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My StrikeMan Art Contest Entry

By MegaPhilX
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Here is my submission for CAPCOM's weekly Robot Master Art contest. This week is StrikeMan. I felt like drawing him so here it is! ^_^

The [link] to the contest itself.

Please ask me before using my pictures.
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strike1!2!3!you are out!
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I thought Strike Man had a baseball cap on. ^.^; Still, its a very dynamic piece and I wish you luck!
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Looks pretty good! Good Job. I'm waiting for Chill Man to enter. I already have the piece done! :)
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Only crit I have is I would move his oupils up a bit so he doesn't look like he's looking at the floor so much, haha ;)

Nice work! :D Good luck in the contest :) It's cool to see there's more people joining in now :D
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well its quite a fantastic pic of strike man here,the lighting is quite wonderful... also,im sure your going win this contest,or atleast be in the higher ranks.
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Thanks but I'm not sure I'll win... I could have put more time into the background : P
But thanks for the support ^_^
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your welcome,i guess... if only i can do something new for a change... oh well,good luck then.
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very cool! I like the flashy lighting of the background, Strikeman sure is in the spotlight of a decisive situation, there =)

That said, awesome style, fave'd for sure.
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Very nice! I thought since the hint said "horn" and "blast" I thought it'd be Nitro Man this week.
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megaman 10 boss good
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That looks awesome. I'm going to vote for it if there's nothing better.
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Wow. Tout un style de dessin pour ce nouveau robot pour Mega Man 10.

Et bonne chance pour le concours, Phil.
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Is it just me, or does this Strike Man look kind of depressed?

Anyhow, looks awesome. Here's hoping you get in the top 10!
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This is pretty awesome-looking for the most part, but the background does look somewhat strange, though.
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Strike your out
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