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Shampoo Intro Animation Cels Mosaic by MegaPhilX, visual art

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I'm a senior game/level designer and artist. I developed the fan-game Mega Man Unlimited with the help of Jansim, LeiGaiBo and Kevvviiinnn.

Even though I don't work in that field, I have studied 2D cartoon animation. I draw and animate for fun in my spare time.

I started to draw by drawing Mega Man characters

I became better at drawing by drawing Shampoo from Ranma 1/2. She is my favorite character.

So expect to see a lot of that kind of art here.

Enjoy your stay! ^_^

You can download Megaman Unlimited from

Favourite Visual Artist
Yoji Shinkawa
Favourite Movies
Das Boot
Favourite Games
Mega Man, Devil May Cry, Fatal Frame, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint EX
Other Interests
Games, Drawing, Sound, Anime
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As you may know, I have stopped uploading to Deviantart because they delete my stuff. So I haven't spent much time here. I have made A LOT of illustrations since then. I encourage you to check them out of Pixiv or on my website under Art-Animation or Art-Illustrations. Here is what's new: - [Animation] Shampoo 1/2 Eyecatch - Street Fighter Shampoo - Shampoo from kittyocean Sketch - Shampoo Panic Stadium (From Strip Mahjong game) - [Animation] Shampoo All Around - So Happy! - How I Draw Shampoo - Distracted Ranma
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[Nudity] Deviantart will probably delete it if I post it here so here are external links to my latest animation: On Twitter with sound: On Pixiv as an animated .png (You have to click o
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I am finally done with the animation making-of video I wanted to do for so long! It is a video I made showcasing how I made this animation: I was lucky enough to meet waka_BANDhammer on Twitter. She does a perfect imitation of Shampoo's Japanese
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Hi. Could you draw Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung?

I Adore Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 and I'm glad I found someone else loves her as much as me!~ I hope there could be more Shampoo x Ranma pictures on here, as from what I read on her backstory and how people treat her in the anime, I just want them to be together now, since I think that ship is just adorable and sweet!~ ^^

I'm glad to meet another Shampoo fan. ^_^ I no longer post my images her on Deviantart because they delete many of them. Especially the one that are NSFW. I recommend you check out my Pixiv:

I have some more RanmaXShampoo images there too such as this one:

I see. That's nice!~ So far that's the only other Ranmoo (Ranma X Shampoo) Piece I've seen that wasn't on here.

Could you draw a Picture of Ranma playing with Shampoo's extremely long and smooth hair? That's the type of stuff I love when it comes to this ship, (And anything involving Long Haired Girls for that matter,) but Nobody seems to draw that side of the romance... (At least from what I've seen.) If you don't feel like doing that request, It's alright. Drawing Shampoo takes a while from what I observed, and I completely understand that.

Well I have animations too if you haven't seen them:

If you have a particular request, I do commissions too:

Otherwise maybe I'll make such an image someday if I have a scene in mind... I would have to think about it. ^_^

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Hello Phill!😀

I really like your artwork.

and The Megaman Unlimited is amazing and awesome game.

And the theme of whirlpoolman is beautiful😇

Your Megaman artwork looks so awesome! Please keep it up! 🤖👍