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Flower Blues

[Flower Blues]
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Wow, this reminds me of a poem by Robert Frost: "Fragmentary Blue" in which the speaker is posing the question "Why make so much of fragmentary blue [?]". Your piece answers this question without any doubt. Just because Blue is wonderful, magical and one cannot possibly get enough of it.
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Aw. :blush: That was the most beautiful comment. Thank you
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lovely color!! the way the water drop shines is just beautiful :)
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Such elegance and grace, you captured it with such emotion.
this is really rare, which makes it all the more beautiful.
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A really amazing capture! :aww:
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I love it! It's amazing! <3

Stupid people are what make our lives unique.
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Can I use this for stock?
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Only if you give me credit and link back
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Wow! Fantastic job!
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Unfold in blue – a creature of grace
You are in love with the sky
Or also fond of the waters' face
Your true-blue limbs cannot lie

Pray tell me then of the flowings in you
What feelings you nurture deep
And how you smile when you're feeling blue
In spite of the tears you weep

For must we bow to the loveless ones,
Who try to put us in daunt?
Our blue will conquer the grayest guns
Our grin – a match for their taunt

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:iconblue-heart-duh: This beautiful work is featured here [link]
We hope you like it!
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It's a beautiful image!
So.. quaint... :meow:
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Great photo! Colours are stunning ^^
o-o; wow thats really prettyy .
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