you. (Not a helpless one like Ashley in RE4)
- There is not as much scary ambiance as earlier games in the series. RE4 included.
- The music is just not as eerie and good as earlier games.
- There are virtually no puzzles. You won't need to use that thing in your head called "brain"
- It's A LOT more predictable when enemies are going to show up. (i.e.: Grab the key, enemies show up) And it's cheap too. Almost feels like Doom where enemies would just come out of nowhere just to put you in an uncomfortable position.
- When all enemies are eliminated, the music stops. When there are new enemies, even if they are far away, the music warns you well in advance.

Don't get me wrong the game is fun as hell to play. I just wish Resident Evil would stop trying to be an action game and return to its roots. Much like MegaMan and Street Fighter did... I mean, how is RE6 going to be like? A first-Person shooter!?
Just pop in any of the earlier RE games. Even RE4. You'll understand what I mean. At least RE4 had more ambiance and you were the only one good guy with a gun.

So, is Survival Horror officially dead? We'll see with the next Fatal Frame game if it can come out already! And it's on the Wii... Oh God... : P
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Well I (think) I finally got over that damn sickness... I still cough like crazy and the doctor gave me prescription for heavy medication...
Anyhow, I'm kinda operational... sort of...
Check out my latest art:…
I've been thinking about this concept for a while and wanted to have at least something on paper... Turned out pretty good. I love the dirty graphic style.
I've got a great gameplay idea for the game. Even though I doubt it will ever get made  : P

Anyway, I'll probably start to produce some MM10 assets soon now that I have my design document ready... Probably going to get used to Multimedia Fusion 2 too. I don't know...
I've got a pretty solid design for the game. If we manage to make the full game, it's going to be kick ass! ^_^

As a side note: I HOPE Resident Evil 5 will at least try to be scary... *sigh* Where are my horror games!? : P  RE5 gives you a permanent partner who is as skilled as you and has you fight in broad day light... What the hell? I liked the series when it was scary and creepy ... argh... Yay let's turn everything into action shooters  ) :
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A flu got the best of me for the last 4 days... Also, Youtube can't be accessed from work anymore so, expect delays if you are writing to me over there... : (  What a load of crap... : P
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Hi everyone!
Thought I'd make a little update to tell you what's going on because a lot of people have been asking me.
I am NOT currently making a MM10 video for Youtube because TankMan and RainbowMan's stage took A LOT of my time and energy. Animating and creating all the assets takes way too long and too much effort and I have a life outside of this whole thing ( :.
Instead, I'll be just creating the assets, so that we can use N64Mario's MegaMan engine to turn it into a REAL GAME.
Now this might take a while and I don't know yet how it'll turn out but I'll be posting art here for sure.
The most time-consuming part on my end will be to create sprites and design the levels and tilesets. This is on my end because programming is a completely different story.
I already have a general idea of the bosses and weapons effects and weaknesses. I'd like to avoid posting the weakness order because it wouldn't be fun to play the game anymore now would it?  ( :
Anyway Thank you all for the faves and great comments. I really appreciate it and gives me energy to keep doing this. I wouldn't be doing it if it weren't for you guys reacting so over the top to those little MM10 videos I made ^_^
Man this thing got soooo epic all of a sudden. It was just supposed to be a little fun video... ^_^
If only I could be paid to do this during work hours... Everything would already be done : P

Oh and as a side note... STREET FIGHTER IV IS FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! ( :
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Proceed to this… to see RainbowMan's definitely more hardcore stage and behavior when compared to TankMan. I wanted to prove that RainbowMan could be a pretty interesting design even if many people think the opposite. Enjoy the madness! ^_^
This was made in a much shorter delay since many of the assets were already made. Still it takes quite a lot of work to animate all of this frame by frame. I'm taking a break from this stuff for a while. I'll be posting screenshots and as far as videos are concerned, they will probably be less demanding than this. ( :
Thanks to all for your great feedback and stay tuned for more stuff.
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Well it started as a little project just for fun and it grew into a huge project that lasted for a couple of months. I've made sprites, background and eventually music.
Check it out on Youtube! I was even posted on the CAPCOM blog! ^_^…

Many thanks to Yan Thouin, one of my friends for his great music for the Stage Select, TankMan Stage and Weapon Get. I made all the other music.
Check out the description of the video for more details on how it was made.
I'm going to post screenshots of it here soon.

I like making sprites! ^_^
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Now PC-ful, I've made a bunch of videos on Youtube; mostly Megaman-releated because I've entered CAPCOM Ultimate MegaMan Fan Contest and I'm posting all the things that make me the craziest MegaMan fan ever. So feel free to check out my youtube channel:

I've also scanned many pictures I drew of MegaMan from my childhood. And I've re-designed many of those characters for a fake MegaMan 10 idea. Be sure to stop by the gallery to take a look... ^_^

Gotta play some Silent Hill 5 and of course more MegaMan 9 since it kicks all kinds of ass!

EDIT: I actually won the contest!… I'm 1 of the 4 Ultimate MegaMan Fans! Let's dance! ( :
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I'm going to get my new PC in the following days! At last! My old one's motherboard was fucked up. It turned on and off on its own  : P
Anyway MegaMan 9 is coming out this week. This is gonna be sooo great. I'm listening to the soundtrack right now...
The awesomeness...

Anyway, I've also finisehd Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne. This is a great game! If you want challenge in your RPG, this is the place to go  ( :
Story is very minimal though but somehow I still think it was better than FF12...
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I haven't posted anything recently for many reasons:
I'm playing Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, which takes quite a while to complete...
I'm trying to figure out a character design for my horror game and it also takes a while... and it takes motivation...

When I'll finish the game I'll probably start working on those picture or videos for Youtube.
Check out my Youtube Channel ^_^
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Hi all!
I decided to upload a bunch of Shampoo pictures. Since I noticed they seem to be quite popular. ^_^ Thanks for all the favorites and comments! Really appreciated.
Now keep in mind the pictures are quite old and I've improved a lot since then!  ( :

I know there are too many Shampoo pictures but hey some of them look pretty nice so I decided to post them here. Enjoy! ^_^

There will be original work coming soon! ^_^
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Final Fantasy 7 art coming soon!  ( :
I've been playing Crisis Core for a while. Finished it.
It gave me the motivation to play FF7 again. And enough to get me to finish my fan art of Safer Sephiroth once and for all. So I'm working on this now.
I think it's great so far. I find that no one ever draws Safer Sephiroth and everyone always draw Sephiroth in human form.
Well' I'm going for Safer Sephiroth!
Coming soon! ^_^

EDIT: My damn PSP decided to stop reading UMDs and so I have to send it to Sony for repair...  : P It sucks! I don't wanna play my DS games now  : P

EDIT: Safer Sephiroth is here!
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I haven't been updating for a while  : P   I have a lot of stuff I'm doing right now besides drawing... A certain game on PS3 is taking a lot of my time now. It starts with a "D" and ends with "evil May Cry 4". This game is pure gold. Also been watching the anime DVD of DMC. It's pretty good. ^_^

I'm going to submit more art soon. I still want to draw more ^_^

UPDATE: Check out my Nero music video from Devil May Cry 4:… a song i really like from this Japanese band "Janne Da Arc". The song is called "Mr. Trouble Maker". Enjoy! ^_^
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Hi! Some original picture coming soon. I'm just taking a break of drawing these days. As I have many things to do too.
Meanwhile I post old pictures as I dig through old files. I also have many old Shampoo pictures but I don't want to post only Shampoo pictures.  : P  I mean I learned to draw by drawing MegaMan and Shampoo but I can draw other stuff too.  : P

Now here is a random link I found...
Check out this awesome videos. It's just too funny:…

Ninjas rule!   ( :

Happy Halloween all!…
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Hi everybody! I created this space on DeviantArt to post my artwork. I studied in cartoon animation some time ago and I work in the videogame industry as a game designer. I've been in the industry for 7 years now. I had stopped drawing for a long time but now I've started sketching again. All the Shampoo pictures are around 7 years old and there are a lot of them. : P But I assure you I can draw other stuff. I'm gonna post my next creations here... Thank you for your comments and critiques! And enjoy your stay! ^_^
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