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I have finished adding all the sprites to this new page for your viewing pleasure. 
This page contains all the sprites of the heroes, enemies, bosses and objects. It even has a section with unused sprites. Let me know what you think! If you plan to use some of these sprites, please ask me first.
The sprites won't be posted on Deviantart since it's way too much stuff.
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Sorry for being late here on Deviantart. Just. Very tired... : P Also I'm not very keen on updating my Deviantart when they keep deleting some of my deviations...Anyway, on with the news! ^_^
After about 6 months of work in my spare time, here is the version 1.2.0 of Megaman Unlimited! Besides the Easy and Insta-Death Modes that are still available from 1.1.0, version 1.2.0 adds quite a lot of new content outside the main game. The main game has a few small tweaks and bug fixes, but the meat of version 1.2.0 is in the SPECIAL menu added to the main menu when you start the game.

Happy (late) 1st Anniversary, Megaman Unlimited! ^_^

I have also updated the soundtrack page with the new songs. Enjoy!
(And many thanks to Kevvviiinnn for his usual badassery.)

Watch the trailer for version 1.2.0: 

The main new features are:

Endless Attack mode (Accessible from Special Menu)

  • Play a never ending stage and see how far you can make it.
  • You have all the weapons and can only die once.
  • Every so often, you will face a Robot Master.
  • Everytime you defeat 10 Robot Masters, you will take +1 damage.
  • When you die once, your score is saved and you have to start over from the beginning.
  • In rare occasions, you might end up in a special 1-screen room that is more challenging than the others.
  • You can’t collect Bolts or 1-Ups in Endless Attack.

Endless Boss Attack mode (Accessible from Special Menu)

  • Face Robot Master after Robot Master and see how many of them you can defeat without dying.
  • You have all the weapons and can only die once.
  • Everytime you defeat 10 Robot Masters, you will take +1 damage from then on.
  • When you die once, your score is saved and you have to start over from the beginning.
  • You can’t collect Bolts or 1-Ups in Endless Attack.

WhirlpoolMan Stage and new enemies (Accessible from Special Menu)

  • An additional Robot Master stage exclusive to Special Features.
  • Play an entirely new stage to face Whirlpool Man, the Master of the Depths!
  • You have all the weapons and you have 3 Extra Lives.
  • Whirlpool Man rewards you with the Water Cannon upon defeat.
  • The game automatically saves that you defeated WhirpoolMan.
  • When Whirpool Man is defeated, the Water Cannon is added to your arsenal when loading a saved game or when starting a new game.
  • Whirlpool Man can’t be faced in the main game.
  • You can’t collect Bolts in Whirlpool Man Stage.

Important:  Save files (savedgame.mmu) and options files (options.xopts) from older versions of the game are not supported in version 1.2.0. Have fun! ^_^ Check out our Facebook page if you like the game!

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Today marks the first anniversary of the release of Megaman Unlimited!

1 year already! ^_^

Thank you everyone for playing the game! That is what it's all about: Having fun!! :)

I wish I could have had the 1.2.0 update ready for today but it is not quite ready yet.

Until then, please enjoy a wallpaper featuring the entire cast of the game!

(This is the page for Goodies and Extra Downloads. You can find all the extra stuff such as wallpapers there.
Scroll to the bottom of the page for the download links for the latest one. ^_^)

I also added a deviation for the wallpaper here… but it would probably be better to visit the page on my site to get the resolution you want.

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It is time!
Now head over to to download the game!

Let us know what you think in the forums! ^_^…
You can also check out other Megaman Unlimited stuff in the left sidebar.

Visit our Facebook page:…

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At last, the time has come! Get your weapons ready!

The game will be available for download on Until then, check out our Facebook page for detailed updates:

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Hi people!
Here is another short preview of MegaMan Unlimited for you to see:…

Just showing a bit of new footage along with a couple of special weapons.
At the time of the release of this little preview, we are working on implementing the last bosses of the Wily Castle.
After that, we still have menus to implement as well as adding a few more features. Nothing too big but it still takes time so I can't provide a release date..
After that, we'll enter the debug phase. Fun times… ^_^

The best I can tell you is to check out our Facebook page for more detailed updates:…
The NES cartridge is just another NES game with a MMU sticker on it. There won't be any cartridge version of the game. This is just a nod to the good old times. ^_^

I made all the box and manual design myself and got it printed at a print shop. I'll post the art on Facebook, here on DA and on too.

Hope you enjoy this (still) short little preview! ^_^ See ya around!

Here is the original trailer for MegaMan Unlimited:…
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DeviantArt pisses me off.
They've been deleting some of my deviations, mainly my Shampoo Pictures.
Those pictures have nudity, I put a nudity warning on them, but they still delete them, telling me the content is "inappropriate".
Have you seen some of the sick stuff some people post on this site!? I think my pictures are perfectly fine and tasteful. So why the do they delete them!?
I've sent them an inquiry to ask them why the hell they delete my pictures but still no response and then they delete another one.
I'm thinking about leaving this place if they don't fix this or explain clearly what I did wrong.
Anyone know good galleries I can incorporate into my website or places I can post whatever I want without having my stuff deleted?
I'd still like people to be able to post comments.

Megaman Unlimited news and udpates:
My Shampoo page on Facebook:

EDIT: I have updated my website with a plug-in that allows me to create galleries automatically. I'll update those more frequently from now one since I won't have to deal with the hassle of updating everything manually.
You can find all of my Shampoo pictures that have been deleted on DA on that website. More will be coming soon. Stay tuned! ^_^
My website:
The Shampoo Pictures section:
The MegaMan Unlimited Pictures section:
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I haven't been much on DeviantArt recently mainly because I'm working on MegaMan Unlimited and I instead post small updates on its status on Facebook. So if you want to follow updates of the game, I highly suggest to follow us on Facebook:…

We post small updates as we go and also, we ask for your opinions on things and make polls. So it's a good place if you really want to stay in touch with the project.

If you still haven't seen it, here is the trailer for MegaMan Unlimited:…

We have 9 out of 11 special weapons (including Rush) ready and functional in the game.
Also, We now have a cutscene engine and I'm currently working on implementing the cutscenes. (A lot of timing job)
Jansim, on his side, is working on the first Wily Stage boss.

Once the Wily bosses are done, we'll implement the other stuff such as:
- Gameflow
- Pause Menu
- Other menus
- Shop

Then, we will work on fixing bugs and complete the implementation of all the features AKA polishing everything as much as possible.

On another topic, I've been in Ranma 1/2 mode since a few weeks and I just want to discuss about this anime series. I know there are a couple of Ranma 1/2 / Shampoo fans who follow my work. (Thanks a lot ^_^) but I wanna know: is there a place (A forum or something) I can go to discuss this series? Because I don't know anyone around me that is a fan and that I can discuss with.

Anyway, if you are a fan of Shampoo, check out this little Facebook page I made for her:… I'm going to post pictures and stuff there. Drop me a line if you are interested and want to discuss! ^_^

Yeah I know I like old anime. I'm an old guy now.  ( :

Anyway, sorry about my lack of attention to this place... I just have a load of things to do and I can't be everywhere at once... I'll try and swing by sometimes. I'll post pictures, that's for sure.

Thanks for all the support! ^_^
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At last, MegaMan Unlimited now has an official trailer!…

The game is still under development though. I'm going to post updates when the game is ready.
MegaMan Unlimited is a PC game developed by MegaMan fans. It has been in development for a few years now. We do this in our free time so I can't provide a precise release date yet. It's going to be free.

At the moment of the release of this trailer, the game has all 9 Robot Masters functional.
8 Robot Master stages out of the 9 are designed and the 9th "secret" one is still in the enemy tweaking/placement phase. (Almost done)
All enemies (except one) are functional.
Music has been redone for JetMan, TrinitroMan, NailMan and the Title Screen. We still have a few songs to re-do. Among them, one of the Wily Stage songs and a couple of other improvements are needed here and there.
Wily stages have most of their enemies placed but still require tweaks because:
- We still need to implement the special weapons system and Rush.
- Wily Bosses are still not implemented.
We also have to implement the menus, cutscenes and save/load feature.
The game still has many bugs we need to fix too.
But we've come a long way since the start of the project. I can't thank all of those who helped me enough.
Enjoy the trailer!

To follow our progress, I encourage you to check out the Facebook page of MegaMan Unlimited. This is where we post detailed updates as stuff gets done.
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I've started drawing some of the enemies of the game and I've already uploaded the G-Soldier from TankMan's Stage. However, keep in mind I draw those in my free time. Working on the game itself is a priority so don't expect me to upload all the enemies or weapons anytime soon.  : P  I have most of the Tankman enemies drawn but they still need color and it's long to scan, color and polish them. Before I know it, the evening is over and it's time to go to bed.  : P

MMU now has a Facebook page! So I encourage you to join in and check the page for updates. It's easier for me to post short bits of information there so, check it out!…

One of my friends has joined the project to help me continue making the game. He has already started working on fixing some of the bugs and other problems with physics and has even added a new platform into the game for TrinitroMan's stage. Welcome on board! ^_^

Kevvviiinnn has got a bit of his motivation back so we might have new songs for some of the stages. ^_^ I'm also thinking about replacing CometWoman's stage song that I made… with this one…. Let me know what you think! ^_^
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Hi everyone!
So, like pretty much everyone in the game industry, I've been following the events at e3 very closely. I've watched the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo press conferences (Or "media briefings" as they like to call them) and here are my impressions on them and the even in general.

To me, Microsoft is the loser out of the 3 conferences. Now keep in mind I'm not speaking for everyone! I'm just giving my personal opinion.
That being said, the XBox 360 did absolutely nothing in this presentation to convince me to buy their products. Basically, it was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Gears of War 3, Halo 1 remake and Halo 4-5-6 (Overabundance of shooters) and the rest was Kinect pushing.
The last 3/4s of the event was litterally just Kinect crap. Now again, don't get me wrong it might be great for little kids (Disney and Sesame Street stuff) but it doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Mass Effect 3 voice recognition, XBox Live avatar scanning and Ubisoft's gun customization using voice might be pretty flashy as a tech demonstration but it's still not a game. It doesn't look fun.
Another thing about their Kinect showings is that. The response time is STILL AWEFUL. That Kinect Star Wars game  seems to react half a second after the guy was moving.
That Ryse trailer looked fun but, think about it: It's a pre-rendered trailer. Using editing, it's easy to make anything look awesome. It wasn't actual real time gameplay.
So Microsoft pretty much showed nothing interesting to me and their conference was very similar to last year's. I'm going to go back to playing those 3 bullet hell arcade shooters I got on the 360 and I should finish Alan Wake at some point  : P

Well, Sony's conference was kind of a mixed bag.
Their big thing was the PlayStation VITA as they now call it (It was called the NGP up until now) which is the successor to the PSP. It looks like an awesome device. And there seems to be a surprising amount of third party support for it. (I think I heard that there was going to be BlazBlue on it so it's very cool)
The touch screen in the back of the device is an awesome idea to me. Being able to use touch controls without hiding half the screen is a great idea.
I'm probably going to get the PSVITA at some point. I don't want to get an iPhone or iPod and I use my PSP for music so the VITA is a logical update for me.
There will be 2 versions, a WiFi one for 250$ and a WiFi+3G version for 300$ which is a pretty decent deal.
The 3G will be AT&T exclusive in the US, which made some people angry but personally, I don't care, I'm in Canada and here, it will probably be on some network with insanely over-priced fees so, I don't know if I'm interested yet...
Other than that, Sony showed a bunch of exclusive content on many PS3 games. I'm happy for them but... I don't know... I want games I'll actually be getting instead of exclusive stuff for games I don't really care about...
Oh and, Uncharted 3... Can't exist on this planet without being told that Uncharted is awesome...  : P  I think it's "okay". I've discovered over the years that I don't really like those ruin-exploring-climbing-puzzle-solving-Indiana-Jones-like games.

Well, Nintendo... everybody is talking about the new console they have revealed. It's called the WiiU, and its controller will be like a tablet.
It's got buttons on the sides and a big screen in the middle. You'll be able to use that smaller screen in conjunction with the TV screen in your game.
I find the idea interesting. There are some cool things to do with that BUT... I feel that Sony will probably do the same thing with the PSVITA and the PS3 by the time this console comes out.
AND, Miyamoto said that the console will probably support only one controller which is ridiculous considering the very NAME of the console means "We". But then again, Reggie Fils-Aime said it could support 2 controllers so I'm going to tell you the truth now: They don't have a goddamn clue if it's going to work or not.  ( :
Other than that, the conference was about The Legend of Zelda's anniversary and more games milking their usual franchises: Mario, Zelda, Kid Icarus, etc... The 3DS got a reasonable amount of games announced but I'm still not interested. Too expansive and the 3D doesn't interest me.

I have to say that this e3 for me was one of disappointments. As you may know I love the action hack & slash genre and, well I'm a huge fan of the Devil May Cry series. 2 of the games I was looking forward to know more information about at this year's e3 were DmC and Ninja Gaiden 3.
Both were disappointing displays...

I was waiting anxiously to know more about this title because I don't like the new direction this is going.
Following the horrible trailer revealed at TGS, Capcom and Ninja Theory have been hitting fans with crappy interview after crappy interview.
No in-game footage, no gameplay. And they kept telling us it was going to be great and it would surpass even DMC3 (Which is considered to be the best in the series) They kept telling us to wait for more info.
And at e3 this year, there was only a "gameplay" trailer. Now I put "gameplay" in quotes because the trailer is so full of cuts and camera shakes that it's impossible to see if the game seems as smooth at the other games in the series. But it looks slow and the framerate seems to drop. Cuts and shakes are sometimes signs of  wanting to hide flaws in the game.
Also, it wasn't playable on the show floor. So, if Capcom wanted to prove me wrong, the trailer they shown did nothing to ease my concerns (And the concerns of many DMC fans) which are about Gameplay Speed and Framerate.
On top of that, they did a very short interview with the producers of the game the next day and that interview was downright frustrating. We learnt absolutely nothing. And during the whole interview, people were asking legit questions on the live chat.
When they got to answer fan questions, they answered stupid questions instead of the legit ones. So, Capcom, if this game is going to be so great like you keep telling us without any proof, then can you please answer the following 5 gameplay questions on the e3 trailer:

1: The gameplay seemed kinda slow in the trailer. There has been a rumor that the game will run at a locked 30 FPS instead of the 60 FPS from the previous games? Is this rumor confirmed? Fast frame rate is very important to the DMC series.
2: We've heard rumors about the guns incorporating some sort of overheat/cooldown system. This hasn't been a part of DMC before and we wanna know if    A: It's true or not  and     B: If it's true, why?
3: Is the slow-motion in the trailer actually in the game or just added for dramatic impact?
4: Can Dante switch between styles like in DMC4?
5: Why the different changes in motion trail color effects? Is this a hint as Heavenly Sword-style gameplay?

Again, I want Capcom to prove me wrong on this. I want a new DMC game. I'm a huge fan of the series. But I don't want it to suck like that Castlevania Lords of Shadow reboot that was ironically ALSO handed to another developer. Ninja Theory doesn't seem to know how to make a deep game if we judge from their last 2 games and they don't seem to actually respect the series and the fans if we judge from their overall attitude.
If you want to read a really good article on why exactly the DMC fans are not happy about the whole thing, I highly suggest you read this article from First Name on the subject. He's a passionate Devil May Cry fan from the Capcom-Unity forums and he explains in details why the backlash is so strong. And that it's not just about Dante's hair. Check it out:…
If you want to voice your opinion on things or take a look at the fan reactions, head over to this forum.…
The e3 trailer:…
EventStatus on Youtube is an awesome guy, speaking for the gamers in general. He is very charsimatic and is show is a blast to watch. Very up-to-date info on the industry in general.…

Ninja Gaiden 3
Now, I'm not that big of a fan of Ninja Gaiden, but in this day and age, the true deep action hack & Slash gameplay is disappearing along with the horror genre.
Now we have God of War button mashing and QTE-Heavy clones that are but just weak and pale imitations of games like Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry.
So, Ninja Gaiden 3 was one of the games I was looking forward to at this e3. And what do we get? QTEs of course! Everyone seems to be GodorWarizing combat gameplay and Unchartedizing their games now.
I saw a climbing sequence in NG3 were you have to press L and R in sequence to stick your kunais in the walls to climb it.… It's slow and looks boring as hell.
Why they choose to do this instead of jumping from wall to wall LIKE IN EVERY NINJA GAIDEN GAME is way beyond me. Now he climbs with boring quick-time events and dives off from high buildings like... oh I dunno, A LOT OF GAMES!  : P

Now here, I'm going to list the games I think are interesting to follow and those that I just thought were disappointing or that I feel are just not interesting to me. Remember, I'm just voicing my own opinion:

More Games to Follow:
Silent Hill Downpour --  Looking forward to what they'll do with the franchise. I don't want the horror genre to die. : (  Tecmo, here's a hint: MAKE A FATAL FRAME GAME ON THE PS3! Use the PSMove if you really want to add motion control to it...
Twisted Metal --  Looks like this game has a lot of great gameplay. I'm a fan of Twisted Metal Black so I like this new one. Definitely checking it out. Great ideas.
Asura's Wrath --  This game looks epic. Gameplay seems to run smooth... Only thing I'm not too sure about. Quick Time Events... yeah...
Dragon's Dogma --  Imagine Demons Souls but made by Capcom with combat that looks smooth and epic monsters to battle. This one is on my radar.
NeverDead --  Konami's next action game. The main character can't die and he can throw his own limbs at enemies. Not too sure but I'll keep checking.
Metal Gear Rising --  Of course. It wasn't at e3 but I'm a huge fan of MGS so this one is on my radar too.
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection --  1st day buy. It's MGS2, MGS3 and MGS Peace Walker on the PS3. 'nuff said.
Zone of the Enders HD Collection --  God I loved this series, especially ZOE2. Definitely getting this one.

Games I don't care for:
Mass Effect 3 --  Not that big on RPGs, especially ones that try to be First-Person Shooters. I heard it's good but I've got The Witcher 2 to play right now.
Battlefield 3 --  0 interest
Tomb Raider --  This one is kind of in the middle of the Care/Don't Care ground. I think their re-design of Lara Croft looks good, but then again, all games look good nowadays. Having pretty graphics is no longer  problem. But as I said, ruin-exploring cinematic wannabe games... not that interested...
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 --  0 interest
Uncharted 3 --  Everyone and their mother is talking about this but... Not that interested, as I explained earlier.
BatMan Arkham City --  I know everyone is having orgasms over this one but... meh... Still haven't finished the first one. I don't know I'm not motivated by this. In the first one, I remember some shallow combat and button mashing to tear off ventilation ducts lids.
Final Fantasy XIII-2 --  I saw some gameplay. It looks the same, now with more QTEs and the paradigm system has been "Refined". but I didn't really like the system so... More endless monster fighting, yay!

So, in conclusion, this year's e3 was, too many shooters and not enough focus on the things I prefer in games: action depth and horror. It looks like it's all eye candy. Oh and, industry, COULD YOU STOP PUTTING QTEs IN YOUR GAMES DAMMIT!? It sucks!
In closing, I have a very important article you should all read if you consider yourself a gamer:…

Oh and by the way there is now a Facebook page for MegaMan Unlimited… . Check it out! ^_^
Anyway, see ya around! ^_^
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Hi everyone!

Just a quick update just so you guys don't think I'm dead or something like that. Since my last update, many things have happened both to the MegaMan Unlimited project and in real life.  : P

There has been a ton of progress on MMU itself. As of right now, we have 4 stages functional (Enemies, platforms and Robot Masters for those stages are done, tweaked and placed).
The completed stages are: Yo-yoMan, RainbowMan, TankMan and CometWoman. (They still have few bugs but are mostly functional.)
So far, my favorite robot master is CometWoman. I mean all 4 of them are fun to fight but I think CometWoman is my favorite.

There are 2 other stages in progress with just a few enemies and platforms done so far: JetMan and GlueMan.
Huge thanks to Gabriel and Jocelyn for their hard work. Especially Gab who programmed many enemies and bosses in a very short time. ^_^ Awesome!

Now, events at our real job kinda slowed down production these days so there hasn't been much progress. But I did a lot of work on improving the tilesets of a few of the stages: NailMan, TankMan, GlueMan, TrinitroMan and Yo-yoMan. (TrinitroMan's stage background has been redone completely.)
I also re-drew illustrations of all 8 Robot Masters in normal poses (Not the action poses you've seen around). Those will be released when the game will be more finalized. I wanted to have up-to-date versions of the Robot Masters. This will probably be the last time I draw them all.  : P

One last thing, we don't know if we will be able to include YokuMan in the game yet. For a variety of reasons, among them that we want to finish the project as soon as possible and that we are tired. Also, StarsimsUniverse is nowhere to be found. I mean I have designed a new YokuMan Stage but still we'll have to cut a few enemies from the game in the regular stages so adding another robot master to the list will be a lot of work. Anyway, we'll see. Don't worry though, we'll have plenty of enemies to make the game fun as it is.

So... that's pretty much it... 4 robot masters out of 8 done! I like those odds!  ( :
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Been a long time since I posted an in-depth update on here. I've now finished a huge chunk of boring and repetitive work on MegaMan Unlimited. That is: Preparing all the objects, enemies, bosses and projectiles' sprites for the game. As well as their collision data. This was a lot of resizing of png sprites and writing hundreds of text files. This is long and tedious (I've been doing this for the past 2 months almost everyday, little by little) but it will be worth it once Gabriel and Jocelyn get to work on those objects. The objects will be ready and all they'll have to do is perform their magic and program them. Of course I'll have to re-touch everything and adjust the animations and sprites once we see them in game but at least, the bulk of the boring work is done.
Next, I'll get to work on the rest of the menu graphics (Game Menu, Save Menu and Shop Menu). After that, I'll get to work on re-making the NailMan song completely from scratch. (I'm not satisfied with it) I still don't know if I'll be able to make a good song so I might ask Kevvviiinnn or commandycan. I'll also do some touch up of my other songs.
I'll also have to prepare all the assets for YokuMan too. As soon as I can get the design from Starsimsuniverse.  : P
As for the game itself, as I told on my Youtube channel, progress is slowing down a little bit since we have a busy couple of months at our real jobs. Lots of stuff to do.

As for the gaming universe, the latest major news: Keiji Inafune is leaving CAPCOM. Now this is pretty sad... The guy is responsible for me getting into the videogame industry. His work inspired my whole ambitions to draw when I was a kid becoming a game designer. Seeing him leave CAPCOM kinda worries me about the company's future. I know he wasn't doing EVERYTHING and many MegaMan games were developed without him but still, it's pretty sad to see him go away after all he's done. Of course he's not dead so we might still see some more work from him but it seemed he wanted to start his life over from scratch from what I've heard.

I do agree with some of the stuff he said though, that GAMES SUCK NOWADAYS! (Not only Japanese games)

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was good but really not perfect in a lot of areas.
Many of the PSMove titles got really low ratings.
The Force Unleashed is SUPER SHORT.
Fable III is unfinished and glitchy.
Enslaved is glitchy, really short and basicaly plays itself. (And yup, this company is now working on the next Devil May Cry... *sigh*)

You get the idea. Basically, this time of the year is supposed to produce a lot of great games. So far, the majority of them have been disappointments.
I miss the time when you'd get games like Metal Gear Solid 3 or Devil May Cry 3 or Shadow of the Colossus in the days before the holidays.

The only games that I think are really great these days are Sonic 4 and Vanquish and I'm really interested in Kirby's Epic Yarn too.

Anyway, since a great deal of work is now complete (On my part), I'll cool off a bit in the next few days. I'll try to make progress on some tileset for KujaKiller and I'll probably make a drawing of Devil Hunter Yohko because I love this series. (Yeah, I'm in a nostalgic old anime mood. : )
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Well, so much stuff is happening these days. Some bad stuff, some good stuff.

On the MegaMan Unlimited side of things, progress is constant as we are working to get the Yo-yoMan stage completely functional (including enemies and boss). We're pretty close to achieving that goal (Of course there are still bugs). After that, we're on to add other various functionalities to the game and get the other levels/enemies/bosses done. Still lots of things to do. But I have to say it's exciting to tweak enemies and bosses and finally seeing them in action in the game. It takes more time than I thought to tweak the whole thing but it's still the most fun part.

I've been working hard on preparing various sprites, backgrounds and collisions for implementation in the game. Now, all the stages are ready to be put in the game (Of course they will require modifications later but the basic work is done). Next, I will try to finish preparing all the enemies' sprites and all the other bosses sprites and collisions. A lot of boring work, but it will be worth it.

We now have a brand new awesome staff roll song from Kevvviiinnn. Very exciting.
Also, Yan has finished his songs and we are close to having a full soundtrack. (Still a couple of songs missing though)

On another topic, I've actually got the PlayStation Move. Now Some of you might know that I'm not really a fan of motion control, but I've decided to give this thing a chance. And so far, I think it's pretty good. It works a lot better than the Wii remote I can tell you that much. I've been playing "Sports Champions" and I find it much more enjoyable than playing on the Wii for some reason. You actually have to do the moves correctly to play the games. So far, I really like the archery game. (I never thought I'd ever say that.) With trophies and challenges, I actually feel like playing "Sports Champions" on my own. Of course we'll play with friends but I actually feel like playing on my own. Also got "Start the Party!" and I must say this game is a blast to play with friends. A lot of fun. Well I know I had fun ^_^
I'm going to play Resident Evil 5 and Heavy Rain with the Move too.
One thing I can promise you is that I won't be getting the Kinect. That's for sure.

Next on my list: the Devil May Cry reboot revealed at the Tokyo Game Show. *sigh* I could write a huge article about how I feel about this one but... I don't feel like it. I'll just let you guys see these links:

The original trailer:…

The following interview with the devs:…

An article about the creative director of Ninja Theory basically trying to piss off DMC fans:…

More info on the design process of the new Dante:

In short, they are rebooting the Devil May Cry series. (As if it needed a damn reboot) The new title is developed by Ninja Theory (Creators of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved) in conjonction with CAPCOM.
I'll be upfront: I don't like the new design and direction and I'm scared as hell about how the gameplay with turn out. Heavenly Sword was OK at best and I swear to god, if the framerate is at 30 and there are goddamn Quick Time Events in this new game, then I'll be officially done with this series.  : P
Devil May Cry is one of my top favorite videogame series of all time. Right up there with MegaMan and Metal Gear Solid. I care about the series and even though I'm all for good change and usually pretty open and mature in my opinions on games, this whole thing makes me sick.
I can only hope the game will redeem itself somehow when we see actual gameplay... But I'm scared. Very scared...Yeah the new visual design is not very good but it's the gameplay that scares me.

And I'm not the only one. Forum users all over the internet are angry. If you want to discuss the game in a calm and mature way, you can visit the CAPCOM-Unity DmC forums. I hang around there these days, so maybe we can discuss and share thoughts over there too...…

PS: "Metroid: Other M" wasn't very good. But that's for another day...
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Alright it's about time for an update.

While I was away, one of my colleagues at work started work on a new MegaMan Unlimited engine to see how fast he would be able to get something done. Turns out to be very promising so, after asking N64Mario his opinion on things, we started making a new version of the game using this new engine and not Multimedia Fusion 2.

What we have right now is a first draft of the stage select screen and a short section of Yo-yoMan's stage with Running, Jumping, Sliding, Climbing a ladder, shooting, getting hurt and also the screen transitions work. What is very nice with this is I can easily tweak the variables to make sure MegaMan is controlled the same way as the original games and I can easily communicate with my co-worker (He sits right behind me at work.) so that way, there is less confusion and things progress smoothly.

Everything programming-wise is still at a prototype stage but things are progressing quite fast. What I have to do now is convert many of my assets to be used in this new engine.

The engine also supports using the keyboard and even supports logitech controllers already! ^_^  We will also probably be able to adapt the game to be run on other platforms such as MAC and maybe PSP too. ^_^ We'll see.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta get back to work.   ( :

PS: Starsimsuniverse, we're going to need that YokuMan stage pretty soon!  ( :
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Finally, Phil, has come back to Montreal!!  ( :

So for the last 3 weeks, I've been traveling around China, looking for Jusenkyo or for the chinese amazon village in vain... : P   Of course I'm joking about the Jusenkyo and amazon part.
Yup, I've been traveling around China for last 3 weeks, visiting quite a number of cities along the way. I'll just talk a little bit about my experience here. If you are interested, read on!
Hope you enjoy! ^_^

13 hours in an airplane is the embodiment of insanity. More than 100 people stuffed into a long metal tube. that's what insanity looks like. Glad I got out of this plane in Beijing (Pronouced "Pei Tseen")! I never want to see that godforsaken plane again in my life. Not to mention I spilled appple juice on my bermuda as soon as the first drink serving in the first plane, meaning I spent more than 15 hours with the fresh scent of apple juice between my legs... how thrilling. : P
Anyway, now, in Beijing. Our guide is called Bing (Pronounce "Ping") and she is really kind. We are riding our bus to our hotel. First impression: China has a lot of vegetation. From what I heard, I thought there were people stepping on each other and concrete buildings and smog as far as the eye can see but no. There is a lot of fog in Beijing in this season, but other than that, it's very nice to see the city blend so much with nature. ^_^  It was like that in every city we visited. Even Shanghai.

We visited the Sky temple and Forbidden City. We also went in a garden where every day, the old people go to exercise and socialize. There are a lot of places like this in China. Such as a healthy way of life for the elderly. I want to do that when I'll get old. I swear to you, some of those old people could kick my ass 16 times before I fall to the ground. The Sky temple and Forbidden city are a great example of how epic China really is. Everything is epic in China. Gardens? EPIC! - Temples? EPIC! - Crowds? EPIC! - Plants? EPIC - Cities? EPIC! - Traffic? Most certainly EPIC!

In China, a village is a town with a population below 1 million people. When I tell you that cities are epic, I'm not kidding.  ( :
But surprisingly I find that people are very peaceful and don't look stressed at all.
You should see the traffic at some of those intersections. It's a free for all. There are traffic lights but, once you cross that intersection, you're on your own. People on foot, bikes, people dragging huge piles of stuff... Pedestrians don't have the priority so the priority goes to those who have the guts to step in and cross that street  ( :  If it would be here, I would be dead already and every car driver would have killed each other after 5 minutes but in China, people drive slower and seem more peaceful. There is a lot of honking but it's mostly to warn others you're coming, not to blame them. Also, people drive around each other carefully and peacefully. In the whole trip, we have just seen one little accident and our bus driver got a ticket once.
More on driving in China later...

Next, we visited the Great Wall. A little bit disappointing because of the thick fog but nevertheless, it's still epic. We were litterally up in the clouds. I still don't understand how they built such an epic structure back then. Next we visited the Ming Tombs where 13 emperors were buried. Once again a very impressive set of temples built in the middle of a humid and hot place consisting of fields, forests and mountains in the back. A perfect place to attract good fortune and drive away bad spirits. The emperor had to be buried in the ultimate spot.

Ate Beijing's very own Beijing Roast Duck. I love duck. I was looking forward to this dinner to finally eat THE duck. Great ^_^

Next we went to Xi'An (Pronouced "See, An") to see the incredible armies in terra cotta. Thousands of statues of soldiers that were buried so that the emperor could continue to be victorious in war after death. Each soldier has a different face. It's incredible. The site that we visited was the actual place where a peasant, while looking for water, stumbled upon a soldier's head. There are litterally thousands of them. Epic.

Had a banquet of dumplings. Each dumpling is modeled after what's in it. Duck dumpling looks like a cute little duck, Chicken dumpling looks like a chicken, etc. Awesome. One of my favorite dinners of the whole trip. It was followed by a great dance and music show with great costumes. I love the chinese costumes. Especially for the women. They have such beautiful colors and I love how they use their long long sleeves in their dance.

Visited the Xi'An old city walls and Old City to walk a round a little bit. I love how the old city walls are still there and walking in the old city feels like walking in the past.

Next, we fly to Chongqing, the most populated city of China: 32 000 000 people. Now that's an epic city! Moreover the whole city is built in very bumpy land with mountains here and there, meaning using a bike here is not a smart thing to do. Still, Chongqing is not as suffocating a you might think. I still find that it's not as cramped as I thought. We rode a bus outside of the street to visit some of the most amazing rock carvings I've ever seen. There are beautiful Buddist statues and carvings integrated into a rock cliff. All of the carvings have been made into the cliff itself. We're in the middle of the
frickin' jungle! That's amazing!

Coming back to Chongqing in the bus I was looking at how people live outside of the city. For me, it seems to be a way of life we have forgotten here when living in a modern city. Here in rural China, people live in small houses next to each other with their huge "garage doors" open. Eating dinner in that same garage... Some watch TV, some play card, some just talk with neighbors around a table, drinking tea or alcohol, some still have work to do on fixing some motorcycle, little kids play around. They're happy. There have a simple life. I feel happy watching them and how they live. Makes me wonder why we need all that tech stuff over here in america...

As the bus was riding in front of people in rural regions, we would often wave "Hi!" to people in their houses or on the street and they would wave right back with a smile. Sometimes they were the first to wave "Hi!" to us. Sometimes, on foot, some chinese tourists would request to take pictures with us.  So easy to please them.  ( :

We then visited the zoo to see some pandas. Now those guys are lazy. Their species became vegetarian because they were too lazy to hunt.

Leaving Chongqing to go on a boat to cruise down the Yangtze river. Now what's interesting is that because of the floods these days in this region, our bus must drive 4 hours more to get to where the boat is parked. We can't board at Chongqing because the river's water level is too high.

So we ride that bus all the way up into the mountains next to the river. The bus dangerously rides on half broken roads on the side of a cliff. Which brings me back to driving in China. ( :
In China, there are "No Passing" signs. Especially on that road... considering we could huh... fall down into the river below. However, our bus driver, or anyone for that matter, just ignores the "No Passing" signs. Those signs won't prevent anyone from passing in the middle of a curve, at night, on the side of a cliff, on a bridge, you name it. Why not all of those at the same time? I loved that bus ride.  ( :
That driver knows how to drive a bus. Gotta hand it to those chinese drivers. To quote the Darpa Chief in Metal Gear Solid: "These guys are pros!" They can drive a bus in reverse through a crowd for God's sake!

We stopped at a gas station to re-fuel and go to the bathroom.
That men's bathroom was litterally, a rectangular room with 4 holes in the floor and no walls between the 4 holes. There was a slot along the left wall to pee in. No ventilation, bugs and spiders everywhere on the walls; but there was an 11 x 16 poster of a naked girl on the wall so that saves the day... lol  ( :

Arriving at Fengdu to board the cruise boat, it's a party there. Many town people were at the place we get off the bus. It looks like they are their to greet us or something. Little kids say "Hello!" to us, I reply "Nihao!", some old chinese woman behind me sounds impressed that I said "Nihao!" correctly  ( :  I think I love the people here more that the actual boat I'm gonna be on.  ( :

I'm on a boat bitch!
A 3-day cruise down the Yangtze river. Even though the weather is unusually great for this region, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. In the brown river, there is debris floating down with the current all over the place. Then, an upside-down pig comes across our boat. Shoes. Even a human body at some point (I didn't see it but some other woman in our group saw it.). Those floods sure do some damage.

Finished MegaMan 2 on my PSP while on the boat.

Along our cruise on the Yangtze river, we visited an amazing cave and we went on a small boat ride with people from some ethnic minority in the Badong area. That was a wonderful little ride in small but long boats with a steerer at the back and some guys who row. It looks a bit like a dragon boat. Those gorges are very beautiful.

We then visited the Three Gorges dam. nothing really special. It's a dam. I come from a place where we have lots of them so it's not such a big deal. It's a big deal though when you learn how many people had to leave their home because of this dam though  : P

Before going to Shanghai, we stopped in Wuhan. On the way to Wuhan, I finished MegaMan 3 on my PSP and I slept a little.  ( :

Wuhan is the city of water. All buildings are built dangerously close to water and it is called The City of Hundred Lakes. Lots of lakes. A beautiful city. Chongqing was supposed to be the city with the most beautiful girls. Now our guide in Wuhan also says the girls are beautiful in Wuhan. I agree with both the Chongqing and Wuhan guides   ^_^
We visited a kindergarden for kids of peasants near Wuhan. The kindergarden is built by our travel agency so we stopped there. The kids gave a little show for us. Oh how cute this was! ^_^

Now, from Wuhan onto a plane to Shanghai! I don't have much to say about Shanghai though. It's a huge city no doubt and some of the buildings have very special designs. Almost like a city in a MegaMan game ( :
but I don't find the cities that much interesting. I prefer the more rural regions.

From Shanghai, onto a plane to Guilin. For the record, the flight attendants on Shanghai Airlines are the prettiest. The girls on the other chinese planes were beautiful but Shanghai Airlines wins. I love how the flight attendants in China are all pretty young women. In America... well not so much...

Guilin is one of the highlights of the trip. Mostly for the amazing scenery. There are beautiful hills everywhere. Like in this picture of Shampoo I made:
It turns out my picture is not exagerated actually. There are really hills like that everywhere.

Got a foot massage!  ( :  ( :  ( :  ( :

Finished MegaMan 1 on my PSP on the way to Yangshuo. We rode a boat on the Li river where the water was really clear and took hundred of pictures of the beautiful scenery. We also got a chance to watch a light show on the Li river. The show was directed by Zhang Yimou. He's the guy who directed the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony show and he directed "Hero" and "House of Flying Dagger" among other awesome things. It was a very nice show with hundreds of people riding boats on the river and dancing and singing. There were people from villages all over the region participating in that show. It was breathtaking.

After Guilin, we were off to Guangzhou mainly as a last stop before Hong Kong. Guangzhou is a Cantonese city mainly known for commerce so there was not much to visit there besides a temple with very nice carvings and a small park with beautiful flowers and vegetation.

You know, I think I have a pretty good idea of what hell looks like. Hell is an airport where people must endlessly walk while carrying luggage and wait in line to show their passports countless times. Also shops are super expensive and announcements endlessly play in speakers. Oh! And remove bathrooms to make it really hellish. I hate airports. The only meal that I felt sick after eating was a meal they served at the Beijing airport while waiting for the delayed flight to Xi'An.

Now on to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is very different from the rest of China. China is communist while Hong Kong is capitalist. In China, people can turn right on a red light. In Hong Kong, people can turn left on a red light. Simply because people in Hong Kong drive on the left side of the road. This is something you can't accurately translate in a photo or video, you have to experience it  ( :  Hong Kong used to belong to the English so it was not so hard to get around the city since almost everything is translated. The metro is amazing. It's super clean and it's so easy to know where you're going. beats the Montreal subway by a mile, especially since there are harsh winters here so it makes it hard for us to keeps everything clean. Hong Kong is pretty clean but with such tall buildings EVERYWHERE (Even the buses are tall!) and so much people in the same place, the air was heavy to
breath after walking in the downtown area for a while.

So, after trying to find a copy ESPGaluda II with no success (Well I was in Hong Kong so I thought I'd try to get some import games : P ), we went to Macau to watch my sister perform in the dragon boat racing festival there. Her team actually got in world 4th place! Wow! (I used to race dragon boat for 8 years but I didn't in the last year because I wanted to finish my MegaMan game project.)

And now, I'm back in Canada. I have 1 week of vacation left to rest after the trip. It was an exhausting trip but I saw many great things there. I love China! ^_^
It's now 5:08 PM but it feels like 5h08 AM ... I wanna go to bed...
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Hi everyone!

Just for your information, I'm going to be away of the computer for roughly 3 weeks. I need to get my mind off of this whole thing.  ( :  Meaning there won't be any videos, comments or updates on any of the sites where I usually post. Other than that, I've been making progress on various things since I've had a couple of days of vacation. I've finished animating the final boss' AI behavior in Flash. I've started implementing some of the cutscenes in the game (For example, I've put the Wily Castle map 1 and 2 in there already.) I've updated the title screen music and I still have to replace the stage songs with the new versions. I've also got some of my friends experimenting with programming an engine of their own but we'll see once N64Mario fixes his computer and gets back to work. We should see more progress soon either way. See ya soon! ^_^
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Wow... That sucked.
As expected, Kinect (AKA Natal) took all the spotlight with long and boring minutes of showing "games" (Notice the quotes) I don't care about like fitness crap and a game where little kids can interact with a virtual pet in their TV - (That was kinda creepy by the way) - among other presentation showing how you can talk to your XBox to activate things.

With Kinect you'll be able to control movies, music and other stuff by pointing at the TV or, TALKING TO YOUR XBOX 360! That's right! pushing a simple PAUSE button is so boring and archaic. Why not pause your movie by saying "Xbox, Pause!".

Oh and watch carefully during Ubisoft's fitness game presentation. There is actually a 0.5 to 1.0 second delay between the girls real movements and her movements in the game translated by Kinect. Kinda slow if you ask me.
Also notice on how they are always standing when using Kinect. I'm guessing the thing only works when you are standing. Not when sitting.

What a load of crap! : P
If you are not a casual gamer, while you're watching all those boring Kinect demonstrations, you will be wondering: "Where are my games!?" Well guess what, you can stop watching the conference after the first few minutes because all the "core" games are there. The remaining hour is all about boring Wii-like games using Kinect. It's like 20% Gamer Games and 80% Casual Gamer Crap.
The "Future of Gaming" is jumping and waving around in front of your TV. Yup. Why go outside?

Oh and who said that the hardcore games had to be First-Person Shooter? I don't care about Call of Duty and Halo!

Metal Gear Solid Rising looked great though. Only good point of the conference.

Looks like I'll still be using my X360 for Bullet Hell Shooters  ( :

Oh and there is a new model of the X360 coming out like... RIGHT NOW!
Quieter, slimmer, less ugly. With built-in Wi-Fi and a 250 Gb HDD.
At the same price as the old one.


MMU Tiny update: Working on a Debug Stage to develop all the features of the game and the engine. Working on pictures for cutscene. I'll re-make some of the graphics for the intro of the game too.
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That's right, I now have an XBox 360! I've got the Splinter Cell Conviction bundle and guess what, the console works just fine BUT, the game included in the bundle: Splinter Cell Conviction, didn't work. The game disc couldn't be read. Yup! : P So I had to exchange the game with another one. Isn't this a funny story  : P
I also got Alan Wake and WarTech but more importantly, Mushihime-Sama Futari! (… ) (Mushihime-Sama means "Insect Princess")

For those who don't know, Mushihime-Sama is a bullet-hell shooter developed by a company called Cave.
This is the kind of gameplay you can expect from such a game:……

(NOTE: Those videos are from the most extreme difficulty modes. Here's what Normal mode looks like:… )

I love 2D arcade shooters, and even though I'm not the best shooter player, I love this bullet hell sub-genre. It's just so hardcore.  ( :  Plus, Cave games have such awesome sprites and 2D art (… ) + great music. Here is one of my favorite tracks from Futari:…

So I finally got the game on XBox 360. It's an import game but Cave made it region-free to see how much it would sell in other territories. This of course makes me super happy! ( :

The game is awesome. With much better graphics than the PS2 prequel (Simply called Mushihime-Sama) and it includes a variety of modes. Even downloadable content (Called "Black Label") with a new difficulty level and extra end boss.

On June 29 also comes DeathSmiles to the US XBox 360. It's another more recent Cave franchise so, I guess all of those people who imported Mushihime-Sama Futari have actually managed to bring DeathSmiles to the US! I'm so getting that game!  ( :

So, if you happen to enjoy arcade shooters, check out this game. It may look intimidating but in the long run, it feels great when you've managed to dodge a boss' insane attack pattern. Plus, if enough people get the games, Cave might actually release more of them over here. It would be nice to see Espgaluda remade too. The PS2 version is SUPER expansive. : P

Again, Mushihime-Sama Futari is region-free, so it plays on an US XBox 360 no problem. Some of the text is in japanese but there isn't much to reach + all the essentials like the menus are in english. Check it out. It's epic. ^_^

(Oh and also, check out Soldner X2: Final Prototype and Gundemonium Recollection on the PS3. (Soldner X2 is much better than the first one in my opinion)

Yay for 2D shooters!  ( :
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Of course this is pretty late but I've been getting back into Bayonetta to try and find all the remaining secrets and try to get Platinum awards in more of the chapters. Here are a few thoughts.

This game relies too much on the dodging mechanic and there are too many moves. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm all for move variety and all that sweet stuff but I'm having trouble, in the heat of the game actually figuring out how to do each move. Sometimes, a move will just start by mistake and its animation would keep playing for too long, leaving in the wrong place at the wrong time and forcing me to cancel the move or getting hit.

A perfect example of how the dodging mechanic and the too-great number of moves conflict with each other. Bayonetta has a move in which she turns into a panther of some kind. It's used to move super fast around the environment. The problem is that this move is activated by pressing the dodge button twice. And since there is so much chaos going on on-screen at the same time, to make sure I dodge an attack correctly, I end up tapping the dodge button multiple times. Often, I end up turning into a panther and running away from the enemies. Bayonetta then ends up too far from the action to retaliate, even if the dodge was timed correctly.

Speaking of having too much chaos on-screen, sometimes there is so much stuff going on - be it special effects, weird camera angles, etc... - that it becomes difficult for me to see an attack coming so that I can dodge it. Often, I just step in, deal a few hits or dodge, step back and repeat. Just jumping in to the fray and perform dodges while fighting at the same time is out of the question. Every time I attempt this, I get hit.

It seems to me they tried all they could to avoid confusion - because there are special effects to warn you, there are sound cues and all of that - but to me, it still end ups being kinda confusing.

Now in Devil May Cry 3 - 4 it was fine. Because the dodging/blocking mechanic was not part of the mandatory set of moves. You could get through the whole game without using Royal Guard at all. But even so, in DMC3-4 it was much easier to read the enemy attacks since there wasn't as much stuff going on on the screen.

One other thing I still prefer about DMC3-4 is that the missions are quite short and that makes them less frustrating to attempt to beat your score or get a S ranking. If you fail, trying again isn't so bad since you don't spend that much time playing through the mission itself. In Bayonetta, the chapters are huge! So when you get to the end with a disappointing ranking, re-attempting the missions is discouraging because it takes forever to get to the end of the chapter. Also, correct me if I'm wrong but when playing through the chapters to get a high ranking, you NEED to re-attempt the Secret Missions (Alfheim) too to secure a high ranking. This makes the whole process even longer and more discouraging to re-attempt since they take time and sometimes they are really tough to complete or perform well in.

Also, I find that the point system is confusing. In DMC, you have a big bright D, C, B, A, S, SS or SSS appearing in the corner that lets you know you are fighting with style and that you get more points. In Bayonetta, not only do I never get the time to take a look at the combo meter, but I'm not sure I really understand it. It's too complex to actually read how good you are doing in the heat of the battle. (The battle itself is already over-crowded with effects and stuff)

Anyway, I still think that Bayonetta is a great game. It's just that, for the reasons mentioned above, I don't think it tops Devil May Cry 3 or 4. DMC's challenge is still more clear and consistent to tackle and it's less frustrating. Bayonetta's presentation of its battle is sometimes confusing and makes it hard for the player to master it and attempt to perform for a high ranking. Again, don't get me wrong. I see the depth. I see the mechanic. It's there. It's awesome. But it's too crowded for me to keep up sometimes.  : P

I'm still playing though ( :
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