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Team Humbert Humbert

Hooray for real literature.
Team Humbert Humbert~
(from Lolita btw >_>; )
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They don't make a heart big enough for the love!!! Please, please PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE make this available to share on tumblr???? Please???? It would be so super loved there.
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I support H. H. too *w*!!!
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As intriguing Humbert Humbert is on the first glance and as talented as he is in glossing over his actions...
Fictional or not, he is.
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On the other hand, Nabokov is honest about his male lead (wasn't intended to be seen as a good guy and is not seen as such. More the intriguing evil kind.)... in that way, yeah, the concept behind Humbert (a pedophile, trying to charm his way out and being actually intriguing, yet still the bad guy here) is better than behind Edward (psycho, stalker, emotionally abusive - and still portrayed and to be seen as desirable.)
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Well, for the most part all Nabokov did was translate it. Cut out some of the racier stuff, and published it.
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... uh... no? Nabokov... wrote it? In the "made up story, characters and narrative framing" writing way?
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No, it's a true story, Humbert Humbert is just an alias for the real man, the real man also died while he was incarcerated, one of his last wishes was that his court statement be published in a book. That's why Humbert Humbert always says "Gentlemen of the jury!" and stuff like that because during the time he was writing it for the purpose of retelling it in court. He also mentions that most of the characters' names are aliases and not really the real names of the people, except Dolores I believe because otherwise all those nicknames would not have made sense, Lo and Dolly for example. Anyway, the real man died and his lawyer got Nabokov to essentially translate his court statement into a novel, if you have the 50th Anniversary Edition it should say all this in the Foreword.

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... ... ... ... ... ... either you are utterly stupid or you're utterly bad at trolling.
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Hey, however many thousands of copies he sold don't lie, it's all right there in the book.
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Yeah, just as several things in the book don't add up. (considering he for some reason knew Lo died? Was this a true report, don'T you think for truth's sake there would be a footnote, correcting that bit, which would illustrate how deteroriated Humberts mind had become?) 

Seriously dude. Next thing you're claiming is that Goethe wasn't the actual author of "Werther" but just published it.

Also considering the translation - you ARE aware that Humbert - was he real - would have written in English, right, being British and all and that NAbokov wrote the book in English? Seriously, attend some literature lectures or even school instead of watching these "documentaries" on TV all day.
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Why would you support that fucking sick pedophile?! o_o
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Because he is a well writen one ;)
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I love this! It makes me so happy!!!
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Screw Edward, Humbert stole my soul. :'D I'm reading Lolita every night before going to sleep... Nabokov's words are my personal written lullaby.
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because let's face it-the relationship in twilight is just as morally unsound. Though you know-Lolita is actually good.
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I'd MUCH rather have Humbert then a sparklpire. I enjoyed the novel and the 1962 film adaption (it was my fave). :heart:
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wow, this is has made my day! Go real literature! **sniffles** this is totally getting faved :'D
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Heh, if you're going to be rooting for a pedo might as well be a well-written one. :D
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King of the Pervs! Humbert Humbert!
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