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Legend of Zelda-Desolate
Link thrust the sword forward, up to the very hilt. A weary satisfaction overcame him as the beast that was Ganon flailed about, filling the night air with sharp cries. And as Link was watching the strongest being in the world, the wielder of the Triforce of Power, he felt an intense pain around his stomach, and immediately collapsed. The Blade of Evil's Bane fell to the ground beside him.
"Link? Link!"
Link tried to call out to the princess, but no sound would come. He pressed his hands against the wound he had acquired earlier, pulling them back only to find that they were covered with thick red blood. Link laughed, a small, timid laugh, as Zelda ran towards where he lie.
"No way," he said quietly, finding his voice. "There's just no way I've come this far, just to die."
Visions of his childhood as a fairyless Kokiri washed over him. Fighting with Mido, befriending Saria, then finally meeting Navi and beginning his quest. And what a quest it was. He started thinking that maybe he rea
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Rover's Adventure
When Rover set off after a mangy stray cat that cloudy morning, he had no idea that the rest of his day would be spent trying to get home. He didn't think that he had gone that far, but by the time he stopped and looked around, he was already on the other side of town, the part that he hardly recognized at all. He had only been here once or twice on walks with his family, and that was a long time ago. They hardly ever went out anymore. Rover contributed that to the current state of things, something that his master's father was avidly interested in. He would sit in the living room watching the news, elbows on his knees, chin resting on his hands, green eyes gazing intently at the screen. His wife had her eyes fixated on him almost all of the time, a troubled look on her pale, stately face. "You know it's not your fault…" she would say in the silence…but Rover had an annoying suspicion that that was, at the very least, a partial lie…
A car horn woke Rover from his reverie
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Kiriban 4444 for sarahkimmio
Note: This DOES NOT take place in the DN Angel universe, so Dark and Krad have their own bodies, and some other minor things are different.
It was the start of another school day. Dark had come to pick me up again, and I had been waiting patiently for five minutes before the familiar black car arrived in the driveway. I waved goodbye to my father as I hurried out the door, eager to see Dark after the long weekend. It didn't matter that he was a senior and I was a freshman; we had fun hanging out together. Even before I opened the car door I could hear the sound of Nightmare booming through his speakers. And as soon as I opened the car doors he turned it down, much to my relief.
"Hey," he said, flashing me his brilliant smile.
"Hey," I replied, getting into the warm car. It was nice to have a ride, especially on cold days like this. We rode the first few blocks in relative silence, asking how the weekend was and talking about Friday's big basketball game while I a
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When Will You? Chapter 8
Chapter Eight: Raindrops
"Dark," I muttered, trying to get to my feet. He was on the ground, a few feet away.
He looked over at me, his eyes meeting mine. "…Sato…shi," he pleaded, too weak to stand.
I saw the artwork Kuroshi look up, Dark's blood still lingering on her lips. There was hate written all over her face, and in her eyes. Before she could react to seeing me, Dark reached up and grabbed her face, pressing his lips to hers. I watched as Kuroshi leaned into him, and I felt something in my heart pang. My arms went weak underneath me, and I found I couldn't hold myself up any longer. I fell there, facing away from the pair, as silent tears overtook me. Why did it hurt so much to see him with her like that?
"Hey, Kuro?" I heard, as Dark pulled himself away from her.
"What?" she asked.
"Promise me something?" Dark asked her quietly, so quietly I almost didn't hear.
"Anything, Dark. Just don't ask me to let both of you escape. I can't d
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When Will You? Chapter 7
Chapter Seven: Dark
I watched the sun rise over the horizon. It was somewhat funny, how everything seemed to continue on living the same as always when my world had been turned upside-down so many times. It was unbelievable to think that all of that had happened in a little over two days. My head was still spinning.
It was midmorning when Dark woke up.
"Didn't sleep well?" I asked, noticing that he still looked extremely tired.
"It's my chest. It keeps bothering me."
I walked over to him and pulled the makeshift wrap off. It was stained dark red with blood. I could tell, even before I finished unwrapping it, that Dark's chest was sure to be infected. It was hot to the touch, and when I got the bandages off, I noticed that it looked pretty bad. Infection was starting to spread.
"Are you sure there's no way I can help, Dark?"
He grimaced. "Well, I can't die, so it doesn't really need to be healed. But if you insist, I might be able to channel s
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When Will You? Chapter 6
Chapter Six: Collapse
One hour before the collapse of the house, Satoshi and I were going our separate ways. We had agreed that it would be quickest if we split up. So, while I went to the basement, Satoshi checked the ground floor and second floor. The sound of my footsteps was muffled by the thick walls down here, and it gave me a feeling of being trapped. It didn't help that there weren't many lights down here, and half of them didn't work. I tried to fight back a wave of trepidation.
I checked every room in the basement as well as I could, and Daisuke was nowhere to be found. But in the last room I checked, I found a plain wooden staircase that led down even further into the basement. I set one hand on the banister and took the steps slowly, at least hoping that I would find Daisuke down here. Such wasn't my luck; there wasn't anyone in the basement. I took a few tentative steps forward as I looked around cautiously. I scoffed; this was all just a
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When Will You? Chapter 5
Chapter Five: Calamity
"What do you think could have happened to him?" asked Satoshi.
I shook my head, trying to come up with an answer. "Kosuke did say that Daisuke and I might get separated, but if that had happened then he would have been in the yard after the ritual. As far as I know, he wasn't there." I stood up, out of possibilities. No matter how I looked at it, I couldn't make sense of where Daisuke might be now. The best thing to do would be to search the last place I had spoken to him.
"We've wasted enough time. I'm going back, at least to take a look around. For all we know he could have been there, and we could have just overlooked him. Of course, if that happened, then the police would have taken him, along with Kosuke and the others. You just stay here for now; you're in no condition to travel."
Satoshi grimaced and stood. "I'm fine, Dark. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you're the only one who cares about what happens to Daisuke.
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When Will You? Chapter 4
Chapter Four: Separation
"It's very difficult to separate two souls from one body, you have to understand that." It was the night of the full moon, and I was just making sure to explain everything to Satoshi and Dark again very clearly. "This only works when Krad is at his weakest, on the anniversary of his appearance and on a night when the moon is full. Try it any other night and Krad would definitely be able to kill his host body and take it over for good. And even if Krad is at his weakest, it's still extremely dangerous; nobody has ever successfully done it before. If Krad fights back hard enough while still inside of you, it could really hurt you, maybe even kill you. But you're sure you want to do this?"
Satoshi was pale, but his mind was made up. "Yes," he answered.
"And Dark?" I asked.
Dark nodded. "Daisuke and I are both fine with it as long as Satoshi is."
"Alright then Satoshi, you have to stand on that first circle there and try to relax
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When Will You? Chapter 3
Chapter Three: Whispers
When the day finally came that I could go back to school, I had been gone for almost four whole weeks, and it was the start of a new term. I was, understandably, nervous. I didn't know how to act or how to approach Miss Risa. On top of that, my chest was still hurting a lot, which would explain why I was walking while slouching a little. I wasn't too worried about the school work; I could finish that with my eyes closed. But my biggest worry was how many questions people were bound to ask. How was I supposed to explain my absence, and how was I going to hide the fact that I had been injured so severely? At least Krad hadn't tried to show up recently.
…He hadn't tried very hard, anyway…
"…Hey, don't worry about it."
"Hm?" I looked up at Daisuke, who was walking to school with me, his cast already removed.
"I know you're worried, Hiwatari. Just...try not to think about it, alright?"
"Sure." I looked up and saw th
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When Will You? Chapter 2
Chapter Two: Awakening
"What's happening?" I wondered, trapped inside my nightmares again. A scene flashed before me, and I saw Dark flying through the night sky, Krad in pursuit.
I tossed and turned in my sleep, unable to stop the nightmare from replaying in my head.
After a few moments of fighting, Krad finally caught up with Dark, surrounding him in feathers. This was the point in my nightmare where I would always wake up. But now that I was unable to wake up, I watched in horror as Krad crushed Dark and Niwa.
"Stop it Krad!" I yelled through his mind. All he did was laugh.
"I don't think so, Master Satoshi. I don't take orders from you anymore."
I screamed in pain as Krad took full control, pushing me aside and ignoring my pleas. I felt my world collapse around me, and I fell into a fitful sleep, wishing my nightmares would just stop already.

"It's been three days already. When is he going to wake u
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When Will You? Chapter 1
I saw an angel, with wings as black as onyx. The rest of the charm was a mixture of purples, blacks, and grays, all swirled around to make up the colors of the charm. "It looks like…me," I whispered, completely confused.
"That's because it is you, Dark," replied Hiwatari. "This necklace was part of the Black Wings, part of the living, breathing artwork that you and Krad were originally meant to be. Since there was only supposed to be one of you, surely you must have realized that either Krad or yourself was the original, and that the other was a fake? Well, you are the original."
I hung my head again, relief
and regret washing over me. I had always suspected that Krad was no more than a replica, but there had still been a shadow of doubt that had hung over me. I was sad, however, because I knew how much that truth must have hurt Krad. Despite everything, and despite what he thought, I really did care about him. He was a part of me, after all.
Out of the corner of my eye,
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Zutara Caught In The Act
Zuko groaned as he slid his arm into the sleeve. It was a bright sunny morning, the kind anyone would wish for. He was getting ready to meet his subjects as Fire Lord Zuko for the first time.
"Need some help with that?"
Zuko spun around in shock, only to find Mai standing in the doorway. "Mai! They let you out of prison?"
She walked over and helped him tie the sash around his waist. "My uncle pulled some strings." Zuko stood there awkwardly when Mai left her hands resting on his hips. Mai cleared her throat, clearly unhappy that he didn't embrace her in a hug.
"I have to go. See you at the ceremony." Without another word, she turned back towards the door and left to change for the crowning ceremony.
Zuko stood there, arms still at his sides, fighting with the tormenting emotions inside of him. "Why didn't you kiss her?" a part of him said. "She was waiting for you to kiss her!" Zuko sighed. "I guess it's because…I don't feel that way about her anymore…Ever since I wrote that
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Zutara Week-Pinch
“Katara, can I talk to you for a second?” Katara looked up. “Oh, sure thing.” He helped Katara up, then started walking to the West. Katara followed, a little uneasy. When they reached the edge of the cliff, they sat together on the edge of a rock. Neither of them spoke for a few minutes. The tension in the air was so thick you could’ve but it with a knife.
“You don’t like me, do you?” The question was straight-forward, but Katara was ready for it. “Of course I like you. But not the same way you like me…” She stood up and turned away from him, crossing her arms in a you-can’t-change-my-mind way. He stood up and walked to her side.
“It’s okay. I understand.” Katara looked over at Aang. He looked defeated, but not too devastated. “To tell you the truth, I always figured that you didn’t feel the same way towards me.” Katara got a sudden burst of happiness. Aang wasn’t bitter, or
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Zutara Week-Stare
The next day, Katara decided to go watch Zuko and Aang practice their fire bending. Since she had nothing better to do, Toph decided to come with her. They sat there for a few minutes, just watching the two fire benders. Then, out of nowhere, Toph asked, “Why do you stare at Zuko when he firebends?”
Katara gasped. Of course Toph would know! Katara panicked and replied, “Oh, I’m just bored.” Toph was ready for that. “But you don’t ever look at Aang when he’s bending…” Shoot. Caught in the act… “Well, I always get to see Aang bend. I’ve never actually got to relax while Zuko was bending.
Toph just smirked. “Don’t try to lie, Katara. You know I can tell…” Katara burst out, “Fine! Do you really want to know why I stare at him? Well, maybe it’s because I think he looks sexy when he bends!”
Toph got a surprised look on her face. Her jaw dropped, and she knew it was the t
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Love Wins by yuumei Love Wins :iconyuumei:yuumei 16,033 2,081 The Gaang by did-you-reboot The Gaang :icondid-you-reboot:did-you-reboot 123 9 Sea witch Nami splash art by Shockowaffel Sea witch Nami splash art :iconshockowaffel:Shockowaffel 7,189 324
Mature content
Diyu Scythe :icontaylordlc:taylordlc 2 0
Sherlock AND JOHN wolves by KayFedewa Sherlock AND JOHN wolves :iconkayfedewa:KayFedewa 794 66 I am Free! by KashinoRei I am Free! :iconkashinorei:KashinoRei 149 13
the shit i learned in high school
1. help clean up the morning after the party.
(even if it wasn't you
who smashed tater tots into the carpet
or left crushed beer cans in the flowerbox.
it might as well have been, and
if you're lucky
next time, it will be.)
2. when your phone rings after midnight,
it's never the person you want it to be.
answer it anyway.
and when it's a boy who wants to read poetry and watch meteor showers,
understand that that's probably not all he wants,
and then hang up.
or don't hang up.
trade poems and stars and kisses,
and let it mean nothing or everything.
3. skipping class is never a good idea
unless you're with a friend you love
and you sneak along the railroad tracks to sit and smoke and watch trains pass
or unless you're alone,
and you need to walk and think and drink steaming coffee in the rain
or unless-
okay, fuck it, skipping class at least once is probably a good idea.
4. don't apologize for asking questions.
5. don't be afraid to disagree.
6. don't get caught.
7. everyone is lonely
:icontheadequategatsby:TheAdequateGatsby 880 257
SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY. . . by TacosaurusRex SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY. . . :icontacosaurusrex:TacosaurusRex 1,275 174 .r e. .c h a r g e. by vashperado .r e. .c h a r g e. :iconvashperado:vashperado 17,672 1,143 AkuNo - Wildfire by Nijuuni AkuNo - Wildfire :iconnijuuni:Nijuuni 1,244 78
Mature content
A Little Competition :iconseventhfantasy:seventhfantasy 13 3
Korra Aura by Artgerm Korra Aura :iconartgerm:Artgerm 28,172 1,175 SASUSAKU :stay: by annria2002 SASUSAKU :stay: :iconannria2002:annria2002 3,481 580 Lord of the West by Newsha-Ghasemi Lord of the West :iconnewsha-ghasemi:Newsha-Ghasemi 1,537 202 Watch_Dogs by doubleleaf Watch_Dogs :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 4,012 210 Rumination by yuumei Rumination :iconyuumei:yuumei 39,542 7,975

That was all his mind could seem to tell him, at the moment. And so he did.

He could hear the villagers, his friends, his neighbors, all chasing after him, brandishing flames and bows. But they needed him alive, so for all the arrows that whizzed past Hunter, none of them struck true, nor would have been fatal if they had.

After all, a sacrifice is no good if it is already dead.


Hunter woke slowly, fatigued from running throughout the night. The sun had only just come up a few hours ago. He had gotten maybe three hours of restless sleep.

He observed his surroundings, having not paid much attention to them when he slid into the thicket, hiding for the remainder of the night. He had run almost half an hour longer after he couldn't hear the villagers anymore. And now Hunter heard… nothing. An unnatural stillness that meant a predator was near.

He sat up a little taller, trying to look through the trees. He could hear it now. There was something here, close by. The soft snap of a twig underfoot, of crunching grass and leaves, shifting dirt. Hunter froze. This may have been what had woken him.

A lone wolf suddenly lunged at him, teeth wrapping around his forearm. Hunter cried out, backing against the brush, writhing on the ground. After a few seconds of this, both had quieted, heavy breathing being all that filled the thicket. His arm still in a death-grip, Hunter stared into the wolf's eyes, his own betraying fear and fatigue. The wolf quieted his growls, searching Hunter's eyes for something. Or so it seemed to Hunter.

"It's okay. I won't attack you," he struggled. "I'm alone, and frightened. Please…"

The wolf loosened his grip, slowly, then backed up quite suddenly. Hunter was ready to stand when the wolf turned and ran off into the woods. Hunter doubted he could find it, even with all of his tracking skills. He couldn't draw his bow right now anyway; he would just have to trust that the wolf wouldn't return.

He had left his village in quite a hurry, only sparing the time to grab his bow, quiver, and hunting pouch. Having always been cautious, he kept sterilized cloth and other such small supplies there at all times. He would have to find a clear stream to wash his arm in. Who knew what diseases that damn wolf could have.


It took Hunter a little over an hour to find a clean stream. He wished now that he had something to store water in. The way it was, he couldn't stand to wander too far away from the stream. But just as he would stay close for fear of losing water, so too would dangerous animals. He'd have to watch himself.

After cleaning and dressing his wound, Hunter took an inventory of his supplies. He had his bow, an old thing carved from a hickory tree and reinforced with lemonwood. He had a quiver, comfortably full with eight arrows. Medicinal supplies along the lines of sterile wrap and gauze, and herbs for pain, cuts, and burns. He also had an extra bowstring and his hunting knife. The pack was fairly light, but he hadn't been able to find his waterskin in his rush to leave. His biggest regret. He had also dressed light, his cloak being his warmest bit of clothing. The nights would be cold, but bearable. He knew how to make a fire, and shelter. He would survive.

That only left him wondering one thing. What would he do now?


By next morning, Hunter was sure he had left the villagers behind. He had already traveled well beyond what they considered their normal hunting grounds. He was in contested territory. Now his worry became the various animal packs that roamed these parts of the forest, wolves especially.

Hunter's hand went to his injured arm. It was still sore, but he would try hunting today. He had left two nights ago, after a feast of lamb and potatoes, among other crops that they had harvested, and while it had served him well yesterday, his appetite had returned in full force overnight. He would take what he could get, though. He would eat tree bark if he had to; he had once before, on a bet. But he'd rather not.

These parts were hilly, making for difficult climbing. Hunter probably would've walked along with the stream even if he had brought his waterskin; it made for easier walking, for one thing, and animals would need water just as he would. There was a slight breeze, not enough to dramatically affect an arrow, but just enough to help mask a foreign scent, and carry it away from prey. Hunter found a tree downwind from the stream, stashing his hunting pouch at its base. This tree looked to be easy to climb, even with his arm, and had a clear view of the water below. He'd had several clean kills from this range before. This shouldn't be difficult.

The climb up was easier than he had imagined. It was a short distance, but enough that most animals would not notice him. Hunter nocked an arrow, laying his bow across his lap. He cut a piece of bark from the tree with his knife, needing something to chew on to take his mind off of his empty stomach. It was going to be a long day.


It was midday when Hunter knew something was wrong. He had suspected so for the last few hours, but there was definitely something scaring all of the game away. And it just wasn't leaving.

He had a few options here. The first was to continue on. After all, if this thing wasn't leaving, it was probably trying to protect its territory, or worse, its family. There was nothing more dangerous than an angry mother. And for it to scare away the game, it had to be a wolf, or wolves. For Hunter's sake, he would continue to hope that it was wolf, singular.

But if it was wolf, singular, then Hunter had pretty good odds of killing it, even if it challenged him. There was also always the chance that it was the wolf from yesterday, and Hunter hadn't had his revenge on him yet. Wolf meat wasn't so bad, better than bark, anyway. He was actually looking forward to it as he climbed out of the tree.

Hunter took off his bear pelt cloak. He'd have to wade across the stream, and though it wouldn't ruin the pelt persay, it would be damp and unpleasant for a while afterwards. He was fine wading with the rest, but took only his bow, knife, and two arrows with him. He could return for the rest if he was successful, but he didn't need it weighing him down for the kill.

After nocking one of the arrows and placing the other carefully between his teeth, Hunter sank down into the river, careful to keep his bow above the water. It was viciously cold, but only came up to just above his waist, and for that, at least, Hunter was glad.

As he slipped slowly out of the water, Hunter took careful stock of his surroundings. A good place for a wolf den… where would that be? He had nothing really to go on, and so chose a path that the animals had made and began to follow it.

It didn't take him long to find the wolf.

When he happened across it, his bow was already drawn, but his arrow did not strike true. The wolf chose to move at the moment that Hunter loosed his arrow, and it struck instead in the wolf's right flank. He landed atop Hunter, eyes wide with the pain and fangs bared.

Hunter was really frightened now. This was no ordinary wolf. Those eyes were most decidedly human. And he was about to be killed by it, this demon creature. So… why hadn't it attacked yet? Maybe they weren't all as primal as he had been taught to believe.

"Please, wait," Hunter managed. Déjà vu much?

"Why are you here?" spoke the wolf. "You humans rarely hunt this far, and if you do then you never hunt alone."

Hunter blanked. This wolf's voice was mesmerizing. It was mature, yes, but not deep. In fact, it sounded to be even younger than himself, though it spoke with a wisdom beyond its years.

"Speak, human! I will not hesitate again."

Hunter knew that he would have to choose his next words with great care. He swallowed first, finding himself in desperate need for a drink of water.

"The only reason I am hunting this far from my tribe is because they meant to sacrifice me to the Gods two nights ago. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't believe me. I can hardly bring myself to believe it, but I swear to you, it is the truth. I've had nothing to eat in that long, apart from tree bark. So please, if you would just spare me, I will not go after you or your pack."

The wolf laughed, a deep, coughing growl accompanying his all too human laugh.

"You humor me, human."

"But it's truth!"

"I did not say otherwise, only that I find you humorous. Poor helpless human, had to eat bark from a tree, even with his fancy weapon."

Hunter came to a sudden realization.

"You've been watching me since morning?"

The wolf blinked in response.

"Was it your aim to scare all of the game away? Or were you simply hoping to kill me when I could not net a meal tonight?"

"You simply intrigue me, curious human. I was watching to see how you would react in that situation."

Hunter liked the direction that this conversation was taking. It was no longer about bargaining for his life, at any rate.

"Did I react according to your expectations?"

The wolf blinked again.

"I did not expect you to realize that I was scaring the game away. And also, that you would come after me."

Hunter swallowed, the wolf still pinning him very much to the ground. He could feel the wolf's blood, trickling down around his leg.

"For that, I am sorry. If I had known you were more than a mere wolf, I would-"

"What? You would have done what, exactly? Do not try to deceive me. Your kind hardly look upon mine with respect and admiration."

"It is wrong to kill another human, and-"

The wolf growled, fiercely.

"And so it is wrong to kill my kind? Do not, ever, compare me to that of a lowly human. Why do you think I choose the appearance and life of a wolf?"

Hunter was at a loss for words. Of course he had heard the tales of the ones who had lost favor with the Gods, and so, to be punished, had lost their bond with nature. He was one of them. Humans were considered lowly beings, in the eyes of a God. They were made to sacrifice young men to appease the Gods, once a year, after the harvest, lest the next year be a harsh one.

In all actuality, humans were, in the beginning, only another form of every creature. After losing touch with the Gods, they also lost touch with what they had once been capable of. In much the same way, some of the original beings completely ignored free will, and so shed their connection with man, becoming animals that blindly followed the teachings of the Gods. Those who ignored Gods, and those who blindly followed Gods. Then there were those who followed the teachings of the Gods, while still daring to challenge them and grasp at free will. They were beings like this wolf. Being proud creatures, many wolves were actually capable of human intelligence and actions, moreso than any other animal.

In fact, legends said that all wolves were capable of human transformations, and that half of all the humans today came from wolves, one of the most prideful animals on the planet, never one to blindly follow. And Hunter had just insulted this creature's pride, whatever his definition of that was.

He looked down from the wolf's eyes.

"I apologize. I did not mean to insult your pride, or to otherwise offend."

The wolf let up, Hunter finally finding it easier to breath. He slid so that he was sitting, the wolf doing likewise, keeping his right leg outstretched. It was he who spoke first.

"So, you were to be a sacrifice? You may have doomed your entire village to a harsh winter by running away."

"I know."

"And you're okay with that?"

Hunter shrugged.

"There's no one left in my village that I will miss. In a choice between my life or my village, my life simply won. And that's all there is."

The wolf nodded.

"Are you going, then, to the mountains?"

"To beg forgiveness from the Gods? I'm not sure. I've no idea what to do now."

He couldn't stop staring at the wolf's quivering leg, at his arrow still sticking through.

"I could start by helping you with that arrow. I have herbs and the like in my pack, just a little ways back."

The wolf looked at the arrow as if it were nothing more than a mere annoyance.

"That would be appreciated. There aren't many human skills that I am envious of, but your ability to heal is one of them. I will wait, if you would be so kind, but please leave your weapon behind."

Hunter felt torn. To leave his bow behind was madness. But he knew that the only reason he was alive was because he had won this wolf's favor somehow. The wolf could probably still kill him, given the chance. So he set his bow and arrow down carefully. He did not offer his knife, nor did the wolf press him for it. And then he was gone, trudging back across the stream.

He almost didn't go back. That creature terrified him, shook him to his very core. But without his bow, he was as good as finished out here in the wilderness. So he rolled everything up in his bear-pelt cloak and carefully made his way back to the wolf.


"You know, this would be easier if you were human. Less fur."

Hunter had his knife, some herbs, and wrap already set out when he voiced his concerns. The wolf simply laughed.

"Are you truly that curious as to what I look like?"

(And..... that's all I've got. So far. Much more in the works. Maybe. xD)
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       bunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley faces Eyeball  bunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley faces
       bunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesTini Cleaver (Right)  Tini Preserved Heart Moving Eye Ball Cup Cake 50x50 icon  Broken Heart  Moving Eye Ball Cup Cake 50x50 icon  Tini Preserved Heart Tini Cleaver (Left)bunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley faces
       bunch of smiley facesPill AvatarMoving Eyeballs Cake Type 2 50x50 icon Virtual Retro LED - HVirtual Retro LED - AVirtual Retro LED - PVirtual Retro LED - PVirtual Retro LED - Y Moving Eyeballs Cake Type 2 50x50 iconPopsiclebunch of smiley faces
  GHOST HEART Moving Eyeballs Cake 50x50 iconVirtual Retro LED - BVirtual Retro LED - IVirtual Retro LED - RVirtual Retro LED - TVirtual Retro LED - HVirtual Retro LED - DVirtual Retro LED - AVirtual Retro LED - YMoving Eyeballs Cake 50x50 icon GHOST HEART 
Tini Vintage Syringe leftTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeScalpel (Right)
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Happy Birthday! *hugs you*…
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Happy Best Birthday!:3 My Dear megankimmio!:3

Happy Birthday!:3To!:3 You!:) (Smile) Happy Birthday!:3To!:3 You!:) (Smile) Happy Birthday!:3 Dear megankimmio!:3 HHHHHAAAAAPPPPPYYYYY BBBBBIIIIIRRRRRTTTTTHHHHHDDDDDAAAAAYYYYY!:3TTTTTOOOOO!:3 YYYYYOOOOO
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Happy Best Birthday!:3 My Dear megankimmio!:3

Happy Birthday!:3To!:3 You!:) (Smile) Happy Birthday!:3To!:3 You!:) (Smile) Happy Birthday!:3 Dear megankimmio!:3 HHHHHAAAAAPPPPPYYYYY BBBBBIIIIIRRRRRTTTTTHHHHHDDDDDAAAAAYYYYY!:3TTTTTOOOOO!:3 YYYYYOOOOO
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