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Ending wp journals + 200 points give away

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 8, 2014, 9:39 AM
First thing is that I decided to end the weekly photo journal, it was very fun to make and I'm very glad so many people liked it! But after 30 weeks I think it's time for something new, not sure what though. Anyway thanks a bunch for all the support during these weeks! (And not only these weeks.) ;)

Second thing I'd like to share is that I'm still not (very) active here at DeviantART, I didn't used my camera for like 2,5 months now O_o Sorry for not responding to your messages/notes. Hope to be back some day, because I miss talking to the people here.

Third thing is that I'll give another 200 points (2x100 :points:) away to end this and start something new every week (with features), but like I said I don't know what yet.
* just add this journal to your favorites to enter this give away
* 2 winners chosen randomly

A total of 30 weekly photo journals

Weekly photo #001 Majestic Mountains by LG77 Utopia II by Avine Treasures by ntpdang Calopteryx virgo by dralik Daheim by feigenfrucht Do You Remember by AlicjaRodzik
Little cat 2 by canardu Drop in by porbital Little Guard by Kara-a Fioletowa wariacja by bezag ... by Serdar-T Sunrise path by StargazerLZ Ebb and Flow by alexgphoto Morning Trade by felixheru The Hut by kentnek Flowers and sunrise by qwstarplayer on the fire by porbital Soft White by parallel-pam not welcome* by PatiMakowska :thumb383591457: July Afternoon by Justine1985 :thumb383550834: waiting by PatiMakowska to the destination.... by drkingks Old World Swallowtail by mescamesh Sunny morning by fotografka Zirreiner Lake by DomBrezina Garden by Reni89 Eye. by BlueStar159

-Ancient scroll- by Janek-Sedlar :thumb385289411: :thumb384570067: :thumb383693426: Embrace by Oer-Wout dans le sommeil pour creer une flamme by chriseastmids Grace by Ykari-chan Stairways to heaven by CathyDong Room to Rent by RickHaigh :thumb383551705: 726 by Nigrita Fortitude II by kkart
Weekly photo #002 Summer morning by EliseEnchanted gossamer by all17 Dancing Geisha III by strehlistisch Felis Metamorphosis by erynrandir :thumb386482136: :thumb386614588: Wonderful life by iNeedChemicalX -Dialog without words- by Janek-Sedlar kociaki by efeline Her summer home by kittysyellowjacket Sunset from above Valbonnais by MaximeCourty Dulas-Shipwreck by CharmingPhotography Berlin Dome by INVIV0 The Boxer Mantid by djusa Midnight Travel by FedericoMeuli .: Lazy Kiki :. by Rare-Pearl Ascension by DanielZrno Poppy Party by thrumyeye Omnomnom by Tiefenschaerfe Fresh Mint and Chocolate Cake by claremanson Summer at Liff by Greg-McKinnon Green Surrounding by Dapicture
Elfin Skimmer by Enkphoto The Green Cave by Nelleke hovering kingfisher by Jamie-MacArthur

3 by Ccbou Pink by bezag . . . by sandrawiklander sky under Berlin by siby Too Tall by PerAera Pinks and Whites by LashelleValentine longing for colors by disies summer by BaxiaArt Nature Heart by Kara-a Sunset on the beach 6 by FrancescaDelfino Dancin' in my dreams by mj-magic b12 by indojo rapunzel by SolMay Eclipse by insolitus85 -Hollow talk- by Janek-Sedlar Other Side by arayo

Proud mom by Thunderi Uluru II by schelly
Weekly photo #003 Diana of Simba Iceberg by Katrin-Elizabeth newborn ragdoll kitten face by venomxbaby Renee by aufzehengehen i can't stop loving you by iNeedChemicalX _Le Siss. by josefinejonssonphoto Ombrelle by Piscisvolantis The Lounge by Oer-Wout Dream the Last Dream by MarsiaMS :thumb387589569: Serenity by SByrnes

Turkish summer by Piroshki-Photography Library by helios-spada Boat by SatriyoTeguh Oh, my God, I feel it in the air by deadlychris Sommerkind by FotosEingefangen Fragility of Life by AbandonedZone Sweet innocence by sailsire Cute little fox in the dunes by Aardbewoner What a nice bath by Allerlei 74 by Danaa96 Woods Fantasy by FlorentCourty Crawling Out of Bed by dalantech You Talkin' to Me? by alexgphoto Pair of elegance by Witoldhippie :thumb387977666: Rolling Fields by JustinDeRosa :thumb388399751: Liam the Pit Pup by breanna-rae 5 Wf by jacroad6 Cuckoo wasp by melvynyeo In The Light by rctfan2 Three dogs in Switzerland by Rozowynos The Turtle by manaphoto have a bright day* by AlicjaRodzik Rainy Day. by andokadesbois Awesome Pose by djusa Hlynur by Lykketrollet84 Spider Web by pashia Learning to see by MaaykeKlaver In the Mood for Love by BluyStardust Magic-Tree by pr3liat0r Baltic's Sunset by vally5 Veil Velvet by ColinHSillerud Noctilucent Night by MikkoLagerstedt 20081108 6172 by metindemiralay White Sands III by j-ouroboros :thumb38
Weekly photo #004 sweet child o mine by SigitPutraSolo Meow by Iliketobeweird fold by Megson fairy tale by laura-makabresku Meditation by TammyPhotography 176.White snowball by Bulinko The shepherd by Amaltheea Untitled by FerBarchetta Reine from Reinebringen by jonpacker i am in the food by bonatua . by Jedi-Dame Rise of an army by Piroshki-Photography Poem of the explosion by Piroshki-Photography Your thorns don't hurt by Vanilladisaster Common kingfisher - male by JMrocek Koelnbreinsperre by nische77 With catch by JMrocek Pingu - 2 by Pebels Isabell by aufzehengehen ~Enchanted Tomorrow~ by Isika On the road to Meiji Shrine by Pajunen :thumb390061411: Velvet worm says..... Give me a hug! by melvynyeo :thumb389725185: Playful alphas by Lupinicious My Name Is Green IV by JoannaRzeznikowska The Beauty of Decay by tgphotographer Grey Little Bunny by breanna-rae :thumb387295180: The Old Man Of Storr by Nichofsky Sinking at Sunset II by mhmalali Sunset by AkaSling At the Top by GeorgeBraz After Rain by HAZEPINK Noctilucent Clouds by MikkoLagerstedt The Lighthouse by Michaelthien Shoreline by helios-spada Blackish by Michaelthien Entwine by FlabnBone Reflected Glory by helios-spada Jellyfish-2 by Joosiee

Cursing place by Akirahpaws :thumb389474768:
No More Worries by EintoeRn Way of the Wizard by Oer-Wout ___ by windrides :thumb390134267: :thumb39064
Weekly photo #005   6.8.2013: Cobweb by Suensyan -Mystic morning- by Janek-Sedlar Dancing Under the Blue Sky by Matthias-Haker Summer mood 10.14 by DorottyaS Hawaii, the life is beautiful by alierturk Willow Herb by FreyaPhotos Sunstruck by alexgphoto Palmerston Highway - Pin Gin Hill by Karleigh93 :thumb391376537: Hello Sun by Jemiyah Untitled by DarkcSpider Sun goes Down by Kara-a Pip by uglybug Crouching Tiger by idaniphotography Still alive by phalalcrocorax Everything is normal by EugenieA Summertime feelings by Deemax 063 by weelx Path by MikkoLagerstedt Journey by JanneO On the way to grow by phalalcrocorax :thumb391696519: Feel Light by Draken413o In focus by DorottyaS Josie by Hart-Worx Time of lovely flowers by Silvermoonswan color decay by christian-richter :thumb392396973: If I lay here ... if I just lay here ... by wind-princess UV Florescence Huntsman Spider by melvynyeo :thumb390635382: Deserted Sanctuary XII by AbandonedZone Mdp 0792 8039 by metindemiralay Sweet by missmuffut Golden Dusk by PhotonForge Poem of umbrellas by Piroshki-Photography -Flaming tree- by Janek-Sedlar Beograd by Piroshki-Photography

Above the abyss by Menoevil rocks by windrides PAIN ILLUSION by puken Lone Leaf by shadowfoxcreative I'm here by Menoevil Say Hello to my litte friend by naked-in-the-rain Metamorphosis by AljoschaThielen
Weekly photo #006   little things by jyoujo Mirror by CapturingTheNight Steeple by AljoschaThielen Tapeka Coast HDR by wolfblueeyes shleif by DeviantartCubicle Summer by ClaraLG Hurricane heart by iNeedChemicalX Minnie by CookmePancakes Fairy of Winter by John-Peter Olga by Hart-Worx Untitled by light-recycled Winter fairy tales by Vint26 .: Morning Star :. by Rare-Pearl Ubaye by Annabelle-Chabert He's got the whole world in his hands by cloduy MIaKA by molokolo Stories to tell by DorottyaS Aliens from Strawberry Planet by SzymonMic 0637 by foto-duet Eilean Donan Castle by Nichofsky Icarus by simonebyrne Chiquita by swoodee dreamy by yawnnn Summer's almost gone 2 by Bojkovski Trio by JMrocek Summer blur by EliseEnchanted

:thumb392966920: A Summer Evening Serenade by kkart 17.08.2013 by mistinesseye Gleichklang by CaveCanem42 Light by EliseEnchanted Off-Centre by Megalithicmatt Decadence. by PiecesOfAnsley Magic Moment by porbital Honey, I'm on fire, I feel it everywhere by deadlychris Sunny Grass by Safirith :thumb393327293: Britannia Brook by CJSutcliffe Neferet-6949 by effjot Once you lose that innocence. by Moosiatko So much to see by landkeks Eyes of the Hunter by Lupinicious Puppyset by Rozowynos Top Meeting by Dark-Raptor Longhorned Bee - Eucerini by ColinHuttonPhoto End of a new day by MaaykeKlaver :t
Weekly photo #007 Lady in the Woods by Arifismyname Once you lose that innocence III by Moosiatko Robin by corsuse :thumb394399419: Misty Morning by Mashuto Sunlit by EliseEnchanted :thumb394415264: Natalie by Hart-Worx Momentary by dandelgrosso Tom Sawyer by Obsessed-by Growing Strong by xOronar sunrise by Mayberest Chorous by Sortvind Last Solo by Oer-Wout Tuomiojarvi by m-eralp Dronely Summer by Greg-McKinnon Afternoons whisper v.1 by bwaworga :thumb394939922: Nature's Disco Ball by alexgphoto Sunset on the Tundra by tourofnature Flowing brook by RobinHedberg Float On by MyLifeThroughTheLens

Mount Rainier by porbital Sweet Biscuits by Silvermoonswan .:Summer Crush:. by MissLaurelle Silent Reflection by JustinDeRosa Vibrant Hot Air Balloons V by boldfrontiers Sensational delicious by Magnet-Crayon Feeding my Flame by LuizaLazar ellie II by Rinksy Dreams To Live Within by GrotesqueDarling13 The only place by Econita :thumb394399419: Fog Everywhere by andreea-blas D295 by miobi Cold by Econita Ruusu by JuhaniViitanen A Bee by Ivushe  Flowerland by Silvermoonswan ---Laaaaa---- by Piroshki-Photography Sprankles by DisasterAng :thumb395078909: Morning dew. by MelissaBalkenohl Time - Travel Of The South by Trashins light by baspunk Dolomites by AljoschaThielen :t
Weekly photo #008 Childhood dreams... by JanneO __ n __ by EYELIGHTZONE The cougar by woxys Disturbing his beauty sleep by woxys endless by Karakuji Twilight Zone by IvanAndreevich :thumb395761871: Breaking the chains by RezzanATAKOL :thumb396058437: Urban reflection by Piroshki-Photography morning glory by mescamesh _ Summer's End _ by EYELIGHTZONE Sound of Silence by marinsuslic Highlights by SimonePomata Horned Crab by Oddersnude Caress of Venus by iTaylie Summer rain by JAE462 Pelargonium by SarahharaS1 The Ghost Of Anything by jyoujo Mars has Water by knold Ukraine by Alena-Koshkar :thumb396025764: sadness season by SolMay :thumb396536668: Riding Out The Storm by Hestefotograf swirled by isischneider Horse Fashion by Awstein Vegetarian by ZoranPhoto Untitled by lisans April by chaoticfireflies Paradise of Love by Manu34 Art work - Gratitude by MDDahl August by Tashata Yes I will by I-Heart-Photo Sweet as Love by FlabnBone Pink dreams never ends by RezzanATAKOL . by Jedi-Dame TIGERS III by fionafoto Down to Inferno by Sblourg Gift of Life by beyondimpression And the night falls by MaaykeKlaver Die gruene Welle by feigenfrucht :thumb396710542: dayglo by Megson Dexter by kinipelahh Stargazing by alexgphoto Venus by Chris-Lamprianidis Julia 3 by NataliaCiobanu :thumb39602542 Weekly photo #009 Berghotel : Green Room by Bestarns Bjd----Zhiyu by Angell-studio Y by Hart-Worx Queen of Versailles by EmilySoto Ice Play by nigel3 .:Back to school:. by Piroshki-Photography casual aesthetics II by kittycrime :thumb398108728: Can't Help Falling In Love by diensilver Sunlit by KayleighJune Deja Vu by Oer-Wout R by nairafee The Black Earth by MaximeDaviron Startoucher by Oer-Wout -Talking with shades- by Janek-Sedlar :thumb397749892: firebending book by Orwald Lake Of Color by kkart Perfectly Voiceless by spirit33 Paper Dreams by ntpdang productivity by LauraCallsen Inside a floating ice by porbital Don't stop falling by iNeedChemicalX Wings of fire by m-eralp Waiting for Rain by alexgphoto A day for you on the pink clouds by RezzanATAKOL Shallow by helios-spada :thumb398753951: Bird collection by Pebels Last Midsummer Breeze by MarsiaMS Good morning people! by Zi0oTo Ola and Kamil by Moosiatko Rusting memories by Bojkovski Norway 135 by lonelywolf2 The Story of a Fallen Star by October-Sunshine BM sail by IMustBeDead

Polyommatus icarus in the morning by Witoldhippie Day 150 - Queen's Pride by MonsterBrand Autumn showers by iNeedChemicalX 772 by Nigrita Waves by MR26Photo the wall that pretended to be an aquarium by bluePartout under the weather by VisitingFahrrad sea by Pierre-Lagarde busking by davespertine In Reflection by musicismylife10027 :thumb39
Weekly photo #010 Cat IX by BBogomilov Snowleopard, KA VII by Areksim :thumb399920193: :thumb400161603: :thumb399703663: Rainbow9wm by Aixchel Unveiled by Nate-Zeman Sous l'arbre lunatique by Arafinwearcamenel The Plague . by MonsterBrand

Friday, the 13th - clean up after yourself by Elisanth .:: Tiny treasures ::. by Whimsical-Dreams Rising Sun by JessicaBuczek :thumb400129859: .:: Spring is here ::. by Whimsical-Dreams Chocolate And Raspberry Pots (+recipe) by claremanson Mom... by lomatic Out Into the Plains II by FramedByNature Timeless by ShamelessRain Porsche 356 A T1 1956 by alexisgoure hair by Megson Sunset in Santorini by IsacGoulart :thumb399843287: Charlotte by aufzehengehen Let The Story Begin by jkrab Minion Cookies by claremanson

Mmm0518 by metindemiralay Zlatarsko jezero by Piroshki-Photography A Glacier Light Show by tourofnature Strength of summer by mjagiellicz Peek-a-boo by ColinHuttonPhoto :thumb399369294: Untitled by lisans Barn Owl by hoodoo Hello by Dark-Raptor Wet by SarahharaS1 PI1A9540 ps by ratasoy Splash by FlabnBone Messenger Of Summer III by JoannaRzeznikowska :thumb399599075: :thumb399533795: Yellow Forest by Justine1985 :thumb400167984: nobody knows by Megson
Weekly photo #011 Junior by JMrocek I'm Not Joking by darkcalypso Sekhmet by darkcalypso tail of a chameleon by lisans t a l e s . o f . b e a u t y . by XeroLp Dead to the World by AbandonedZone Sail Away by bwaworga [12/30] omg by Calitha-Lena Kittens by RezzanATAKOL lonelily by vampire-zombie :thumb401051364: Leopard cub by brijome It's raining birds by Kriloner golden fall by Snowfall-lullaby 111 by Danaa96 honey jars by vampire-zombie Behind Closed Doors by oO-Rein-Oo The Last Resort by xOronar

:thumb401984021: Marina by SnezhanaMorozova winged by lisarime Oak Treehopper - Platycotis vittata by ColinHuttonPhoto :thumb401303215: The colors of Summer by BaxiaArt Le souriant by ChristineAmat Swim Along by ntpdang :thumb401880656: -Yesterday rainy road- by Janek-Sedlar :thumb400892050: Angel Wings by staikou The Black Water by bwaworga OO by derlevi Zumaya II by verycre8iv prayers for rain by chillione mountain view 4 by MK-NI Cevizbalk by uurthegreat Euphoria of Simba Iceberg by Katrin-Elizabeth Castagniccia by Annabelle-Chabert The turquoise window by ralucsernatoni A place to dream by ralucsernatoni Glorious Memories by Matthias-Haker Img 7206-1 by snomanda All too soon by diensilver :thumb401521758: :t
Weekly photo #012 and no one spoke at all by LuizaLazar THE ENCHANTED FOREST by gingado September Rain by Papageienfreak Blue. by shadddow Slug caterpillar menagerie by ColinHuttonPhoto On the green carpet by chaoticfireflies Juvenile F. pygmaeus by dllavaneras -Charming present- by Janek-Sedlar Blown Away II by FramedByNature ramp it up by JaclynTanemura Morning at Moraine Lake by porbital blue gras by augenweide Frosty Morning by FeralWhippet :thumb403871314: Distant memories by m-eralp Autumn mood by m-eralp Colossus by Inebriantia NYC, unseen night by alierturk Secrets of Morocco by INVIV0 Silent Devotion by AbandonedZone :thumb402311217: Thousand dreams by diensilver Wings by BogdanBoev That Day v.1 by bwaworga Espresso Chocolate Cupcakes by Kluschi autumn is for going out there by Rona-Keller Everything can happen by BlueColoursOfNature Paper boat by Maarui The End of Time by andyhutchinson Hornet looking into your soul by IreneHorvath :thumb402524127: The Circle by Nelleke Aisha by Wordup in a good company by CasheeFoo Maerchenwald by RobinHalioua madame* by AlicjaRodzik Guardians of the Ice Temple by matthieu-parmentier Banz Abbey by mescamesh Golden Ray by Addran Img 7609-1 by snomanda

Echoes of violent endeavors by AiniTolonen Dancer by BelcyrPiotr :thumb402786644: :thumb403437200: :t
Weekly photo #013 Out of the Mist by sarajeku Hell on Earth - Long exposure by matthieu-parmentier Dainty heart by iNeedChemicalX Alone by mydigitalmind Yoda by ZoranPhoto M is for Mantis by dalantech Catch Me If I Fall by alexgphoto Flyby by JanneO Streets of Morocco pt.3 by INVIV0 :thumb405243636: :thumb404348331: Morning in Rothenburg ob der Tauber III by mannromann Dawn nor Gorely volcano, Kamchatka by Sirano-s Golden Gate, dance of clouds by alierturk

The Abduction by PeterJCoskun Basking Glow by TechieGeekk Red fox in the snow by thrumyeye .: Look at me :. by WhiteSpiritWolf :thumb404156671: p0 by SolarMoon13 Meow? by TammyPhotography The wonder of autumn by RobinHalioua Where Dreams Begin by LG77 ...mostar V... by roblfc1892 :thumb404285515: .:: Awaken Love ::. by Whimsical-Dreams :thumb404154408: Colourful. by shadddow Wish upon a Star by ntpdang :thumb403980014: :thumb403870004: The cute frog by AngiWallace Biosphere by MartinAmm Parasol by MartinAmm

:thumb405469570: Hovering by KrisSimon :thumb405001098: Harmony by Fall-of-rain Isle Of Autumn by Thinking-Silence :thumb404901270: :thumb4054
Weekly photo #014 Very terrible vacuum cleaner by igorr1 Chronichles of a dying summer by Piroshki-Photography Eyes of a Python by melvynyeo The Power of the Spirit by AbandonedZone Bricks by bwaworga page 55. by gloeckchen

:thumb406124752: Cathedral Cove by chrisgin Rewind by light-recycled Roots by MatthiasHaltenhof Reminder by DorottyaS :thumb406942885: :thumb406502268: Tongue story by BogdanBoev That's The Right Spot by spike83 Fairy Castle by stg123 Another rainy day by matthieu-parmentier :thumb406318721: Breakfast by MirageGourmand In morning I rest here by Tiroko so bright by disies Phidippus apacheanus by ColinHuttonPhoto red chair: asterisk by kannagara :thumb406321093: A ghost story by RobinHalioua The Patagonian Gales by hougaard Autumn morning by Aphantopus LOVEYOU by RadekDemjan Strawberry Fields by CapturingTheNight

The peg leg of Capt. Ahab by matze-end Sail Away by EintoeRn :thumb406746464: :thumb405812859: our desert island by arbebuk prima.donna by vicente-oliveira orange autumn by mechtaniya Sleep by marustagram

:thumb406727307: :thu
Weekly photo #015 + 200 pts Blue and Gold Macaw by JacquelineBarkla Golden by slickwilly182 :thumb407962129: The Cabin Over The Clouds by Burtn Alley by Dark-Raptor Frozen Down by JoniNiemela On the last day. by incredi galaxy by augenweide Streets of Belgrade by Piroshki-Photography last flowers by Megson Parasol mushroom by SarahharaS1 Our Meeting Place by ElyneNoir Arrival by DusanPavlicek You Make Me Think by Thinking-Silence Symphony of Light by alexgphoto Frosted by mescamesh Gondoles with cheese, mushrooms and ham by MirageGourmand lost in the mist by baravavrova Evergreen by x-horizon sheep's clothing part II. by gloeckchen wish i live under the sea by bwaworga Ghost by ChristineAmat Magical darkness by k-simir :thumb407634226: :thumb407180073: Gift by BogdanBoev :thumb407755690: Cup of colors by Lodchen-Photography Magic pink by Pamba Red Freckled Autumn by Sssssergiu Podzim 2013 III by tomsumartin First signs of autumn by Finvara Daydreaming the path I meet you... by borda ID by absentii Vatnfjorden Sunset by Dave-Derbis Muse by dominique-merot Enchanted Book by oO-Rein-Oo Bishop Sunrise by tassanee

it wasn't my design by dimajaber Royals by jkrab Ice Cream Sandwiches by claremanson Funky Fungi by Oer-Wout Silent Waters by Oer-Wout . . . by sandrawiklander :t
Weeky photo #016 + Fs by mattvei Mist from the by ivancoric Dunloup Autumn by LAlight Faith in the morning (Theo, PRE) II. by carinamaiwald Deep blue eyes by jollyvicky best weather by all17 Unknown Germany pt. XXXVIII by TheChosenPesssimist Sunrise overture pt.IX. by realityDream :thumb409787577: Der Wanderer und der Nebel (2) by DavidSchermann Midnight picture... by phalalcrocorax Letting Go by alexgphoto Leafcutting bee - Megachile sp. by ColinHuttonPhoto :thumb409566947: Rain flowers by FreyaPhotos Behemoth Stranded by uberfischer :thumb408616973: :thumb408886797: Dutch Classic by MustafaDedeogLu hush river by vampire-zombie Winter Almost Here by JIPIC Black Panther - mini version by gosiaa93 :thumb409656123: Symmetry Exploited by light-recycled Purple shrooms by SarahharaS1 Turn by Liek Take Me Somewhere Nice by augenweide Love her madly by iNeedChemicalX
Unstad Beach - Norway by Stridsberg Mist In The Woods by JoniNiemela A fall day by valiunic

Take Me Home by ratulupadhyay Spiced Pumpkin Macarons by cakecrumbs
I'm the wall rust by Pierre-Lagarde Urban Legend by tvurk Thoughts Of A Blurry Rainy Day by oO-Rein-Oo Autumn in my Heart by Oer-Wout A Leap Of Faith by jkrab Blue Harvest by ifsantag tread softly by davespertine flowers on my feet by bwaworga Decayed window by invisigoth88 ZzZzZ by marustagram Still Life by Pajunen Hydropower by Stridsberg
Weekly photo #017 + Radical Silence by tvurk Zebre by Vrogdish :thumb410605383: Cold Light by Burtn Spring kingfisher by Holasek never complete in the summer months by Rona-Keller -Long way to home- by Janek-Sedlar Autumn Trees VIII by JoannaRzeznikowska sheltie puppy in autumn forest by Partridge-PetPics Wake by wokalko Between Waking And Sleeping by Vint26 Unknown Germany pt. XLIV by TheChosenPesssimist week41: oh, autumn pt.1 by cloe-may Do You like swimming? by mjagiellicz Combat de variable en tutu by phalalcrocorax Amazing supercell thunderstorm - 6.14.13 by CRELLIOTT0302 _A Summer tale IV. by josefinejonssonphoto Villa Weigang Goetheallee - Dresden by Torsten-Hufsky :thumb410989184: Here I'm..Alone by djusa Re-Awake by Oer-Wout Happiness by John-Peter Ladybug by kentnek -Colors and dancing trees- by Janek-Sedlar inner beauty by RezzanATAKOL Flower of autumn by MarioGuti :thumb409970454: Carolafelsen by TobiasRichter Dragon's Mountains by LG77 :thumb410621301: Lago Torre by hougaard The Mytic North - Pt. XX by TheChosenPesssimist Lonesome by AljoschaThielen Satori by borda 111 by Cerebellum13 Schrammsteine by Dave-Derbis Path by Hinkz

Which one is yours? by MirageGourmand :thumb411129595: Gremlin is that you? by ZoranPhoto
Untitled by CathyDong Megalomania by jkrab Beach Boy by marustagram
Weekly photo #018 + Good morning by AlHabshi :thumb411712856: -Morning dusk of the leaves- by Janek-Sedlar D349 by miobi Softness Red by diensilver mink ragdoll kitten by venomxbaby Dirtpark Impressions - XII by DimensionSeven Snowleopard, Stuttgart IX #CUB VERSION by Areksim Strolch by Snowytree Skater by KristynaKvapilova Cardboard Aviation by antontang :thumb412630582: Secret path through valley of upside down carrots by Janek-Sedlar :thumb412090615: Lake in autumn colours by Wanowicz Plane Trees by carlosthe Night at the Park by MikkoLagerstedt Mr Blue and Hairy (Trichochrysea hirta) by melvynyeo the elder wand by bwaworga Little Red.2 by henwen Multnomah Falls by alierturk I Need Some Love... by BluyStardust Bright Light by MaximeCourty :thumb412553203: colored way by indojo Pheasant by Holasek Two Hearts by Astranat :thumb412514183: so shy by Rozowynos
:thumb412690107: :thumb412307610: The Kiss Of A Setting Sun by kkart

In A Shimmer by WishmasterAlchemist Field November ii by StargazerLZ :thumb411702116: Little Wonders by John-Peter poetic thoughts by bebefromtheblock Down This Path by jkrab A Second Spring by DorotejaC Autumn friend by Snowfall-lullaby The Journey Continues by Oer-Wout The Souls Of The Owners by oO-Rein-Oo :thumb412576435: :thumb412555616: Die abstrak see. by lomatic :thum
Weekly photo #019 + Autumnal linx cubs... by Seb-Photos Moody by aw-landscapes Don't You Dare... by Wincey The Age Of The Bridge by Thinking-Silence Aquilegia x by efeline Please crawl by brijome of green and red by Maaira :thumb413995635: .: Quietness :. by Rare-Pearl Ellerian. by Verrett where I belong by papayasweet Arriving at Lofoten Islands by Stridsberg All Fluff by DeeOtter Pharaoh by Ksuksa-Raykova Neglected Beauty by Matthias-Haker Kimmie Morning Dream Stock by k-i-mm-i-e VDG 21 by Lasqueti-Ronnie A foggy night by m-eralp Utopia by werol :thumb413183357: Girija's adventure VII by rdalpes Peak Season by hougaard Dark forest by m-eralp Unrealistic Dreams by marinsuslic A Refuge by spatarozliev Katerina by xeneras Season's First Flake (2013) by FramedByNature - by vampire-zombie :thumb413880356: slow burn. by cristina-otero Goodbye Autumn 2013 by Sooper-Deviant Snowleopard, KA XII by Areksim I only wanna ride with you by claudia-alexandra

-Story of the road- by Janek-Sedlar light attack by scheinbar Deep Forest by Hengki24 Streetlights by IsacGoulart Before the Storm by xavierrey Wintercoat by RobertKohler The Fire inside me. by OliviaMichalski Autumn Moon by FreyaPhotos *** by oprisco BE STILL . . by sandrawiklander The Untold Story by jkrab

Weekly photo #020 + Winter Queen by ildiko-neer Uspenski Cathedral by Pajunen :thumb415496729: :thumb415495909: flower field by vampire-zombie Queen D v.3 by bwaworga Lovely Times by Silvermoonswan Autumn Luck by Khalliysgraphy Petri by equinelovex Goldlake by m-eralp Daydream by MyLifeThroughTheLens :thumb414473314: :thumb414347304: Memories of Autumn by MyLifeThroughTheLens Burn me Burgundy by Ophelia-Overdose Early Winter's Magnificence by MaximeCourty The Swallow Song by iNeedChemicalX :thumb415110421: Kaunisharju by m-eralp Creek by Michaelthien :thumb413968230: Marina Braun by cbyn Sunbeam by JaclynTanemura San Francisco, unseen night 2 by alierturk :thumb415494064: sunrising by StargazerLZ Northern Hawk Owl 3 by ErikEK Colias hyale by dralik Meditation by AlecsPS Magic Night by Michaelthien Beetle from Colombia by ColinHuttonPhoto Always at Home by alexgphoto

:thumb415594193: i miss by all17 I by disies Melancholia by StephanePellennec The End by MikkoLagerstedt Melancholy. by OliviaMichalski Moonlight butterfly by vanillapearl :thumb414394362: :thumb414574137: Winter Blossom by FreyaPhotos Autmn Love by Kara-a
Colorful Nature by Weissglut :t
Weekly photo #021 + :thumb416335705: Deep in the center of Milky Way by Gautama-Siddharta Magical Phase by FlorentCourty .:Antelope Canyon II:. by RHCheng Red Leaves by nikicorny My best profile? by Gallynette :thumb415829653: Tales of the Forest II by LG77 Magic Garden by Piroshki-Photography equals by bailey--elizabeth Jumping Spider (Hyllus sp.) by melvynyeo Tiny Garfield by ZoranPhoto It's snow! by Zluvka November through my eyes by 9207011401 -Chasing vision- by Janek-Sedlar Border Collie by Zheltkevich Snowy Beach by mydigitalmind :thumb416020633: Hotel in the Mountains by AbandonedZone salt by vampire-zombie Free one. by Lileinaya Stragglers by Northstar76 .. .. . . ... . . .. ..... .. by Frozen-photo :thumb415644788: Banana Peanut Boy by dubowik What grows in me by Anina-Bird Le chemin blanc... by ChristineAmat Loty by aussiefoto
Lady of the lake - common kingfisher by Jamie-MacArthur Forest Of Delusion by x---A-R-N-O---x
November Mornings. by OliviaMichalski

New Door by AbhishekJoshi The Atlantis by Hengki24 uuuu by slavic-frost Dreams To Reality by jkrab Untitled by BlackCocktail :thumb415858623: The wind is golden. by OliviaMichalski Mg 1364 by indojo

Autumn Maple by WindyLife Katy by Hart-Worx Candle Lit Lake by PeterJCoskun Into Space by jyoujo
Weekly photo #022 + Light is Destiny by Oer-Wout Warmth of home. by Gingershots D371 by miobi IMG 8702m by DanielMyszkowski ... wave 'em like you just don't care by ColinHuttonPhoto It's hard to be a hunter by Lion-Redmich Nestled by AnneMarks - In the morning light - by AppyNinja International Cheetah Day by Chikrata Tough Love by darkSoul4Life Untitled by JillianXenia Katie VII by uglybug Spectrum by fitrido Spiderwebbed by TTRM-Design Motherland Chronicles #43 - Dreaming by zemotion sky high by vampire-zombie Emergence by John-Peter Redwood by m-eralp :thumb417687208: Blaze by JaclynTanemura :thumb418283641: :thumb415163398: Bruarfoss by Michaelthien .:Virgin River Glow:. by RHCheng *** by Tarasov Curves of Golden Gate, San Francisco by alierturk ...dresden VI... by roblfc1892 Reinebringen by TobiasRichter Signs Of Spring by kkart autumn by mechtaniya _Off with their heads. by josefinejonssonphoto Beautiful Destruction by Daneas Dogs of the North by isabel-photo :thumb418065601: The Predator by tanikel snow by Rave-Heart

Truck Drivin Man by Ragnar949 Resurrection by IvanAndreevich THE SILENCE by sandrawiklander Abandoned boat II by WojciechDziadosz :thumb418494243: Water and Wine by kamakebelieve Wakarusa by clippercarrillo
Weekly photo #023 +

There She Is by WishmasterAlchemist The Barrel and the Snow by alisinwonder Fairy Tale. by andokadesbois A cold, cold day. by lomatic Red Velvet Candy Cane Cupcakes by claremanson page 368 by laflaneuse A Distant Stranger by jkrab Winter shadow by lostknightkg

rose... by clochartist-photo Natalie by Hart-Worx Horseshoe bend, milky way by alierturk :thumb418922651: Stand In the Crowd. by andokadesbois Tollerdeer by Rozowynos Little Cat by MichaelNN Snellmans Workroom by m-eralp Supercellular Electricity by FramedByNature Worship by MarsiaMS The brave sea by MarioGuti Never Never Land by SachaKalis Untitled by dammmmit Headlight bokeh by dammmmit ALL is Well by Oer-Wout cold clouds by vally5 :thumb419508263: Salticus scenicus. by irassMakroFotografie Turn the page by BlueColoursOfNature Melancholic by Riderofthewind95 Between Beauty by AbandonedZone Cold Veins. by OliviaMichalski :thumb419554470: favourites by Rona-Keller Valley by ldinami7e Foret4 by hubert61 Underwater by OtvaliChudovische Hornet. by irassMakroFotografie Dreamy by xOronar D375 by miobi :thumb419948213: 2013-104 Tinuviel by W0LLE Family portrait by Tiefenschaerfe
A while ago I started something n
Weekly photo #024 + Power of Softness by PatiMakowska take a seat by christian-richter Pij zapach wspomnienia z porannej mgly. by Fiedka Listening to the Music of the Wind by Matthias-Haker Olga by Hart-Worx Inferno by AndrewShoemaker .:: You are wonderful ::. by Whimsical-Dreams 6958 by LilifIlane The house of the rising sun by Marcwildpassion Follow the White Rabbit by alexgphoto Burned Memories by Karakuji -Silent mountain and ocean- by Janek-Sedlar Beauty After the Bust by FramedByNature King by LifeCapturedPhoto Reflecting Upon Dreams by Jordan-Roberts Can't belive by shinijikun :thumb421401782: Mermaids by CookmePancakes Tomorrowland by KrisVlad D381 by miobi Bastei 4 by MatthiasHaltenhof Painted Sky by porbital :thumb421385942: Winter Kiss V by JoannaRzeznikowska :thumb413676050: :thumb420638537: .:Eagle in Flight:. by RHCheng Winter Wonder by ildiko-neer Family portrait. by Ravenith Hit the road Jack by iNeedChemicalX The Hiding Place by SachaKalis Mexico | Waterfall of the Gods by slecocqphotography Ravena. Spring Bliss by RavenaJuly

:thumb420255867: Svetlana by Anhen Geometrical blues by lomatic cradel rock by VisitingFahrrad Awakening of a World by OlivierAccart Balloons II by sabbbriCA How You See Yourself by oO-Rein-Oo OLGA by Hart-Worx red river. by Koksa Fairy Dreamer by magic-spelldust
Weekly photo #025 + Have a Berry Christmas by MyLifeThroughTheLens Jail House Blues by stengchen Sunmane by Vitaly-Sokol Mesocyclonic Minutes II by FramedByNature Homodes Bracteigutta by melvynyeo ...toscana X... by roblfc1892 Hello, Kitty by alexgphoto :thumb422810110: :thumb421607959: Yes? by Chikrata Maison Maria by stengchen Little fluffy puppy by IllusionoftheDay Portrait in the dark by Vikarus Merry Christmas by RezzanATAKOL Winter Wonder by FlorentCourty on display by Partridge-PetPics :thumb422801959: A French Fight by oO-Rein-Oo Royalty by Svenimal Phantom by Whimsydogstudio .:Flying in the Mist II:. by RHCheng Tabby Cat IV by Patholesia Lovable by TammyPhotography :thumb421513524: Natalis Domini. Spring Garden by RavenaJuly
:thumb421451016: ...praha XXVIII... by roblfc1892
...riomaggiore II... by roblfc1892 Feels like Siberia II. by ildiko-neer

Tree Fog by eyesweb1 Andare by martaraff Natalis Domini. Spring Garden by RavenaJuly Winter Symphony by anyaanti Colors of the sunset III by WojciechDziadosz Winter Kiss IX by JoannaRzeznikowska Blue by acukur funkfish by EintoeRn Veins by rosaarvensis . . . by sandrawiklander Symptoms Of Winter by jkrab Feuillage by freMDart :thumb422380018: Bale Kambang - Malang by Hengki24 untitled by Mar-jus Eve by tvurk

Weekly photo #026 + Winter Kiss XIII by JoannaRzeznikowska A happy 2014 by SarahharaS1 Bree Emir Freya n Fanni by Wordup - Never Give Up - by AppyNinja Paradise by Michaelthien Magic Road by PawelUchorczak 189 by kaskaa96 :thumb424567373: Baby It's cold outside by marustagram Last Dinner by Dapicture Enjoying the December light by jchanders Holidays by SachaKalis Fragments of Glamour by Dapicture Palm Weevil - Leg by AlHabshi Evening bath by Lion-Redmich swimming in rivers by vampire-zombie :thumb424603330: Tired panda. by Ravenith Tulip Field by CNaene loneliness by laura-makabresku The Moment by spatarozliev smolder by JaclynTanemura January 3rd by FramedByNature Opened Forest by MaximeCourty :thumb421686303:

Instance by IvanAndreevich Seashell Lambis Truncata by Vitaly-Sokol :thumb424584325: :thumb423567196: pain by laura-makabresku Untitled by Sora-Kodo Bettas Spar 1927P by Sooper-Deviant Black Look V by JoannaRzeznikowska Loner by invisigoth88 You Spin Me Round by alexgphoto City High by Hengki24
:thumb423437549: Night by phalalcrocorax the old, the new ,the ordinary by jyoujo marks by laura-makabresku Minky by Lain-AwakeAtNight Cavalier of the setting sun by Inaasahan Lost in Lace by Ophelia-Overdose Sunset Glory by K-Photos :t
Weekly photo #027+ The trail by m-eralp Always wanna go by PatiMakowska entrance III by indojo Ocean Light by SachaKalis Miles to Go by LAlight Blue skies by lomatic Enlightenment by DrewHopper Tortoise beetle by ColinHuttonPhoto 120114 by EliseEnchanted XXVI... by roblfc1892 door to a different world by KariLiimatainen Poison by iNeedChemicalX Never Forget You by Ryoko-demon Langdale Pikes by newcastlemale The Light Well by Jordan-Roberts Why I Wake Early by alexgphoto Uncle Tom House by PawelUchorczak Follow the way by A2Matos Sense and Sensibility XIII by Michela-Riva japanischer fruehling by lichtfaengerin Cl by cherlat 060114 by EliseEnchanted Leopard Gecko by Bulinko The Snowy Winter by DeingeL Tyniec abbey by DanielMyszkowski Bree n Fanni II by Wordup *** by tdum Wat Rong Khun by DrewHopper The Cat and The Girl by cahilus

Geroldsee by SvenMueller 190 by kaskaa96 :thumb425336629: Sleep Now by PatiMakowska .:Junco:. by RHCheng three hundred sixty-five days by jyoujo :thumb426171440: Brown Sugar Cookies by claremanson Julia by EmilySoto Heavenly dreams by hoschie
:thumb424913230: koffie club by chriseastmids

Weekly photo #028 + we shine and we glow like nothing can stop us by CarolineZenker Little owl - Athene noctua by RichardConstantinoff An Afternoon in Rio by IsacGoulart The Horizon by LG77 Valley of ice by matthieu-parmentier mint by vampire-zombie Conical Lifestyle by DrewHopper .:Snowy Day:. by RHCheng The Designer by A2Matos Gently by Ksuksa-Raykova :thumb426649346: The Cliffs of Moher by Pajunen Discovering by Oer-Wout Frozen memories by m-eralp festive mood by Orwald Two by PRibeiro another world by KariLiimatainen Wildflowers by iNeedChemicalX ''Haunted'' IV by ameliamarina Frostfall by JoniNiemela Amazonian poison dart frog - Ranitomeya ventrimacu by ColinHuttonPhoto Road to nowhere by PawelUchorczak

The Natural Networks - Part III by Inebriantia :thumb426559906: Light me up by Arkus83 Pink by luciekout Fairyland by Michaelthien Spanish Breeze by INVIV0 Desert Dreams by PeterJCoskun dreams behind.. by Cochalita Let Darkness Consume by Jordan-Roberts A walk in the sunset by AlesGola In those crazy years by woxys breeze by bailey--elizabeth :thumb427699700: siberian tiger 2 by Schoelli Elephant Detail by EveVictus
Sunset Fever v.3 by TomazKlemensak Narita by palmbook A serpent in the canyon by Dee-T King of the Hill by andreimogan

Weekly photo #029 + Beyond the illusion by emmanueldautriche Morning Blue Jay by Behrfeet ...dubrovnik IX... by roblfc1892 Mesmerized by MarvinDiehl Bad Moon On The Rise by CapturingTheNight Russian winter and Arabian horse by Vikarus :thumb428291908: Whispering forest 1 by AStoKo :thumb427921323: Small by Michaelthien dark awakening by arbebuk The Orphanage by Annie-Bertram No Paranoia by drkshp :thumb428207564: Le Pont by as2pik - ADVENTURE - by AppyNinja Please, stop that white crap by woxys Sleeping Trilobite Beetle by melvynyeo :thumb427984743: Common Buzzard with its prey by RichardConstantinoff Grace by Esveeka Dinner for None by Dapicture Trawy. by shadddow ...umag IV... by roblfc1892 Dragonborn by Jumeria-Nox

Aegirs throne by matze-end Black Woods by JoniNiemela B.A.B.Y.L.O.N by WTek79 Letting Go. by jxsnyder Tangled by LoMiTa Watching the Unknown by Chikrata Ulises by jon-bibire Warm Autumn Light by Weissglut .:Antelope Canyon IV:. by RHCheng Colors of Havana by INVIV0 :thumb429196142: Munich Staircase 04 by Nightline Cascade Avenue - Partnach Gorge, Bavaria by davidrichterphoto A Thing of Beauty by alexgphoto Last Rose by Pamba Winter Beauties 2 by thenSir 8464 by KariLiimatainen Roses by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me

:thumb429188408: :t
Weekly photo #030 + the green door by augenweide Blue by bwaworga Vortex by A2Matos Wild wild west by ZahirBatin 20cc Scooter by antontang :thumb429950049: Hearth of Snow by flankers Kofa Twilight by PeterJCoskun Snowy on the Coast by mydigitalmind Capreolus capreolus by JMrocek Take my winter time by Silvermoonswan Morning Glory (Candy) by carinamaiwald Maximus. by VisualEchos Snowy stare by DeeOtter Hyllus diardi. by irassMakroFotografie The Doubt by Inebriantia Monte Negro Canyon by Miguel-Santos Awakened before Sleep by Oer-Wout :thumb430323420: HDR-Photography-Trolly-Fort-Lauderdale-Bus-Rid by CaptainKimo Summer's gone. by MelissaBalkenohl :thumb429590148: Ice Age by porbital When Giants Fall Asleep by MaximeDaviron Paper kite butterfly by SarahharaS1 Colours, Dust and Memories by Skia Wavy Shapes by FlorentCourty Silent Winter by MarcoHeisler Under The Starry Sky by JoniNiemela fear of the dark by arbebuk

A Child of Rain by alexgphoto Central Berbershop by vishstudio dark soul by leelloor Der Winkel by feigenfrucht 33 by KariLiimatainen :thumb429955902: Crack by porbital Winter Red by INVIV0 Buffalo treehopper by ColinHuttonPhoto That looks delicious! by Tygrik path in forest by KariLiimatainen Brown-throat by phalalcrocorax

Sage's Elixir by John-Peter :thumb430843272: Mess by IvanAndreevich :thum

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Winners of this give away are cheekz-jess and Shelly143 :sun:
Congratulations to both!


Weekly photo #030 +

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 8:39 AM

A while ago I started something new called 'weekly photo'. Every week I add beautiful pictures of different subjects to a weekly photo folder in my favourites and feature them at the end of a week on Sunday. (All these works featured here are submitted this week)

:lightbulb: To support this feature and these artists you could favorite the article. :heart: I give away 100 :points: to a supporter through and he or she may select one artist that's featured above who get a 100 :points: too.

Please note that these journals are not about points!!! The idea is simply to support other artists.

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Weekly photo previous winners

1. :icongalaxygiraffe: > :iconstrehlistisch: 2. :iconrosarainbow: > :iconfrancescadelfino: 3. :iconbroobroo: > :icondarkpsychea: 4. :icon8bribee8: > :iconcloduy: 5. :iconfantasyani: > :iconaimishboy: 6. :icondragonfuture: > :iconoliviarosephoto: 7. :iconsamantham11: > :iconluizalazar: 8. :iconmynekoheart: > :iconroblfc1892: 9. :iconxmarianthit: > ??? 10. :iconghostlycrab: > :iconroblfc1892: 11. :icondayanagerber: > :iconpebels: 12. :iconkuliduxiram: > :icondiensilver: 13. :iconkukki3: > :iconshochin: 14. :iconsmearingsin: > :iconkriakao: 15. :iconkitamikichi: > :iconxthumbtakx: 16. :iconnibroc99: > :iconjoniniemela: 17. :iconpanhchana: > :iconthechosenpesssimist: 18. :iconravenshymn: > :iconareksim: 19. :iconamyyang: > :iconvanillapearl: 20. :iconleen-x3: > :iconsilvermoonswan: 21. :iconallisonwolf: > :iconuglybug: 22. :iconamyyang: > :iconfra-emer: 23. :iconwumzie: > :iconchikrata: 24. :iconxxsilvermidnight: > :iconwerol: 25. :iconvira1991: > :iconravenajuly: 26. :iconsiartha: > :iconmarustagram: 27. :iconeirelis: > :iconemilysoto: 28. :iconshelly143: > :iconandreimogan: 29. :iconbritlawrence: > :iconkariliimatainen: 30.

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Weekly photo #029 +

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 26, 2014, 10:07 AM